: i have 30+ accounts banned, ur 14 days is shit
Soon you will buy another computer or will change the game. Patience has some limitation. Permanent ban of account is much better than hardware ban :{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Perma ban
I report almost every other player's play (the reasons are many) and RIOT to judge whether to punish. This is a team game, not a game of complex players. For people like you have individual games in which you can do whatever you want. You do not understand that: -You broke the game for another 9 people -You lose the time of these 9 people -You often run off them from the game itself -You often using "smart tricks"(cheating), instead to trying to learn real tricks .. Besides swearing, I'm sure you broke up the games themselves. Otherwise I do not believe you have such a penalty. I was not sure these reports gives such result. I'm glad they work.
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