: Option to leave lost games with no penalty (rant!)
Why should they? It's usually the guy going 0-5 in ten minutes which wants to surrender and starts to int if you don't. I don't care if you don't have fun, but I won't surrender a game with the scaling comp because 2 people are tilted. You are robbing my LP.
: Yes, you get the rewards just like the Gold players in solo/duo queue. You get them even if you rank Gold only in 3vs3 queue.
: So far as i know you get the same rewards as solo/duo queue and you get a bonus reward (don't know what) if you are gold or above in both queues.
Thank you for your comment, helped alot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Cant log in because i may be offline
Same Problem for me atm. Multiple client restarts didn't work. Friend had the same problem, now it seems to work for him.
: > DISABLE AUTOFILL IN NORMAL-DRAFT! Or disable normal draft? Worked well here.( EUNE ):D Now seriously i believe auto fill can;t be disabled.You are getting auto fill because no one wants to play that role. For example we got 100.000 players online .The system wants to make you play with players close to your (normal game) mmr so lets say we have 10.000 around your elo.If the 99% wants top or mid or jungle we left only with 100 players that may either want to go support or adc .You understand now why (high q time). The solution is to make the range of your (normal game) mmr higher so instead of 10.000 50.000.This creates new problems which are obvious. I am not a fun of auto fill but i think that the solution for this is not to remove it but instead to give something that will attract players to play these roles.
Thing is, it worked before without autofill. I got my roles and only had to wait maybe like 5 minutes usually. So I really don't see why you would have to activate it in normal games.
: Perma-Autofill in Normal-Games
Just came here, because of this. It's just *"*#"$%. Like at worst I had to search for 8 minutes before they changed that and that was only on weekdays mornings. I just can't enjoy that and almost always lose on support. It's the only lane I can't play ffs.
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: Paysafe Payment Method
Ah okay, I was already afraid that my 15€ will go to waste (i.e. Steam), so I'll just wait. Thank you{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: your teammates also get it
They didn't. Gankplank on the enemy team had it too, and I read alot of such bug reports from the last 2-3 hours here. Also still I lost 16 LP doesn't seem much but I hate it to get a loss when I can do nothing about it.
: you have to wait 2-3 hours
That still won't make me win the ranked game :/ Also I hate to leave my teammates alone :(
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: Pick skill match-ups into her. Riven, Yasuo, Heca, maybe even Fizz. As long as you're better than your opponent, you'll beat him in lane. Or pick Gnar for teamfights and just farm, don't fight her (you can try all inning while Mega, but again, if she's more skilled than you she'll win it). All that being said though, Fiora is a little bit stronger than others. Her late game is probably the strongest at the moment in the game, and her weakness in the early game isn't that noticeable so there's no payoff for her monster scaling. We'll probably see some huge hits on her numbers sooner rather than later.
I agree and would add Irelia to that list edit: yesterday I had a match where a top lane kindred destroyed my early game super hard, don't know if it works out for others
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: Greetings. The warning you got just means that you recently got reported. It does not harm you in any way, unless you really have been showing signs of negative attitude/behaviour. (bronze is talking, salty kid reported me etc. would count if you said that ingame/pre and postgamechats) As long as you behaved in your games you will be fine tho, saying something like that once wont get you punished.
Yeah I don't say such things ingame at least really rarely, but today I said bronze is talking :( Just made me upset because so much targeted CC which will shut down at least one carry (which was me) and than saying brain afk :( Okay it's the first time I got this notice since ages so it should be okay I guess thanks for the reply
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