WindKid123 (EUNE)
: Our missions will be complete or not after the Vs missions bug is fixed?
Yeah i have a mission ending in an hour, will that be completed once the issue is resolved?
: What is up with placements
See whatcha have to do is abuse the guys like your buddy that your laning against, to get super fed and wreck everyone and everything ;P I mean if you in a significantly lower elo you should be able to toy with these peeps. Play snowbally hyper carries :P
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: Final thought about urf.
The shaco limit has always been in place, and they've done they're best to balance as much as possible. The win rates have a much smaller standard deviation now than the previous iterations of urf, and in all fairness the only real change they made to this year from last year was the every 3rd hit does full dmg buff. I've played around 75 URF games this weekend, played it non-stop. I've just had the best 3 days of this year. :)
duckarp (EUNE)
: "BEST" is a subjective term when it comes to skins. Some people like to have more skins to choose from, some like to get some legacy skins for their champion etc.
> [{quoted}](name=duckarp,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=nwwEL6E4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-17T01:51:20.952+0000) > > "BEST" is a subjective term when it comes to skins. Some people like to have more skins to choose from, some like to get some legacy skins for their champion etc. Which would be understandable if it wasnt for the fact legacy skins are disabled for this.
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: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
So I managed to log in finally, get half way through an aram when my entire team disconnects. Including me. Can't reconnect. Back to square one again. Wooohooo :D
: [Resolved] Can not log on to EUW after "Live Server Maintenance"
Ok yeah I can confirm It's working again for me, thanks rito, gl getting everyone else back in. Now to buy battlecast urgot :3
Dromaius (EUW)
: How is it looking now? Would you be able to give it a shot and see?
> [{quoted}](name=Dromaius,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=klIAaJhT,comment-id=00400000,timestamp=2015-11-17T11:38:09.119+0000) > > How is it looking now? Would you be able to give it a shot and see? Still all systems no go. United Kingdom, Virgin Media. However works perfectly using my VPN, at a smashing 100 ping ofc, so also a no go. Shame no one offers gaming class VPN's. - Appears to have loaded a blank page - Connection has timed out Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 8 ms 7 ms 7 ms [] 2 10 ms 7 ms 7 ms [] 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 * * * Request timed out. 5 10 ms 10 ms 24 ms [] 6 14 ms 12 ms 11 ms [] 7 12 ms 11 ms 15 ms [] 8 13 ms 14 ms 12 ms [] 9 22 ms 14 ms 14 ms [] 10 17 ms 16 ms 19 ms [] 11 * * * Request timed out. 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * * * Request timed out. 15 * * * Request timed out. 16 * * * Request timed out. 17 * * * Request timed out. 18 * * * Request timed out. 19 * * * Request timed out. 20 * * * Request timed out. 21 * * * Request timed out. 22 * * * Request timed out. 23 * * * Request timed out. 24 * * * Request timed out. 25 * * * Request timed out. 26 * * * Request timed out. 27 * * * Request timed out. 28 * * * Request timed out. 29 * * * Request timed out. 30 * * * Request timed out. This outage is posing a serious inconvenience to myself and others, I think once this is all over some sort of compensation and a vow to actually only do scheduled offline maintenance would be a good plan?
Declined (EUNE)
: [Resolved] [16-11-15] Log in Issues EUW - Telfort ISP.
1. Virgin Media 2. United Kingdom 3. VPN lets me log in fine. (but at 100 ping at best yay)
Kurzy (EUW)
: Why league may lose alot of players by season 6
While I do understand the cause for a lot of the complaints regarding the pre-season I think everyone should simmer down a bit and remember this is pre-season. Also holding up game mechanical depth as a flaw is really dumb, not that I blame you for your mental capacity, but god damn. See this is why we can't have nice things people! Guys like this just turn up and insist everything be dragged back down to the lowest common denominator and capitalist companies ofc do so in order to maintain maximum profits, gah. :( I'm not saying that I like pre-season either, but depth/complexity/new things is not inherently a bad thing, and you should feel bad for wanting to take this from the game. D: As for the mana issue i see everywhere, theres a flask, it gives mana and hp. like 5 stacks, and like refills on base. My god how op is that? Go buy it, be happy? :3
: I don't understand why it's THAT important. Why would I do SO much effort in a normal draft? This is a game and in a mode where teamsynergy doesn't really matter. Most of the time in normal draft we are learning champions. So everyone is just trying to focus on their own gameplay. Why would I care so much about not only strangers but strangers who are rude? So that everyone can be happy? You forget one thing though: What happends to me? I end up at toplane, having an awful time because i'm very uncomfortable and don't have that much practice in top meanwhile the botlane has a great game. we end up winning but I don't feel like learned much. I just got my dick kicked in and got carried. But in a normal draft, it's nto about winning but learning about the things you want to learn. In my particular case, it's to master Lucian. Get to know every match up, learn how to cs better, how to cstrade, how to trade in general, how to put out the most dps and lastly improve on teamfights. That's what I'm learning right now. So me picking top is already boring and not fun and I don't even have a reason to do so. Or atleast not a good one. Team spirit is nice but with strangers that can't even be polite, the team spirit is already going to be miserable. I just made the choice to not get bullied into a role that i disliked. Like i've said so many times now: If this was ranked draft, i would have not even thought about it, they would have gotten the role and i wouldn't have said a word. But considering I have my reasons to play normal draft AND they were immensly disrespectful and rude, I won't give them the role 100% of the time.
I don't expect you to care about me, It impacts me in no way whatsoever. I was just giving you my thoughts of insight, be it helpful or useless. I think the problem here though might be that you seem to expect completely different behaviours due to a game being draft pick. (Maybe that's because you play a lot of ranked idk) Personally I treat all games the same but then I just play the few ranked games a year i need for the gold rewards. So im coming at this from a different angle. Unfortunately your trying to practise in a mode which some other people might place a much higher value upon trying their best to win in, (just a side note, idc about winning itself, i only care about aiming maximally for that goal of winning) and in this situation I do not see anywhere anything saying draft pick being a place to not try that hard. Ik it sucks when people do this, and ik it's hard to come to grips with your own opinion not having a remotely majority share of what should happen, but that's what a 5 man team is all about, either rise above it or make yourself mad and have bad times because of it. If you literally just want to play nothing but lucian then well even playing him outside of his normal habitat isn't that bad it gives you a chance to practise abnormal scenario's, theres always a way to put a positive spin on things. Because at the end of the day no matter how right or wrong you are it doesn't matter or change anything. (it should matter but the game and life and our species isn't perfect, so we all just have to deal with that)
: Premades need to respect the pickorder.
So after reading all your comments I have to advise you that as someone else pointed out your not doing much better than the peeps who insist on pre-made bot lane, and at least they have the effectiveness factor behind their argument. Before you jump at me just think about it, you see this as 'just' a game where it's all about YOUR enjoyment and not about satisfying some strangers interests. (who may or may not be dicks) I'm going to assume you agree with how I've stated you see the situation, and in that case a few things apply that you should consider: 1: You can't think MEMEMEMEME and demand others don't. If you were the guy who always went top nicely without making a fuss ever and was sad you never got to bot lane, well dood that sucks. But your not that guy, your not entitled to the sympathy that guy is entitled too. (That guys a doormat, but hey) 2: This is a TEAM GAME, not single player. Your ability to work with others and think of their interests is every bit as important a game skill as champ mechanics, positioning etc are. As a species we struggle to get along with others we don't understand, but in a game of league, other team members interests=yourinterests 3. Normal draft is for practising ranked, play normal blinds for simple rift play. Perhaps instead of being mad you could practise somehow making these pre-mades work well with you, good teamwork exercise tbh 4. At the end of the day no matter what happens in our efforts to punish or resolve issues we encounter with other players we usually fight fire with fire or get dragged down into the emotional whirlpool of toxicity that's ever lurking to ensnare us. It's just not really worth it, some pre-mades ruffled your feathers, your B****ing about it on here, someone else is going to get bothered that your mad it's all just a lovely chain of woe :D 5: From much thought and experience the main source of problematic interactions in this game stems from everyone assuming everyone else just exists to be an obstacle. Occams razor dood, Dem random pre-mades probs aren't out to ruin your day the less assumptive motive would just be that they think their doing a decent thing for the team and don't expect opposition/ are shocked to be met by it. Perhaps you should try nicely explaining that despite them being pre-made you'd really like to adc and perhaps once of them could take another role. Might not work, but hey at least your trying. You haven't the right to be distressed others don't try getting along when you don't either. Hell I try and I usually leave peeps to it if they don't comply, wish more peeps like me would end up in meh games lol. "You can have adc", "Oh no sir, I insist you take ADC", "No no old chap, it's splendid for you to ADC" :D P.S and remember the whole pick order thing is there just as a fail safe if communications break down and it's entitled person vs entitled person. Sad that you treat it as a baseline. :/
: Premades need to respect the pickorder.
Think of it this way, do you really want to play with a support who is going to not play very well with you because you kicked his friend out of lane? :D Also unless the pre-made bot lane are actually completely not on your skill level and absolutely have less experience then a pre-made is far more likely to play well than two random's. It's the logical and most efficient set-up. Why are you intent on making your team less effective exactly? Pick-orders not worth much anyway, its best to try and juggle teams as much as possible to find who can do what the best/ has the most motivation for the role :P
Kageryu (EUW)
: > since riot doesn't even look at the reports. It's just a random message you get to your e-mail acc with a ban in LoL because you got x number of reports. Wrong again. Maybe try some reading up before saying things that embarass you.
> [{quoted}](name=Kageryu,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Fh9pBjeP,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-25T03:08:53.851+0000) > > Wrong again. > Maybe try some reading up before saying things that embarass you. Instead of just saying wrong, why don't you link them to the pages on reports or explain it? There's a lyte post somewhere that goes pretty into it TC, see if you can find it because I've forgot where it's at, There's also all the info in support on bans etc. This ban really sucks though, it's not like TC really had negative intentions or really did anything to cause trouble. Considering it's likely shen might have not been banned there's certainly a problem here. (although in all fairness calling peeps kids and asking them how old they are is very childish) It's also likely they took other games reports into account as well I guess, although they should be showing all of those logs. Either way you stated you're somewhat young, you've got in trouble for talking like a kid, I guess treat this as a learning experience on maturity even if it's not amazingly fair ^_^
GreyHat101 (EUNE)
: How the hell i can kill 200 minions in aram
> [{quoted}](name=GreyHat101,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=QBsAjvVV,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-24T19:02:16.482+0000) > > did riot forget that this ARAM not Summoner's Rift > in the end it will be collected , but it will take alot of time ( MUCH MORE TIME ) to kill 200 minions > maybe i forget something about aram , can someone give a trick how to kill 200 minions in ARAM > please please please Like seriously do you never play aram? If your team is actually paying attention to farm you could all hit a good 80cs in a game or more :P Either that or pray for cait 200CS 1 game mode? ^^
Teddy TFT (EUW)
: Summoner School Chat
When trolls have more powah than regular players, you know something's wrong ^_^
: Looking for a Gaming Buddie!
Your welcome to add me if you like :D I play every game for a good time! I was Gold IV last season if that matters.
: This is just not acceptable!
yeah whats with the no items? I mean vaynes behaviour is never justifiable, but I can understand why going 1/5 with NO ITEMS could annoy other people. So you just sent us a picture of you trolling and some other guy flaming. Can we report you both? :'/
: Nemesis is full of jerks,4 and the auto warning system needs work.
I'm well aware nothing will be done over those reports, but if I'm not deserving of a warning, then why then does it need to be sent out? Seems rather pointless to start telling people they're being reported for things too much before checking they're legitimate reports. If people want to start accusing me of things, then I want the accusations assessed and ratified, before an external party starts applying pressure. Also if that game can proc out a warning, surely a few troll games like that could start triggering other automated punishment systems. Supposedly that shouldn't happen as troll reports mean less. But who's checking they mean less? If they do mean less then why can they also proc a warning? All you see to threads like mine are parrot responses of people quoting that riot post on the whole matter. Some of the threads like mine are made by people who are trying to pretend they dont flame every other game, but some including mine have genuine concerns that I'm really not seeing being answered properly. If the entire system is automated, what determines what a troll or inaccurate report is?
SüjiN (EUW)
: And to complete your rank restriction you have to win "x" certain amount of games to get back onto your rank games. For instance, my case i have 35 rank bans, that alone would account to 25-30 hours of pure winning 35-0. How much time does riot expect us to have over something that is soo minor. In attempt to fix their "poor community behaviour" they are just going to punish anything.
Well they should be punishing clear violations of the summoners code, and removing people with such violations from ranked for a period is acceptable. Providing they can demonstrate evidence of the cases where the code has been broken, only in private to the person receiving the punishment ofc.
XeiraIsto (EUW)
: But still, it's just idiotic to report for such a reason. And this was just one time, I got like 20 other storys like these one. Have you ever been reported for using pings too much? Well I have, Negative Attitude. Lol, it's the community, there are bastards out there that deserve flame.
No one deserves flame.
: Show me some proff Riot.
Well ok this guy may well have done things over time to earn the restrictions. But if rito aren't showing him the sections of his messages that are out of line and he can't remember them, how on earth can anyone rationally expect him to be able to correct the exact behaviours that are getting him into trouble. Beyond simply trying to be a good teamplayer which he may already be doing and doesn't highlight his specific issues. I can understand troll reports, I got 3 from a nemesis game, because I gave the enemy team aatrox of all things. Our soraka was afk the whole game (so the aatrox got ahead somehow) in the end the weakest guy on my team says report Benji for noob, giving aatrox to them, honour soraka. The worst part is an enemy said ok, I'll report benji too. If that happens a number of times more in the future, then it's likely I'mma be filing complaints with rito to pull up proof as well. Don't just sit around watching others around you being dragged down by this, because one day it may well be you, or me, In this guys position and he won't be around to speak up for us.
SüjiN (EUW)
: Why am i rank restricted for 35 games?/ chat restriction for 75
Yeah I think rito should at least provide evidence of the exact sections of certain chat logs that are earning you the punishment. Seems only fair. I mean if you don't know exactly where things went wrong how can anyone expect you to be able to work on improving? ^_^
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