: If I'm a supp with no ADC in our team - am I supposed to stand bot lane alone, no matter what?
**First of all**, there is no such thing as a "hard support" I can tell, because I got Mastery 7, Silver Ranked with Soraka Jungle(!) of all things. I have also won 4v5 games with both Soraka and Alistar solo bot. it's difficult mind you but not impossible. **Secondly**, even in any regular game I constantly leave my support position, to ward or help mid, sometimes even top. Especially if the ADC seems competent enough to be save alone or if they are so suicidal that even Aphromoo couldn't save them. **Now on how to play solo bot** (_with any champ_): Don't care about CS, if you can get some, good, but better not risk anything. Just make sure you stay alive and your tower stays up as long as possible. let them push, then use the tower to your advantage. Save your CC and protection for when they try to dive. You may lose you lane, but minimise the damage, only loose CS, give your team a chance to take the other lanes. Towers are more important than anything in summoners rift (except maybe Rit Herald, but that's only because he takes towers hard). **Now on Soraka** You are dead wrong, her early game poke is among the strongest of Supoorts and she got more early game damage than most Mages, plus she also got great sustain while doing so. I regularly push something like an MF Brand combo right out of lane to the point were they don't dare to approach the minions for low health and fear of dying. Since you are alone in lane, you only need W for ganks, so just go QEWQQ. As for farming, it's harder to last hit, but that only needs practice, however your Q is an excelent farming tool when you lvl it first. **As for Alistar** Now he got no range, so you'll have to wave more CS, however he is extremely Sturdy and got AOE damage on his Trample (go QWEEE), avoid poke and keep the lane from aproaching your tower, improve your aoe with Cinder, try to save your Q for when they die and nail them down under tower, but use it when you really need more aoe damage to stop the minions.
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Frostmane (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=QtEHFZ2A,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-14T06:42:11.333+0000) > > I'm a 90's kid... > > Forgive me Frostmane, for I have sinned by not being born a generation earlier :'-( I was born in 1988, but we grew up watching 80's and 90's stuff. My mother ensured I was well prepared for pop culture. She even had us watch the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica with Lorne Green which was sooooooo cheesy. XD
And don't forget the 1966 Star Treck. THAT was cheesy. In fact the 90's TV in germany was all about reruns of top american shows.
Hintcraf (EUNE)
: I dont want to realy be "complaining" about it but i think that certain champs shouldnt be played on the roles they dont belong to,at least not on rankeds
This argument would have merrit if you weren't arguing that a LeBlanc supp beat your team. If it works in ranked then it belongs. You can't say "no, no you don't belong in that role you are too good at it"
: Man, my jokes are getting way too hightech because no-one gets them.
That actually wasn't meant as a response to you, but one above. Doesn't mean I got the joke either though.
: If he's blind, he must be playing League with a touch screen.
nah, my news page is just broken, It actually doesn't show me the titles with the dates. So I only got the infos "Snowdown now!" and "Legendary snowball during Snowdown" no date specified.
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: New jungle item and Fiddlestick - Feedback (Complaint?)
Fiddle is strong enough in the Jungle, a lot of fiddle don't even build Magus until later. And most Junglers don't get six items a game. Not having magus wont hurt fiddle. And Cinderhulk synergizes with Dread and Abyssal.
: From a main Soraka I must say that you are completly wrong and you don't really know how to use her. 1. Of course people will focus you, but If they focus you instead of the ADC they will suffer, stay behind your adc and heal. > 2.Poor desing -Sorry but %hp as a resource? In early its not a problem but later you will die eventually. Build no hp -> You are super squishy, Buy som hp -> still squishy cause you will be healing less than you will sacrifice your own hp. Oh and one more thing. Her passive ... with that short range, you will save none. You know, If you don't have a long range in order to heal how about you use more movement speed ? Not that difficult right ? {{item:3069}} {{item:3284}} {{item:3504}} and congratulations you'll have around 450 movement speed, with that you can heal and retreat before someone really focus you (again, Soraka is not a tank so all you have to do is stay a bit behind your team), also the Health % heal is not a bad thing since you're supposed to know when you can and cannot go heal, If the range of the heal would be 1200 It would be pretty unfair and OP. The silence is good, you just don't know how to use it in TF, with that silence you can stop an assassin from making their full combo or even stop them completly If you react fast enough, If you silence during a big TF they will have to chose between running away in order to use skills again and not being root of stay and AA even if rooted, If you really want to root someone it simple: Don't play Soraka and play Threst instead, because the only time you'll be able to root someone is when you have to run away, Let's say {{champion:1}} is ganking your bot and you must root her.... all you have to do is put the silence a bit ahead of her wich will stop her because If she goes in she will be rooted and If she doesn't you'll have time to escape safely. Soraka is not weak, you just don't know how to play her. If what you've said was true then she would have a bad win rate and I would have a shitty score with her in my last 2 ranked game: 0/2/25 : Victory 1/3/20 : Victory And since I'm not a pro it means that she's far from weak.
Former Soraka main here, most of what you say is correct, but: Her E is bugged! It doesn't silence properly, there is a huge delay on it, especially when the enemy walks in after it has been laid down, but sometuimes even when I directly hit people with it. For example if you lay it down to stop an approaching assassin they sometimes are able to kill before they get silenced.
: still it wasn't about the nasus jungle, but the lane swap thing =P lol what do you mean i have to kill the big guy? doesn't small jungle monster give stacks..? i'm pretty sure i have taken krugs and had 9 stacks...... when you mention it.. maxing e probably is smarter..... every level of q only increase the dmg by 20.... rather have that 30 armor reduction =P i know cinder hulk is the better opption =P i just like have 150 extra magic dmg on every q x) i said that the point of that build was to get as much dmg on one q as possible =P
sry been a while, what im meant is that you only have 9-12 stacks, instead of 18-24 like you can get from a wave. and it takes time to take the big mobs down, So you cant use siphon every time it is off cooldown, Simply because there is no mob to finish and reducing cooldown is pointless. I don't max E though, three levels is enough to solo dragon at 5 (or was before they buffed dragon) then I max W for ganking.
: Weird possible new meta?
It's nice way to play Nasus, and should work great in duo que or premades. Anyway you tried jungling Nasus the wrong way to beginn with, you don't stack fast no matter what you do (have to kill the big guy), so don't max Q. Get two or three levels in E instead for fast clears to get your items. Then get W for ganks. Only get Q once you come out of the Jungle to push. I wouldn't get Devourer either, he is already stackign enough. Get Cinderhulk for his ult.
: EUW Server Failure?
Same here just got disconnected mid match and cant reconnect no matter what I try. Btw since the Game doesn't seem to exist anymore, it shouldn't affect your series.
: Mystery Skin Give Aways (EUW)
Good thing I figured out today that EU has a seperate board from NA (;

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