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: > Don't be afraid of going for harsch treatment. You make a mistake that a lot of people make and it's a very understandable mistake: You assume harsher punishments are more effective. And as logical as "If there will be a harsh punishment, people will think twice before they break the rules"'s not actually true. Humans are not that simple and it sadly doesn't work that way. If it would be that easy, Riot would have done it years ago. And not just Riot, also every government would just scale up punishments until crime barely doesn't exist anymore. The reason why they are not doing that is because it doesn't work. The basic assumption of the "thinking twice"-theory is incorrect: People don't actually think that much about consequences. They only do when they are calm and relaxed, not when they are frustrated, desperate or angry. And people tend to break the rules when they are frustrated, desperate or angry. Consequences do not matter in that moment, which is why changing the consequences doesn't change much. In addition, harsh punishments are negatively connected to the reform ratio. The harsher a punishment, the less likely it is that it will lead to a permanent change of behavior. The reasons for that are a bit complicated, but simplified you can say that punishments need to be accepted by the punished to some extent. If the punishment feels unfair (no matter if it actually is or not), the punished person rebels against it and will not accept or can even increase his bad behavior. So harsh punishments do not only lack the deterrence effect many people connect them with, they even tend to be harmful. ___ So I'm afraid this problem can't be solved that easily. The problem is far more complex than that and there is no easy solution.
Don't you think a solution that Heroes Of The Storm uses will work fluently here aswell? Their system are based on matchmaking players that behave in a certain way with other players that behave in the same way for a X:th amount of games. For example the number of games matchmade with rule breakers increase in the speed of breaking rules in a short period. If leavers play with only leavers for 3 games I guarantee that many players will realize what pain their behavement has caused in games they stood afk or raged etc.... If no change occur in a set period of time harsher punishment is required. I don't induce harsh punishment right away but they must not be afraid of distributing hard punishment for long periods of rule breaking.
: Judging a group of any type based on some individuals leads to discrimination. I'd rather get your point if you'd use "12 year old children", rather than to feel emotionally manipulated on a gender basis. Now I don't disagree with the points you made, they are well put and valid, I just felt the part in question to be a bit excessive for my taste. Let's not make Fox news out of the boards.
That is low trying to turn away at the main topic for going at a hot topic of calling everyone for discriminating people..... Satire, if people know what I mean, is mostly treated as discrimination now a days according to my opinion and any jokes for that matter. Now you might thinking I agree with the saying "GG EZ" but that is and will always be unsportsmanlike. Do you see athletes in an tv interview saying wow such game so easy they really sucked and didn't stand a chance. That is basically the meaning of "GG EZ" when you hear that.
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