xilien (EUW)
: ... Does anyone really care? Why did you feel you needed to announce to the entire boards that your not going to play mid anymore?
... says the same fggt who cries for adc buffs 1 post above. top kek
BexXz (EUW)
: nope, im not new.. i played since season 1. 3 dia accounts.
Then you should know he will never get reasonable nerfs cause every time rito intended to gut him all the fanboys maining him threw so much of a tantrum that rito gave up on it.
TBadger (EUW)
: "We have rolled out potential fixes for the matchmaking issues in Ranked." But what about normals?
> [{quoted}](name=TBadger,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=78Gct8Rg,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-23T14:07:34.974+0000) > >since the start of the pre-season. Wat? Normal matchmaking has been shit since I started League in late S1.
: Make Sona's Passive To Not Be Activated When Hitting Plants In Jungle
: Why is Shadowfire Kindred 1350RP ?
Cuz ~~Rito game~~ Tencent want that sweet moneymoneycashcash from you
Farce (EUNE)
: Yeah, that might actually be pretty hilarious. Although I don't see it in game anywhere except as a complete joke.
1st of April 2017, rito better make it happen
Farce (EUNE)
: WE NEED MOAR DIVERSITY, SO WE DON'T HURT ANYONE'S FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!! Yup, we totally need to show that grannies can fight for death too and it's totally all not forced just to be more PC... Altho I admit it would be funny to see a counterpart of Annie joke tossed on a completely raped Darius.
Look I'm the first one to hate on PC bullshit but the shits&giggles you get from seeing granny flailing a rolling pin around while chasing 5 idiots must be pretty awesome.
Macilento (EUW)
: My band's new album just came out!
I'll have to say ... the fuck? The intro gets you all exited about the action there's gonna be and then this ... thing happens (first song). I guess it's intentional? As for the whole album, definitely needs more metal imo but that's just personal taste. Seems well done technically though.
: Why on earth did riot think it was a good idea to buff assassin's?
> [{quoted}](name=Bassintheface,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yTeLhHmN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-18T10:02:28.630+0000) > > Every counter we get, steraks and qss Riot decides to nerf it [...] Steraks was meant for and mostly used by Juggernauts until the botlane bitches aka ADCs realized how much cancer they could spread by abusing it.
: The hypocrisy of LCS sheep...the Quasus case study.
I think you may understand how I felt early this year when everyone started spamming {{item:3512}} after I've been (ab)using it since it came out. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Rioter Comments
: Alright I'll give it to you that matchmaking trying to force 50% winrate is Bullcrap, **but** 1. It's nowhere near as bad as you describe it 2. If you step up your game, you can carry the dumbasses matchmaking hands you I peaked at 70-80% winrate on multiple accounts somewhere in Gold, and I'm not even good at this game.
So I looked up your match history and thought I'd hand out some tips just in case. - Deaths. Don't collect them like crazy, hell some games look like you went int feeding. Also, how exactly would considering the KDA for ranking help you if yours often is godawful? - CS. You need to be >8/min as a solo laner. Strongly correlated to deaths, every minute in gray screen loses you 12 CS. - Pink wards. Nice to see you buy them, keep that shit up. - Champions. Don't play a fuckton of them, select a few mains and play the shit out of them. You'll be surprised what kind of stuff you can pull off once you really understand the champion you're playing. And if you're trying to reach a particular rank: Spam rankeds, you'll probably get there even with 50% winrate.
Proctima (EUW)
: The elephant in the room
Alright I'll give it to you that matchmaking trying to force 50% winrate is Bullcrap, **but** 1. It's nowhere near as bad as you describe it 2. If you step up your game, you can carry the dumbasses matchmaking hands you I peaked at 70-80% winrate on multiple accounts somewhere in Gold, and I'm not even good at this game.
: Nope, people's overreliance on buzz words have just made the definition of those buzz words unclear. **Example of what isn't considered "BM":** Showing off your flair after a kill or a good play. (equivalent to celebrating a goal after scoring it; perfectly sportsmanlike and just an expression of happiness) **Example of what is considered "BM":** [All]: lol easy noob get rekt (equivalent to mocking your opponent after scoring a goal; intent on insulting them rather than expressing your own joy) There's no "pussifying" involved there. It's just a very simple behavioral guideline to follow if you're above the mental age of 12 and understand how basic human interaction works. tl;dr no you can't get punished for showing off your flair after a kill.
> [{quoted}](name=Hide on küsh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UKeipQwx,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2016-10-13T20:40:54.722+0000) > There's no "pussifying" involved there. Oh my sweet summer child... Do you know there once was a time where trashtalking wasn't considered 'toxic' cause not everyone was an oversensitive little bitch? Nowadays you got players afraid of risking a ban cause there might be a possiblity that there could be a scenario in which they maybe hurt some feelings. Pussification is exactly what happened.
Arubisuu (EUW)
: If my mates die or if I kill someone I use the INTZ! emblem
So Riot managed to pussify this community to an extend where players are afraid of getting banned for BM. Wow. Goddamned why can't I find a way to overcome the addiction this game has become, it's been going downhill for years yet I always have to come back {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Garen Q and statikk shiv interaction
I think this happens cause the Q animation takes 65 bazillion years to end and apply the spell's effects but shiv thinks it's a normal AA so it procs after the usual AA animation time. I can even suggest an easy solution: DON'T MAKE THE Q ANIMATION LAST 65 BAZILLION YEARS FFS RITO PLIS {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Dear my jungler and my ADC
Yeah how would you like to play w/o a jungler then, cause I'll be too busy trying to recover from your 'help'. God I can already see the chat 10 min ingame: *enemy double* adc(0/5/0): omg report jungle no help their jungler ganked 5 times {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: 6300 Champs for 5100
Ahem you forgot one crucial point: In Order for this strategy to work reliably, you have to own this little shit {{champion:17}} which means you deserve to be murdered in the most gruesome way imaginable.
Nolex (EUNE)
: "like plat is high elo..." well, your sarcasm and trashtalk wont bring u there, be sure.. btw plat5+ eune ur in 10% of top players.. Enjoy your ~1000 elo :D (no offense) ahahha
> [{quoted}](name=Genja007,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2f3aMt2E,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-08-12T22:17:38.814+0000) > > "like plat is high elo..." well, your sarcasm and trashtalk wont bring u there, be sure.. btw plat5+ eune ur in 10% of top players.. Enjoy your ~1000 elo :D (no offense) ahahha Almost every ranked I play is a complete fuckfest full of stupidity and Bronze worthy plays. I'm in promo to Plat2 with above average MMR, op.gg says I'm in top 4% of EUW. So I think I can make the claim that Plat indeed isn't high Elo and the guy is right.
: I would gift you teemo just to spite you {{champion:17}}
Go ahead, it's not like I can simply message the support again. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Shouldnt there be a way to get rid of unwanted runes?
You can always message the support and ask them to remove content from your account. Thats how I got rid of this lil shit here {{champion:17}}
My Syndra (EUNE)
: Let's talk about Garen
If you manage to get fucked by one of the most useless champs in the game atm, you deserve it. Seriuosly how fucking bad do you even play if a goddamn Garen can rek you? I mean it's not like he can pull some stupid 2k range gapcloser like some assassins do, the only thing he can do is run at you. And it takes exactly 1 movement impairment to stop him from that. 1 fucking ability and he is 100% useless. tl,dr: git gud, stop whining how weak champs are 'op'
The Yukeh (EUW)
: Attitude issue - betting on someone feeding or not.
So speculating whether a lane will feed is toxic now? Wow. Do you maybe want a safe space where no evil being triggers you poor little soul? Yes? Then you should gtfo of League.
: taric stun change
3s AoE stun seems totally fair, no objections. Kappa
bococro96 (EUNE)
: Dont be afraid of Taric's Ulti
Friendly or enemy Taric? Cause if I see a Taric ult on an enemy Vayne or something alike, you know I will start running for my life.
: Sorry papa :( , Pls no spank. I'll edit it.. I just thought u were picking on me hehe. But as i stated in my original post, I agree with u. Riot calls it illegal, this is the second time i show proof that it's happening. ^^ don't call me dense, im so used to getting flamed at as jungler that i take all the blame xD
Holy crap now it looks like I just completely lost it O.o Aight, it's editing time
: Ye.. It's a bit sad to see eloboosting happen, yet you can't do anything about it as a player. Making ppl who are actually worth the same rank getting there way slower or having ppl at the same rank having these kinds of ppl in their game which will prolly result in a loss. Oh well, as i said above, my previous account was way higher then this one. I was just pointing out the flaws.
~~JESUS CHRIST are you this fucking dense?~~ ~~ITS THE PLATINUMS THAT ARE BOOSTED!!!!!!~~ ~~Did you understand me now?~~ Content no longer needed kek
Hansiman (EUNE)
: ELO is a system mainly designed for 1v1 matches. It comes from the system that Chess uses. While it has its obvious strengths, it doesn't actually fit well into team games. MMR compensates for this, and is an improvement on the ELO system when it comes to team games.
Doesn't matter if it's Elo or MMR, my point is that your number which the system uses to match you should be your rank, not some Division-LP-system which is only loosely tied to that number.
: The irony of the MMR-system
1. Divisions mean nothing when your MMR is shit/godlike ~~and it's good that way~~ and that's one of the reasons why I'll never understand why they felt the need to throw the Elo system overboard 2. Plat5 accounts playing vs Silver1 w/ 55% winrate? I smell boosting.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Pragmatic answer to "I'm good, but my teams are bad"
> [{quoted}](name=kurnubego,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=%%%%eXM7,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-23T15:26:09.153+0000) > > Great stat to look at is Kill participation. If it's around 40%, no matter how good you think you are, you flat out play bad. Meh. I (at least used to) often run down unattended lanes and either take the lane turrets or force enemys to come stop me in which case I just gtfo. This often results in low kill participation (sometimes down to 20%) but gets objectives taken. Bad play?
: sion decimating smash indicator
Yep, that hitbox is broken as fuck as I was reminded today. Picture the following situation: A fight in the area around a fallen turret. Sion charges his Q and the indicator stops inside the turret ruin. I stand a little bit away from the turret on the other side, so theres clearly visible space between me and Sion's Q. I get knocked up, gg ez instant tilt.
candoodle (EUW)
: racist and offensive club tags
Lol u mad? But seriously can we grow about about all this 'offensive this' and inappropriate that' nonsense? Look: Shit Fuck %%%% Did you die? Did you get hurt? Yeah I thought so.
: My god.... http://i.imgur.com/6A3Szl7.jpg
Eveninn (EUW)
: Dear boards, first time in my life I spewed major flame.
Damn you got me. Take my kudos and my upvote. Btw, which is the name of the 'shop' that dares not selling Fanta?
Sindya (EUW)
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
Alright got my ID: cSQ6M9zCqT And a critical thought: In some panels a character asks the likes of 'what can we do' so you propose a solution, only to find the character asking for a solution in the next panel. Got me confused a bit. It would be generally nice to have dynamic reactions to your entrys, although I'm aware that's probably not possible. But they way it is there are some weird conversations simulated.
Fernanix (EUW)
: boosted?
If it's true that he feeds in all his ranked games he isn't boosting anyone.
: It probably would be too strong. Thing is, Thornmails' counterplay is that you can build lifesteal to negate/mitigate the return damage. Outside of Death's Dance, there is no way to truly mitigate the return damage on abilities.
Well there is Hextech Revolver, but that only makes sense on few champs. But it would be awesome to have any kind of buff on thornmail tbh, right now every time i have 300 armor with thornmail it doesn't do shit to people who attack me --> useless
: Well it's also a pain to kill a Vayne when she stealths every second, it's also a pain to kill a Caitlyn because of her range, it's also a pain to kill Ezreal when he blinks away. She is **underpowered** and deserves the buff. Normal damage on her autoattacks wouldn't make her the top-pick adc, but it would **help** her. You **CAN** one-shot her. And that is why she isn't picked at all. She has kiting potential, but every champ in this game has a gap-closer, which makes the passive semi-useless (not completely). She needs to have decent kiting, and decent damage. Compare her to Vayne. Vayne can kite with her Tumble, and Kalista has her passive. But what makes Vayne so popular this patch is that she has both damage, and kiting potential. Kalista lacks the damage part.
Vayne consists of 100% pure cancer, you can buff any adc with the argument 'but look at Vayne'. Caitlyn can use her net once and is vulnerable afterwards. Ezreal can use his shit once and is vulnerable afterwards. Kalista keeps to shoot AAs on you while getting a free half-flash with every one of them, that's 1+ flash every second once she gets 2+ AS. Good luck catching her w/o a bullshit kit that has 6500 dashes itself in your hands.
: Should Kalista get her passive back...
No no no and ten times no. Hell no. Do you have an idea how much of a pain in the ass it is to kill this bitch when you can't literally oneshot her? She needs to have a (imo huge) tradeoff for that.
Zaddok (EUW)
: Interboard Tournament
So the board you can play for is the one you are active on, right? For example, I would be able to try and play for the English board although it's my second language?
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: It doesn't matter who you are facing in your elo. If you're silver 3, your team and enemies will be around silver 3 skill level, even if they're gold4-5, it means they lost many games and they're playing badly. You'll notice gold 3-4's are better than silver 3-4s when **you** will actually reach that rank.
Bullshit, when you are Silver3 and got the mmr of Gold5 you will play against other ppl with Gold5 mmr, so your games are not 'skill level' Silver3
Koneic (EUNE)
: Fiora or Lux ult hitbox
Yeah her ult is bullshit, if you visually dodge it you will take dmg, but stand in the middle of it and you don't get a scratch. Annoying as fuck both when playing as Lux and against her.
: That one annyoing thing
U mad? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Why cancer?
'Oh, you tried to have a fun lane with that beefy champ of yours, let me just ruin your game real quick by bringing my ranged bullshit top lane which has the counterplay of you waiting at your turret for the wave to push in while I use every opportunity to piss you off and then run away like the bitch I am when you decide to man up and fight me.' Cancer. ^inb4 'l2p' I know how to play such matchups and it's pretty much the opposite of fun
: Dear diary
What you expect top: {{champion:31}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}} etc, epic battles What you get: {{champion:69}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:67}} etc, %%%%% hit&run shit Looks like cancer is growing stronger every day
: I don't understand how this can happen.
That's exactly why i hate this champ. No matter how much you outplay him, in the end he WILL get you cause why the fuck not. Sure he becomes kinda useless later in the game if you manage to not feed him but the first 10-20 minutes you're in for an awful time
: Please give me some tips.
Imo it's all about the right mindset, you have that you will automatically improve. Here's what I do: **Focus on yourself** Botlane feeding? Midlane 0/5? Jungler lvl3 at 6 minutes? Toplane crying and flaming instead of playing? All that doesn't matter. Only thing that matters is what you do to win this game. Don't waste your time trying to help a feeder, farm up and rek some bitches when the time is right. **Blame yourself** Whatever happened in a particular game, don't waste your time thinking about those idiots in your team, instead look out for YOUR mistakes and what YOU could have done better to win the game. I know there are those games you just cannot win no matter what you do, but im certain you will find mistakes of yours that you can avoid in the future if you focus on finding them instead of looking what others did wrong (answer's gonna be 'everything' anyway xD) **Educate yourself** This may sound boring, but learning how the game works can get you a long way. I like to put myself as an example: I haven't got those sick Faker mechanics and I don't dominate my lane opponent either most of the times, yet I managed to rank within the top 5% of EUW (according to op.gg). Only thing I did is learning what does and what doesn't win games, so I don't waste my time with stupid shit and therefor maximize my impact on the game. (Just to be especially clear I'm not trying to show off, I'm only trying to point out the value of learning how to manage the macro game) And most important: git gut {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Tet2 (EUW)
: The many things that annoy a toplaner
You summed it up pretty good. Worst of all imo is the overall boostedness when it comes to picking fights. Your sidelanes are pushed to 2nd/inhib turret and you already took down both outter mid turrets and there is neither baroon nor dragoon to take? You can bet your ass that your team is going completely fucking ham on the enemy team the instance they see them while you push out a sidelane and then flames you to oblivion and back after getting rekt 4v5 cause you would have got the insane objective of ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOTHING if you would have been there and won the fight. Platinum=Bronze \rant
: how should i lane against Olaf?
Alright let's give it a try. So basically Olaf wants to get in your face to screw you up big time, which leaves you 2 options: 1) Tell the motherfvcker to come at you by playing something that can screw HIM up big time. Darius is your friend I guess. 2) Embrace the cancer of top lane that is ranged bullshit. In this case you want to harass him but be able to gtfo once he's had enough and charges in to get you, so I guess the likes of a Quinn or Lissandra are good options. Or you can just go for Vayne cause why the fuck not, you've already decided you want to spread cancer. (In case you didn't notice, if you choose option 2 I will hate you and your kin until the end of my days) General tips for laning? -Don't get hit by his q -Don't give him easy hits on you when he activates w, kite back or just gtfo -Keep track of his cooldowns, when he has cd on e is the perfect time to go for a little cheese -DONT GET HIT BY HIS Q (srsly that shit's nasty, get hit once and you're in for a perma slow) -Once he hits 6, ALWAYS expect him to go berzerk on your ass, play accordingly -If possible, call your squad for a gangbang before he hits 6, without Ult he's super suspectible to ganks of you have CC (but don't underestimate the dmg he can still do, make sure everyone participating is pretty healthy or he could snatch a kill before going down) -Respect his sustain, 'even' trades are often not worth cause he fills his healthbar in no time from your minions. -If you know how to properly manage minion waves and don't give a damn about bot lane, bring ignite as a special surprise. You can use it to gut his sustain when going all-in, and a lot of players simply don't expect the extra damage because it's been tp-meta for 6500 years now. Can't come up with more right now, it's enough wall of text anyway. Feel free to ask questions. tl,dr: git gud ;)
UsefZ (EUNE)
: not mentioning the dmg from the blue card late game
yo is this D legend? pull out the blue cards, shits about to go down {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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