Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't understand upvotes and downvotes sometimes
80% is here to shit talk riot or anything, they are not looking for nice comments making this game seem halfway decent
: What new client?
They are releasing a new client
: fighting this company, what are you doing here commenting on others and ridiculing them? don't you have something better to do ;p
I mean he is just pointing out that you getting yourself banned didn't fix your addiction since you are still actively talking and 'fighting' Riot. Also not playing for 4 days isn't quitting an addiction. I wish a ban would make me quit but I would just play on smurfs
Trilink (EUW)
: It's literally 2 keys with a 1.5 second delay between the two of them. What? I really hope that's not the actual reasoning for it.
In pro play just that combo is better than most ults so the champ could literally be useful but still be picked because of the combo. In soloq u aint gonna win games with that combo
Blakex13x (EUW)
: to all the people complaining about this game.
Top posts on NA boards and top reddit posts do get the attention needed. This board however is kind of just a vent thing at this point
: yeah i didn't increase my honor level so the next punishment would of still been perma. oh well life goes on.
I'd see it as a great opportunity to quit the game, if it makes you toxic you should probably get away from it anyways. Everyone that I know so far that has quit the game feels way better
: Chat Logs To Brighten Everyones Day
I mean it doesn't just ignore your past offenses. If this was your first time it would probably be a chat restriction. 2nd time 14 day ban and 3rd time perma. Just unbind enter, problem solved
: because it is taken as an insult and misrespect, that all also what i dont get, it is why it is so hard to just respect each other in a pvp game,? why ppl need to do show off or tilt the other guy to feel good? that escape to my mind, and translater how dumb our society is.
Expecting people to be nice in todays society is just asking to get tilted/dissapointed, for sure online. Everyone is just rolling with it, if you want to be polite you should be, but if you are gonna get influenced so hard by other people online you will have a very very bad time
: another discussion about "ez"
I say ez nearly every game including losses. Still don't know why it's such a big deal, people getting mad at it only make it more enjoyable
sssShade (EUNE)
: TFT strategies and observations
I usually just spend early game getting my inventory full with tier 1 champs. After I get a few of that I start deciding which aim I will be going (early champs only have a few directions like: Void, wild, knight, noble, gunslinger). It's important to get a decently strong mid-game so you dont get trashed hard and die before getting a good late game comp. If I got a trist or vayne I hyper roll after kruggs, usually around 30ish gold and often getting a lvl 3 tier 1. If you have that you can usually survive mid-game and then you start deciding for your late game. What late game comps are best shift a bit but for me either assasins comp or tanky comp with a main carry does the trick. (Main carry usually a draven or asol) I do not like rushing levels at all, in my opinion having 5 lvl 2's is way better than 7 champs with only 2 lvl 2's (the synergies really don't do that much mid-game)
: Riot Employee replies on boards.
I mean there are only a few people from Riot responding because simply one person can't speak for the entire company. Sure a Riot employee can think TFT need balancing but he cant comment on anything until he knows stuff decided by the entire team
Haze97 (EUW)
: If League created a dating site.
I will int relationship so hard
: funny thing is if u look at the time zones, everything should be released in europe 6 hours before in america.
Welcome everyone to a brand new episode of "The most stupid comment of the week!" Im kidding, it should just be released at the same time not related to timezones
Honkler (EUNE)
: Jarvan's E>Q knock up doesen't work on jungle mobs and minions
In the patch notes they said they made the animation quicker, I guess they F'd something up and made it worse
: For me there is an option missig - do nothing. Learn to play against it..or ban him. You can't nerf him for top lane if you want to keep his support role alive as well. If you nerf his q, then he is useless for either lane. Riot nerfed him in the wrong area. With the W nerf he vanished from bot lane. Maybe they could reverse it and nerf his q instead from base dmg. That would work for support role and make him weak on top lane.
Nerf his passive so that he cant stack it with just his q's. To compensate you can give do something with his W on allies so he doesnt die in support. Just 'do nothing' because it would kill his 2nd best lane is just stupid imo. Balance champs around their strongest lane, not weakest ;)
: Honor System
People always honor the person that carries instead of the most sportsmanlike behaviour. In many cases the one carrying is automatically more honorable since most people shut up the entire game (if you have no way of judging personality the best player gets the honor). But in many cases I dont honor the one carrying simply because they were too cocky or toxic. The reward for people that carry is the LP, not some honors lmao
Lari (EUNE)
: Can someone tell me wtf is going on?
You got outjungled super hard and manage to cry about this? You lose vs a 15/1 plat 4 kha zix and complain? Like seriously sure your laners didnt do well but like literally all games some lane feeds. Why do people still whine about it, be happy u have a 5v5 these days even if someone is 0/7
: I thought saying "Kill yourself" was an instant ban?
Imagine being offended by 3 letters online
FixxeS (EUW)
: the system works, it's just that you need to get reported several times in several different games to do anything. this is meant to penalize frequent flamers, not someone just having a bad day and happens to release stress on chat... I can tell you that I had one day that was super stressful, I flamed in all chat, I got report x9 that game (or at least they all said they were gonna report me) and I didn't got punished, in counter part, I had a friend that would say noob or worst things in pretty much every game and he got permabanned after like 4 months of being chat restricted pretty much all the time.
You can get banned for 1 game if chat logs are detected. But you just wont see that happen if you avoid trigger words like die/%%% etc.
: Best feeling in the world
I always say Ez but more often when im losing than winning, no need to take anything serious most people just meming. In worst case u can always mute enemies at beginning of game :D
: Weather (aka fuc it's hot)
Can't sit in my room and play league with this weather, feelsbadman
Nukeman20 (EUW)
: Kai'sa on aram?
She is not even that broken? Could say the same about leblanc
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it that ARAM is the only gamemode where you can play without stressing?
The randomizing of champions allows for lower expectations of your team and yourself, which means less dissapointment and flame. If you are worried for being flamed, playing with friends is indeed a good idea. You can also try to mute everyone at the beginning of the game. You can always add me if you want to play!
: A question about ARAM tanking.
Teamfight comps are good, but since most tanks are weak and bruisers are strong those suffice as well. Sure Xerath Vel koz Lux Jinx Ziggs in theory have a really good team but without frontline its super weak. Have a mundo or irelia running infront can greatly increase your chances of winning. It is all about the balance tho, you still need reliable damage and range to survive early game, but you win late game with tanks
: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion
3 years I got someone banned who made death threaths in private chat, kinda always assumed it is punishable
: I rather fight 10 tahms in a row than the next boring little kid playing mages toplane and getting away with it because the balance team is braindead as hell
Yeah mages are totally the problem in top lane, not bruisers or Tahm sure sure
: add more mastery levels?
System based on grades is already garbage. On some champions its way easier to get an S compared to others. It should reward for playing a lot, not stuff like KDA
: Improvement idea: Make champion shards mass disenchantable
I spent an hour dissenchanting shards was quite grindy
Cypherous (EUW)
: That doesn't change that they are treated as 2 entirely different applications, the mutes aren't shared between them, mainly because ther eisn't actually a mute feature for the launcher, its a block feature which adds them to your blocked list, the ingame mute is only for that
I mean just because its seperate doesnt mean it's not connected. Just like the game injects the game scores and statistics to the client/post game lobby, it should also be able to inject who muted who
: is chogath the biggest void slut and why the answer is yes
: Rito, this is too much. (PBE changes for Akali)
They balance it around esport and in esport she was still a viable pick
: Hi everyone, The problem with a dodge is not that a dodge loses you LP or a game in your series, the problem is the trolling people who remain in your ranked que and destroy the game experience. I believe I have found the solution to getting bad behaviour and trolls out of League. I've been playing since 2012 and recently I tilted because I was too frustrated and got my first chatban since i'm playing. I'm not proud of this, and I'm not here to justify what i did, but there is a reason players tilt, I will not be the first nor last. I am a low elo player (Silver) and I have to work hard to get my LP up and get promo's. When you get trolling players in your team and you lose because of this, it makes your road so much harder. To win somebody always has to lose, I can get that, and I can accept a loss when its justified, but to lose because trolls is terrible. So here is my solution. When a player obviously TROLLED OR AFK and got reported for it, and this report gets varified, REFUND THE LP TO ALL THE TEAMMATES OF THE TROLL/AFK , BUT LET ALL THIS LP BE SUBTRACTED FROM THE REPORTED PLAYER. This way only the player responsible gets negative consequences. Doing this will take a lot of stress and frustration from other players, and in my opinion will make players less likely to tilt. Also this way, the trolling/toxic/afk players will drop in elo/rank. Now you can say, thats not honest to low elo/ranked players who are not afk/toxic/excetera... because now they will get grouped up with all the offenders... Also for this i have a solution: Offenders with more than 2 verified reports, go in a different elo system so they play with each other only. League of toxics. Or even better, offenders who keep doing it are locked out of ranked play and can only play normals. You are not denying them to play, but deny ranked to players with repeated and confirmed bad behaviour. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this idea. Grtz Ludwig
The problem is that inters can get away with 20-50 int games before getting banned (plenty of people have tried this)
: What a Great Game i had, all thanks to...
Yuumi is garbage against hard engage. Easy counterpick
: Debunking Shaclone claiming he is getting banned for no reason
This guy was loved by the community. Me and many others loved the gameplay and even personality. We knew he was a bit toxic sometimes but nothing more compared to other streamers. It was still enjoyable until a certain point. He became more and more upset with the game, literally just flaming everyone every video. His hate towards Riot became annoying and whiny. I got tired of it, unsubscribed. He lost many followers in those months and stopped the youtube thing after being banned. I don't know exactly what happened after that. He was def going too far and was worth getting banned. How it is now, I dont know. If he is still the same he should probably stay banned
Shamose (EUW)
: AD shaco sucks ass.
AD shaco is what Shaco has always been about for me, playing it in jgl, oneshot potential etc..
: 1- no he has no tits 2- dumb champ
Garda23 (EUNE)
: hes been trash since they reworked him
Outside that 3 month period where he was literally picked or banned in nearly every pro game and solid 53% winrate.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So is Luxanna's E OP, as it slows before the damage comes?
Lux's E has a travel distance. You can see it before it lands. Swain W appears out of nowhere, being insta would make it impossible to dodge. The same reason they removed most point and click stuns like old Taric E, they dont want too much cc without counterplay whatsoever.
Rioter Comments
DutchPro (EUW)
: Where is the Dutch one {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Wait nvm we actually learn more than 1 language
: > [{quoted}](name=DutchPro,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7Q4wdU7O,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-05-17T16:09:30.962+0000) > > Why does FR have a separate boards in the first place? Same reason DE, ES, and IT do : They make up a big enough proportion of the playerbase.
Where is the Dutch one {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: French forum is dead, long live the forum !
Why does FR have a separate boards in the first place?
DutchPro (EUW)
: e
: g
: searching g1-p5 for duo
Did you know he is **vegan**?!
: [Champion concept] Mr.Counter-It-All
This champion is impossible to balance imo. Profitting from CC either is super OP or super useless. Op when it enables you to kill a lot of people because dmg is decently high (can't be kited). Useless when it doesnt really do dmg so you can ignore that person and blow cc on the rest of the team. It's kind of like a hyper olaf ult, but they already took a lot of power out of his ult into the rest of his kit because no counters = not what league wants
Mártir (EUW)
: Bad experience for New players
Low lvl games are usually around 8/10 at least are smurf. They are by far the most toxic since most are just silver players who think they can 1v9 in low lvl games but end up just blaming everyone. I sometimes see first timers and feel super bad for them for getting totally smashed by smurfs and then get flamed by their silver smurfs team. It probably is bad for attracting new players but in a way does it ever change when you grow better at the game? Maybe its good to let them see this is what a shitty community is like (few players ruin it for the rest) so if you cannot handle it its better to know it early into the game than 1k hours in
: Exactly, ( % max HP true dmg ) is busted, there is no way to build/adapt against that.
I like how you agree but then your argument is literally the opposite haha
: Am I the only one who always banned none ? Here's the logic behind it : #A.) Banning a shit champ so you don't get it. ##Benefits : * More chances of getting an actual viable champ. * Less chances of getting a shit champ. ##Drawbacks : * Enemy has less chances of getting a shit champ * Enemy has higher chances of getting a viable champ. #B.) Banning an "OP" champ, so the enemy doesn't get it. ##Benefits : * Enemy has a higher chance of getting a shit champ * Enemy has a lower chance of getting an "OP" champ. ##Drawbacks : * You have a higher chance of getting a shit champ * You have a lower chance of getting an "OP" champ. **** So in the end, you're just limiting your chances of not getting a champ that you can win a game with, by banning OPs, and increasing the chances of getting a shit champ, that will get stomped by the enemy's average - non "OP" champ pool. If you play to win, banning is a stupid mechanic. ONLY possible benefit that I could see would be, banning a champ that you know for sure, that you can't play against. This wasn't the case with me, hence I made sure every single match, that me and my premade friends banned none.
I didn't ban to win, I ban to have more fun games. Playing vs a Xerath for me was actually so awfully boring, I always banned it. My chances of winning didn't go down because I would suck at Xerath. I rather have a fun game and lose than get poked out for 15 minutes and win
Salron88 (EUW)
: please remove %hp dmg from the game.
Yes you are right someone building no damage at all should be able to 1v1 a carry since they literally have no way to kill you
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