Eveninn (EUW)
: Vayne
*At Riot HQ* Rito1 - "Sir, there's a massive outcry regarding Vayne absurdly high damage both on tanks and squishies, what do we do?" Rito2 - "Mmm, I got it. Remove the flat damage from her W, but add another 4% max hp true damage. Leave all her steroids unchanged" Rito1 - "You're a genius sir"
: > I'm not saying all Rito does is throwing damage everywhere Hm i thought that's exactly what you wanted to say. xD > The only problem here is that Rito keeps adding damage EVERYWHERE.
> [{quoted}](name=Lame of Legends,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wIVuE9Zb,comment-id=000c000000010000,timestamp=2015-08-19T16:11:09.973+0000) > > Hm i thought that's exactly what you wanted to say. xD Ok, I'll will rephrase it so yu can understand it better. "It's not the **only** thing they do, but Rito **mostly** keeps adding damage everywhere." K?
: In a lot of cases they are just nerfing/buffing back and forth. It's not just more damage... Feel free to check out the patch history of champions and itemsto prove your point. Just 1 example: IE crit rate reduced to 20%
> [{quoted}](name=Lame of Legends,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wIVuE9Zb,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2015-08-19T11:20:14.211+0000) > > In a lot of cases they are just nerfing/buffing back and forth. It's not just more damage... > > Feel free to check out the patch history of champions and itemsto prove your point. > > Just 1 example: IE crit rate reduced to 20% The 5% crit got moved from IE to Phantom Dancer to make it more competitive with Static Shyv for adcs, it wasn't a nerf at all. Let's talk about when they slightly nerfed the active of Botrk and greatly buffed the on-hit passive. Or the recent AP items "rework". Or the "new rework" of tank items. I'm not saying all Rito does is throwing damage everywhere, of course they also nerf and tweak/rework things, but it's undeniabale that they're going in a direction that will lead to "everyone blownup in 0.5 sec".
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Lee sin's buff is unacceptable
I agree, it's unacceptable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07So_lJQyqw
: The whole GAME is becoming OP
The only problem here is that Rito keeps adding damage EVERYWHERE. Everytime they change something, is always fucking more damage. Darius and Garen need changes? Moar damage. Zeke is a weak item? Moar damage. New items? Moar damage. Bruisers don't deal assassin-like damage with just two items? Rework black Cleaver for moar damage Tanks too strong? Nerf tank items so they take moar damage. Tanks/bruisers too weak? Moar damage. Jungle items feels weak? Moar fucking damage It started back in S4 when they buffed all the ad items making adcs over the top, and they keep to go go down this way since then. Abominations like the new Devourer or release Luden's Echo are a result of that. I wish Rito finally realized that no one likes "messy 4 seconds teamfights" where everyone simply throw everything they have and everybody blows up.
Ulliete (EUW)
: The "juggernaut" thing. WTF ?
It's obviusly a late April Fool. No way i'm gonna believe those changes are real.
n33gs (EUW)
: This is stupid as for the spell to take it needs Vayne to AA. If she is blind then this shouldnt happen. An aa is an aa with an added spell or not. This seems like a bug rather than intended imo. They just have not bothered fixing it.
^ This. How can she apply the stacks to me if she's blinded and her auto ar supposed to miss?
: Teemo's blinding dart doesn't affect Vayne.
I main Teemo, I can confirm this. Sometimes just the third hit goes trhough, other times se just keep damaging while blinded.
Rioter Comments
: Malphite
I think his only problem it's his ult. I still don't get why he's allowed to have such a ridicoulous strong engage.
: already got used to new HUD
Me too. I would make some adjustments,but it's look great so far.
Róót (EUW)
: what is the nerf ? a good teemo shrome should't last for 10m .. because u want them to step on it ..
Wrong, some shrooms are placed for scouting/vision purposes, like deep wards.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Teemo buffs
It's a tweak, and as a Teemo main i feel worried about the increased detonation time and less duration for shrooms. The stealth buff is good though. As well as the bouncing thing that can be used to scout a little before setting a trap.
: Change vayne's W to bonus%hp damage or magic damage
As a plat top main, I hate Vayne with all my heart. She's the only champ that makes tanks feel like they were Sona. All that mobility, steroids and self peel just outweight by far her weak early. But apart from my point of view, let's just be objective. Vayne W needs to be changed, op or not, simply by the fact that by definition it's an **UNCOUNTERABLE** spell. Rito said itself that everything in this game must be counterable by something (items, summoners, other spells), and Vayne W simply can't be countered by anything. I firmly believe that changing it to magic damage while raising the %hp shred a bit will make her less toxic and still strong.
: Sated Devourer is really going to happen?
{{champion:39}} 16% hp + 150 true damage per hit. Sounds resoanable.
Masqavar (EUW)
: ''I'm 0/6 behind and I can't even get to lane, better build more damage!''
Buying defensive items if you're behind is not always a good strategy. Let's say you're Fiora top, and you're behind. Getting a chainvest or a negatron is an horrible idea, you will have neither the damage nor the resistances required to hold your lane or be useful in tf. A good solution might be Ninja Tabi or Hexdrinker, they won't delay your cores so much and they still offers some nice defense. If you're an AP mid laner, you're most likely building as first item a Zhonya vs AD, and Chalice (or even Abyssal) vs AP. Maybe a RoA too. This is a different case however since most of these champs always get these kind of items, so they are naturally getting both defense and offense. An adc has no choice but to build damage despite how behind he is in lane. The only champs who can skip damage and build tank first are usually bruisers/tank top laners and jungler, who just delay their damage items and get defense first. This ofc can vary from champ to champ. Look at Gnar or Renekton (two of my mains) for example: even when behind is always good to grab that Phage/Brutalizer/Tiamat before going tank, because their price is low and allowa you to scale better into the mid game. All of this is ofc in the case you're just falling behind in lane, like going 0/2 and having less cs. If you're already 0/5 there is basically nothing you can do but wait the lane phase to end and try to be usefull in tf. I agree however, that seeing an Ekko going 0/4 vs Zed and still trying to complete that Luden instead of grabbing an Armsekeer is really frustrating.
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: What mystery champion did you get?
Ekko. I'm happy, I saved 6300ip.
: How riots balancing team decides patch notes :
Honestly, I think the absolute best was this: {{champion:154}} : 90% of the community keep demading for Riven nerfs, we must do something {{champion:86}} : but we nerfed her 1 year ago lowering her from "complete bulltshit broken op" to "bullshit broken op"! {{champion:36}} : yeah, but they keep crying about her 4 spammable dashes and that huge shield scaling off her total AD {{champion:115}} : don't worry, i got this! {{champion:33}} : ok Patch Notes: {{champion:92}} - movement speed lowered by 5 - ult missile speed lowered {{champion:91}} - E no longer slows the target - Talon now silences himself while using any of his spells
  Rioter Comments
: Lets play a little game...
The looks of {{champion:36}} The heart of {{champion:131}} The temper of {{champion:36}} The brain of {{champion:36}} The personality of {{champion:17}} Luckily, my gf thinks i'm adorable.
: You think playing against {{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} is instead sooooo exciting?
Ryze and Fiora definitely not. They're the same as Trynda. On the other hand, Riven, Shyvana or Mao allows for different approaches or plays both whe played or against.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: They could still like... participate in an awesome cummonity Event? I mean, just look at [Team Recruitment](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en) so many ppl getting together to play, IMO it's just awesome. >w< But on the other Hand, toxic ppl don't like the cummonity (that's why they are called toxic, no?), so they might aswell stay toxic till they get banned. (that sentence sounds hasher than I mean it to, but I don't know how else to say it :s)
That's your perspective, 'cause you get all the rewards. A "toxic player" (lol) perspective after the announce is "partecipate into a week of 5man premades for nothing".
: You might not get the skins BUT you will still get sales, so it would be kinda worth :p
It's not actually. I'm not complaining about being unable to recieve PP Mundo, i've got a ban and that's fine. I just find hilarous how Riot it's all like "with a ban you don't deserve even **AN ICON**, but hey you're more than welcome to play more just to spend money on our game" I'd be more happy if I got banned from all the rewards.
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iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: I know Bard is superstrong right now. He and Nunu are the most annoying pricks in the game but at least they tried to make a completely different champ, not combine the best of several champs into 1 and call it Rek'Sai. You say Rek'Sai is overtuned, well I say she has an overloaded kit. Ignores terrain, Malphite's ult on a 10s cd combined with ignoring unit collision and movement speed bonus to make ganks completely unavoidable. Being the best ganker in Lol history is not enough, she also gets Vladimir's regen to perma sustain in jungle so if she fails to gank with this kit she will not be punished instead she can just farm and very strong in teamfights at all stages of the game. Since she doesn't have to worry about HP lets not give her mana so she doesn't have to worry about resources at all. But wait, she also needs attack speed passive to clear jungle superfast (and champs), AA steroids, true damage, an AP poke ability that grants vision, 8 free wards and ofcourse Twisted Fate's ult. Her abilities have high base ratio's, good scaling but she is also tanky and tons of hp regen. TL;DR: The champ brings in too much utility combined with damage and tankiness. She has the best kit in the game to gank but if she fails she can also powerfarm. There was a time when a champ would only have 1.
That's why I said she's just overtuned and not overloaded. Lower her damage by a fair amount and her base defensive stats a bit, make some cds longer, and reduce the healing she gets while burrowed. There, now you got a high mobility bruiser with some steroids and cc in the jungle. Nothing far from Jarvan or Wukong level of strenght.
: The reason why I dislike so many Zeds and Vaynes...
{{champion:67}} Look at all my Gosu moves, hue hue hue, I can 1v5 all of them I'm too pro you all suck" {{champion:238}} "Trolololol outplay rekt, challenjour level, 1v1 me at river" {{champion:92}} "Hurr durr high level mechonix, look at my cancels too good I carry you all" More or less.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: How can you fail so much in champ design?
Reksai can be balanced without deleting her from the game. Her kit is not as broken as most says, it's just overtuned. Bard is in a weird spot where you know he **IS **super strong, even the pros said that, but he's so punishing that no one want to risk playing him in rankeds. Apart from that, he's the most innovative and non-toxic champ they released in the last two years, and soooooo fun to play. On the other hand Ekko, Yasuo, Azir and Kalista are champs that should have never been released. Their kits are just completely broken and there is no way to nerf them properly without destroying them. However the thing I hate the most is honestly this new **""Hey, let's give this champ TWO passives instead of one"** trend: - yasuo double crit chance AND a free shield to mitigate harrass - azir gets attack speed from cdr AND can place a turret I mean, what the fuck? They have two COMPLETELY separetd passive, they litteraly have TWO fucking passive for no reason.
Beatsteak (EUW)
: To all you supports! Mikaels?
{{item:3190}} is generally a better choice because it makes your team a bit more tankier with passive + active. {{item:3222}} is beter choice only when you have a Zed, Malzh or WW in the enemy team and your adc doesn't build QSS, or when your jungle already has a locket.
Vingthór (EUW)
: I believe the reason given by Riot was that those are High-Impact spells (ultimates) and they don't want them to be denieable through every simple CC-spell. I couldn't give you a source on this though.
{{champion:51}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:101}}
: Why Aatrox so useless ?
Botrk > Randuin - Visage > LW > GA Boots of choice Procede to shred everyone while being an unkillable raid boss. Yeah, definetely useless.
: People don`t really know how to capitilize on Bard!
Bard is super strong if used properly, but requires an extremely good coordination with your adc/team. That's why he's considered useless in yoloq, where everyone just want to brainlessly smash their face on the keyboard and win. Most players don't even know what his abilites do, and can't see how strong he is ESPECIALLY against/with certain comps. In a coordinated team he's lethal because, similar to Thresh, Bard is a multipurpose support that can do a lot of things. Also as far as i know, he's performing quite good in high elo soloQ
Warderino (EUW)
: Change a word with bronze!
{{champion:412}} I am the bronze under the bed
: Please reverse the Riven ult nerf
Instead, how about we nerf her to the ground and finally get rid of that monstruosity.
Rioter Comments
: You turn into your last played champion FOREVER! What will you do?
{{champion:17}} "Time to put on my killing hat"
: Myrmidon Pantheon and the curse of the brambleberry?
The fact is, neither the original not the updated version really resemble the splas art. http://img3.leaguecraft.com/lol-splash-art/asset/wallpaper_760px_3052.jpg His skin should be grey-ish, and the armor is quite different. I guess all we can do is wait for his VU and hope for the best.
: Oh My God! Riot nerf him already!
He's so boring and toxic that rito removed him from free rotation. You can't buff him or he will be op, you can't nerf him or he will be useless. He's in that grey area where he can't really win, neither really lose. And he's boring. OH GOD he's so fucking boring. Both to play and play against. They should just disable him till he gets his rework.
Godalor (EUW)
: Faker called LeBlanc OP, time for nerfs?
The silence removal gave a way to somehow react to her insane burst, but she still remains a low counterplay champ, especially in the early game. Honestly i have no problem with LB cause my mid laner main is Diana, and by rushing a negatron cloak she won't ever be able to instagib you. Still, the W mechanic is simply wrong. Simply q-r-w an enemy in less then a second, then w again to get back in a safe position without really giving the chance to retaliate. Too safe, almost no risk in that. Banshee counter her? Yes, and hard too. Yet, how many midlaners (or adc too) can afford to buy a banshee in early/as first item without being useless in mid game? I tell you, none. To fix LB, they need to lower her lvl 2-5 damage, and make W recastable only after 1-1,5 seconds to allow true counterplay.
: Why do people get mad when I want to play my favorite champions top?
130 rankeds matches with {{champion:17}} only this season. Always first pick him top. Always win lane. People flame me so hard in champ select I feel shame for them. Then they usually shut the fuck up after I'm 3/0 and got a tower, while my _"meta midlaner"_ is feeding like a bronze a threat us to go afk casue he didn't get enough ganks. People are so absurdly caught in their (wrong) vision of this game where everything is: lane -> teamfight -> back -> teamfight -> back -> teamfight -> etc, that they're blind to different tactics and approaches. If you can't understand the strenghts of champion who gives the most powerful map control in the game, can negate tower push till late game without even being there, can assasinate squishies without effort and can make any aa relaiant champ useless for 2.5 seconds, then you probably should unistall. Really op, don't give a dman about people who flame you for your picks. Just remember, 90% of the people who flame you for picking an _"out of meta"_ champion, would insta pick him and cry on the forums the moment he gets played in competitive. They are sheeps, treat them as such.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Am I the only one enjoying the Tank Meta?
I have no problem with the tank meta itself. My problem is that some of these tanks (ie: seju, graggy) can delete squishies as if they were assassins. I don't mind having an unkillable cc machine around, I just hate having around an unkillable cc machine who deals more damage than an assisin.
Snowfox (EUW)
: Yasuo, I love gliding through minions, into skillshots....... and tower radius..... I'm not very good with yasuo
Me too. I really like Yasuo, but I look retarded while playing him. Aftter all this time since his release I still never played him in ranked for how bad I am.
: Boost Shen
Shen is pretty strong, he has always been. I've been abusing him in rankdes for a while now since people seems to have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to lane against him, not to mention he's the only champ in this game with a global teleport and it's without a doubt the best top laner to prevent your team feeding too much. I feel the only things he needs right now are: - reduced energy costs, they are ridicolously high - his w shield should scale off max hp After that, he's fine.
: Most popular roles
Top lane. The only true lane for real men.
Mada (EUW)
: Negativity loses games
Negativity doesn't lose games. Just like being positive doesn't win them. Bad players lose games, and good ones win them. If you're 0/5 and with half cs against you laner, and somone calls you bad, he's right. If you get offended by that so much that it makes you play even worse than you actually are, you're just a fragile little pussy. Everyone can have bad games, but if it happens there is no need to swtich the fault to flame just to defend your ego.
: Feeders
+1 You can still win a 4v5 game if your team is good and smart enough. You can't win when the enemy team is horribly fed.
Free Bird (EUNE)
: {{champion:7}} countered by a single item countered by super earlygame countered by teamfights {{champion:92}} countered by armor countered by zoning countered by teamfights {{champion:55}} overpowered piece of manaless shit {{champion:114}} countered by zoning countered by teamfights Wanting to nerf every low-counterplay champion (that actually gets counterplayed by **strategy** just not in 1v1 fights) speaks tons about your understanding of the game
"Countered by teamfights". Kappa. While I don't have problems with Fiora or Leblanc, saying they get counterd so easily is pure bullshit. {{champion:114}} kit has always been and will foerever be toxic, both for her enemies and her. Too much of a strong no counterplay ult, too weak standard kit. Whoever thought of that should smash his head on a wall for the rest of his life. {{champion:7}} allows for too little counterplay both in lane and tf with her insta-displacement back to her original position. {{champion:92}} ? I don't even know there are still people around who try to defend her. I believe she's the only champ in the game right now who shoud be disabled till she gets a full rework.
: The best misplaced blame/flame pattern i've seen so far
Jungler dives alone my enemy laner at lvl3 giving him first blood and double buff. A minute later he kills me. "Omg noob feeder, you suck". Goes afk. I will never forget that.
: What's the Oath of your lane/role?
My main is {{champion:17}} My only oath is "it doesn't matter if the enemy team wins or lose, just make them suffer for it till the end"
Ergo Law (EUW)
: No Blood Moon Dianna?
A lot of people proposed this, as she is the perfect candidate for a Blood Moon skin. Actually, it would be pretty stupid to not give her one.
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