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: Hey Dranzus, Rest assured we'll make sure your RP or money get back to you - most often with incidents like this the RP grant request is queued up, and once we resolve the underlying issue it will go out as expected. We're currently actively investigating this issue and hope to have it resolved ASAP!
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Kippiiq (EUW)
: Exaggeration much.
You try working hard for something just for someone else to step all over your hard work and then come back to talk ^^
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: It's a bit hard to know which champs to help you on, but you should start by knowing what type of champ yours is; i'll be focusing on mages but mention some AP assassins and bruiser subclasses. Mages are split up into multiple categories: **Utility Mages**: These mages have a rather simple playstyle; they don't need to get fed to win lane, and even if they're behind, they're designed to do well in terms of utility to your team, who is hopefully ahead. They tend to have high CC, shields/heals, and more utility, with decent damage. Examples include: Orianna, Lulu, Lux, and Karma. **Burst Mages**: These mages have 1 thing: damage. That's literally it; they're meant to inflict shit loads of damage onto either a single target, or an entire enemy team. They tend to not do well when behind, since they need farm and kills to snowball the game, and without farm or kills, they can't get items to keep increasing their damage. They have poor utility, usually with 1 hard CC. They can waveclear pretty good too. Examples include: Annie, Syndra, Lux, (she transitions into a burst mage in the mid-late game, but has mostly utility in the early game), Veigar, and AP ezreal **Control Mages**: These mages focus primarily on zoning the enemy team out, creating several zones which will obviously hurt the enemy should they not respect the zoning potential. They have decent utility, but for themselves. Examples include Viktor, Azir, Ziggs, Orianna, Anivia. **Poke Mages**: These mages have strong long ranged poke, but little all-in potential, making it crucial to poke down your enemy before an all-in. Similar to burst mages, they usually have poor utility and 1 hard CC, but make up for that with the safety of being long ranged. They also have mostly skillshots, so you need to learn how to land them properly if you ever want to master poke mages. Examples include Ziggs, Xerath, Twisted Fate, Ahri. **AP Bruisers**: These mages are able to build tanky, and still deal respectable amounts of damage, either due to high base damages, scalings, or certain effects (Like Brand; his %HP damage melts squishies and tanks alike so he has strong damage, even without building a lot of damage). They tend to have %HP damage as that is what allows them to build tanky in the first place. Examples include: Brand, Elise, Gragas, Rumble. **Duelists**: Just like duelist ADC's and duelist top laners, we have duelist mages. These tend to go top most of the time, so you will rarely see them in mid, but they are worth mentioning. These mages tend to have lots of single target damage, but poor AOE, so they can't kill the entire team but they are incredible good with dueling 1 person at a time. They also tend to have healing in their kit. Examples include Cassiopeia, Swain, Vladimir (Good duelist now, but still questionable as he doesn't belong anywhere else atm), and Ryze. AP assassins are not really worth mentioning. Still the same as any other assassin. Shitloads of damage and mobility, but instead of going AD, they go AP. Mostly LeBlanc, Katarina, Fizz, and Akali. I think the hardest part about transitioning from a heavy right click playstyle to a mage playstyle is knowing the importance of casting spells. Mage AA's have very poor damage, so they are only good in the early game where you can manage to weave in autos. But you want to always focus on casting spells more than autoattacking. Probably the most frustrating part is that there aren't many mages who tend to auto a lot, and the ones that do are kind of hard to pick up (Azir and TF). If you're finding it hard to transition from right clicking to casting spells, play AD casters, like Zed, Talon, and Mantheon. They have similar playstyles to some mages, and since they also cast a lot of spells with little autos, it's a good way to help you understand AP champions better. You need to know which runes and masteries to take, so just search online for that. Item builds are still very much situational depending on what the enemy team has, but a lot of mid laners tend to rush Morello's early on for the mana sustain and the AP. I'm a bit tired now so I can't explain all the items, what they do and when to build them, but if you still need help feel free to add me.
Wow super in depth explanation! Thanks, this is really helpful. Guess starting by AD casters is a good idea to start getting into the caster gameplay mindset, so il try that for now! ^^
moonborn (EUW)
: if you go mid, then you might have to build first item as {{item:3001}} with {{item:1057}} as first compotent if you are against a heavy AP mid like {{champion:7}} or {{champion:1}} so you dont get deleted instantly. also investing in MR runes is wise as well, and switching them to perhaps armor runes if you are against matchups like {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:91}} either way you have to a little bit try to counter other champions, so your item build,summoners,runes should reflect what you are against. if you are against {{champion:238}} you should consider taking {{summoner:3}} and building towards {{item:3157}} as first item. i dont know what champions you play. but most burst mages build {{item:3165}} ->{{item:3001}} -> {{item:3020}} and a third item as {{item:3089}} . which gives you more than enough damage. you might have to get {{item:3135}} before building {{item:3089}} if their team is investing a lot into magic resistance. obviously many other items are viable as well depending on champions obviously other things apply as well, like positioning etc. and it really a lot depends on what champion you play with. and perhaps you just need some practice. since i really never ever play as ADC i have no idea how it works there.
Lux Lux (EUW)
: Hey there! Just a fellow AP main here :P I've played AP since my very first game of League, and have been enjoying its playstyle a lot ever since. I also enjoy playing ADC. However, other than that, I don't play AD champions (Irelia as an exception). --- Check out [this link](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/dev-blog-classes-subclasses) about subclasses which may help you understand the playstyle you have to use for each type of AP champion. It may greatly improve you. :) Specifically look at: * **Tanks** * **Mages** (Burst Mages, Battle Mages and Artillery Mages), * **Controllers** (Enchanters, Disruptors) * and **Assassins**. --- If you specify any champions it would make the job a lot easier. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yeah, sorry for not being very specific ^^ I really enjoy the playstyle of ekko, Twisted fate, ahri, diana. And yes i know that each of those champions is wildly different when it comes to playing them because each has such a unique way of playing them but those are the ones i really would like to play at a decent level.
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: Well riven aint the greatest jungler, thats point 1. point 2. you're playing jungle, i've just gotten used to everyone blaming the jungler.
I dunno, i like playing her in the jungle. Strong kit for ganking (gap closer, knockup and stun) and i did well throughout the game. Just fell off a bit when i had to teamfight and all the other team was full build.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Because they think that the only job that a jungler has is to be their own personal slave, just like a support is the slave of the adc, but the jungler is the slave of the entire map; without taking into account that he has his own lane which darn huge, he has the enemy jungler to face, he has to take out the dragon for the buff and then when he can, he ganks. Secondly, about {{champion:29}} you actually need {{item:2043}} to spot him when he is invisible (used his Q). Map vision that is given out by {{item:3340}} , {{item:3363}} , {{item:2303}} , {{item:2302}} , {{item:2301}} , {{item:2045}} or {{item:2049}} is useless against invisible champions such as {{champion:29}} , {{champion:35}} or even {{champion:28}} . And everyone has to ward, not only the support or the jungler, but everyone.
True, and i didnt mention it but i actually took it upon myself to sacrifice an item slot (since now you really need to do it to carry a {{item:2043}} ) to always carry a {{item:2043}} anywhere i went so that every time i thought a fight would break out (for example if my team wanted to do baron and got spotted) i could always ward before the fight happened to prevent the {{champion:29}} from flanking us. Didnt do much good though :/
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Dranzus, If you haven't already - run a repair. Click the "?" in the top right of the launcher, and repair from there.
I have indeed ran a repair already and still the problem persists :)
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