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: Just giving IVERN some <3
Smerk (EUW)
: I don't know if there is such statistic anywhere, but I played fill for a while and wrote down every role I got, after 100 games I got support 72 times, then I got bored and stopped saving those. It was pure fill, with fill as secondary you should have higher chance to get primary role
Thanks for sharing!
aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: I don't know abotu the statistics, I tried fill only a few times but I got pretty much support only in 50% of games or even less the rest was mid and jungle, perhaps I was lucky :-).
Thanks for the reply!
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TheHugo (EUNE)
: Serious lag issues
I have the same problem, yo uare not alone, no clue what it is though sorry =(
I have had this problem for a weak but my Ms indicates it when the lagg occurs. At first I thought it was my roommates making the internet traffic slow but I have now tried to play when home alone and it's the same... I thought it could be my ISP but since it has taken so long and they have reported any issues in my region I guess it's not that either. COuld it be my computers link to the internet? I find that weird since I have no trouble surfing on the internet or accessing LoL or anything, some times ( very rarely now though ) I have some games without or very little ms spikes. what could it be?
duckarp (EUNE)
: > just having latency lags > My internet is working fine These two sentences are in a huge contrast. As Coxis said, you need to solve this with your ISP, even though being patient usually works too.
Well that is the state of it. I have no trouble accessing websites or loading videos on youtube. NO problem getting into leauge or loading a match. But my ms is around 80-100 and makes my game reacting slowly on my commands. I had one short disconnect but it did not threw me out of the game. Even tried with some windows in the background and that did not affect the ping. ONly LoL is slow.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hi Miramis, It's probably your ISP doing some maintenance work on their network. One thing you can do is call their support and ask them if they are. If that's the case, your latency should go down when they are done. :)
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: Supports
Fukk your greedy marksman, secure that kill or stop playing. I main support, Im going for that kill. My marksman can learn to farm those minions which I am not touching or they can rot in the fountain for all I care. If your marksman knows how to farm then they will still be fed since the enemy marksman will be behind in cs, no matter who kills them. It's annoying enough to keep your marksman alive, set up wards and trying to set up a kill. Sure, if im 200% certain my marksman will get that kill I will stop attacking but that is only if I know that the champion we are chasing: Have no flash Have no heal Have no escape spell Won't be able to cc my marksman under the turret ending in my marksman dying instead. If I am not certain of these things I do not care about my marksmans kda, I will kill that enemy champion.
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Flappydom (EUNE)
: Idea for support character.
I know Riot have been experimenting with this ability on recent champions. It is possible that we will see this sort of ability in the near future if it can be implemented without being too lacklustre or too overpowered. Personally I think it would be a very fun and rewarding ability though it could also be extremely troublesome to balance. A lot of champions would be very, VERY dangerous with stealth on them.


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