: That's hard inting what you described. But their bot have probles with "soft inting" they thing that you got banned for. It's very tolerant for soft int, it takes some "skill" to get banned for it. You had few bad games in a row and bot decided that you die more than average player in bad game so it ban you. You should send a ticket to support. And demand a human.
: You die so many tiems in short spand over few games. That's not so common.
Even if you mess up and die serveral times under a small time period doesn't mean you're inting. And you definitely should not get punished for the enemy team just playing better. Inting is when you go full Tyler1 and run under tower.
: Unlucky, it's hard to get ban for int for that reason. You die so many times under your own tower it's amazing.
I was quite amazed aswell. But with this logic from riot 50% of all players should be banned.
: I got banned for inting when I wasn't
https://prntscr.com/ph1psl Past games played.
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