: 1- no he has no tits 2- dumb champ
Garda23 (EUNE)
: hes been trash since they reworked him
Outside that 3 month period where he was literally picked or banned in nearly every pro game and solid 53% winrate.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So is Luxanna's E OP, as it slows before the damage comes?
Lux's E has a travel distance. You can see it before it lands. Swain W appears out of nowhere, being insta would make it impossible to dodge. The same reason they removed most point and click stuns like old Taric E, they dont want too much cc without counterplay whatsoever.
Rioter Comments
DutchPro (EUW)
: Where is the Dutch one {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Wait nvm we actually learn more than 1 language
: > [{quoted}](name=DutchPro,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7Q4wdU7O,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-05-17T16:09:30.962+0000) > > Why does FR have a separate boards in the first place? Same reason DE, ES, and IT do : They make up a big enough proportion of the playerbase.
Where is the Dutch one {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: French forum is dead, long live the forum !
Why does FR have a separate boards in the first place?
DutchPro (EUW)
: e
: g
: searching g1-p5 for duo
Did you know he is **vegan**?!
: [Champion concept] Mr.Counter-It-All
This champion is impossible to balance imo. Profitting from CC either is super OP or super useless. Op when it enables you to kill a lot of people because dmg is decently high (can't be kited). Useless when it doesnt really do dmg so you can ignore that person and blow cc on the rest of the team. It's kind of like a hyper olaf ult, but they already took a lot of power out of his ult into the rest of his kit because no counters = not what league wants
Mártir (EUW)
: Bad experience for New players
Low lvl games are usually around 8/10 at least are smurf. They are by far the most toxic since most are just silver players who think they can 1v9 in low lvl games but end up just blaming everyone. I sometimes see first timers and feel super bad for them for getting totally smashed by smurfs and then get flamed by their silver smurfs team. It probably is bad for attracting new players but in a way does it ever change when you grow better at the game? Maybe its good to let them see this is what a shitty community is like (few players ruin it for the rest) so if you cannot handle it its better to know it early into the game than 1k hours in
: Exactly, ( % max HP true dmg ) is busted, there is no way to build/adapt against that.
I like how you agree but then your argument is literally the opposite haha
: Am I the only one who always banned none ? Here's the logic behind it : #A.) Banning a shit champ so you don't get it. ##Benefits : * More chances of getting an actual viable champ. * Less chances of getting a shit champ. ##Drawbacks : * Enemy has less chances of getting a shit champ * Enemy has higher chances of getting a viable champ. #B.) Banning an "OP" champ, so the enemy doesn't get it. ##Benefits : * Enemy has a higher chance of getting a shit champ * Enemy has a lower chance of getting an "OP" champ. ##Drawbacks : * You have a higher chance of getting a shit champ * You have a lower chance of getting an "OP" champ. **** So in the end, you're just limiting your chances of not getting a champ that you can win a game with, by banning OPs, and increasing the chances of getting a shit champ, that will get stomped by the enemy's average - non "OP" champ pool. If you play to win, banning is a stupid mechanic. ONLY possible benefit that I could see would be, banning a champ that you know for sure, that you can't play against. This wasn't the case with me, hence I made sure every single match, that me and my premade friends banned none.
I didn't ban to win, I ban to have more fun games. Playing vs a Xerath for me was actually so awfully boring, I always banned it. My chances of winning didn't go down because I would suck at Xerath. I rather have a fun game and lose than get poked out for 15 minutes and win
Salron88 (EUW)
: please remove %hp dmg from the game.
Yes you are right someone building no damage at all should be able to 1v1 a carry since they literally have no way to kill you
Voldymort (EUNE)
: the "League is dying" argument
Should probably look into how many of those accounts are smurfs and bots. I can only speak from personal experience, but I noticed people having more than 1 smurf being more and more normal now. The fact that you often only have around 1-2 non-smurfs in low lvl games also give me reason to believe there are a lot of smurfs. Outside that most people have never claimed that League is dying, but the 0.001% extremists that speak the loudest get heard
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Revert the logo change.
~~People are always relatively negative towards change, for sure with logo's~~
ASorrowZ (EUW)
: NEW Aram - Feedback and Discussion
**Bans** At first thought it would decrease amount of frustration like having to play against Ziggs Xerath (Not something you cant win, but being able to do nothing for 15 minutes not the most fun). But I dont know if it really makes a difference. Are games more even? Not really. Are people less likely to get mad at champions on enemy or our team? Not really, people will still cry. **Poke nerf** Good stuff **Backtrack** Fun, but not something permanent. It enables only a few champs to really use it, for the rest its really bad in my opinion. Kinda miss a barrier to deal with the heavy burst if you are playing a mage (heal can replace it, but outside that seems that nothing is really *that* good) Can't deny laughing when I see Skarner ult and go into their team with the spell. **Ghost's walkers** Bad, remove it. Only reason it sometimes works is because it can be hard to spot when someone is in the wall. Even adding something like for Kayn it would just be bad in most situations. **Mariner's vengeance** Interesting item. However it's so heavy reliant on situations that it doesn't really seem like an item that can be balanced. Its either op or garbage. When I try to explain it to first time Aram players I just say it's an Trynda ult+qss. Only really works well on assasins like Akali or late game hyper carries. In those situations its really beyond broken, but most games end too soon for it and high cd compensates a bit. Not really sure what to do with this item **Warmog** Fine **Runes** Haven't noticed anything huge, don't even know what's changed For the rest the overall state of aram is still bad. It's just too shifted towards poke in the early game 10-15 minutes, late game frontline with tanks/bruisers becomes too good. But in around 85% of the games I can predict who wins by simply looking at the team comps. Still go to aram just to untilt and have fun, even in shitty matchups
: Would rather URF without A. but why leave the slot empty? They could just rotate game modes
Pretty sure they will be giving us some new rotating game modes this year ^^
Rioter Comments
: It's not so much anonymity as that it's harder to talk shit about someone to their face. How many times have you talked badly about someone behind their back but wouldn't dare to say it to their face. I think that part of the problem is that there is a rift between the generations. A lot of parents never had the wide range of Internet access that the current generation of children have. I've seen children as young as 3 years old using tablets, and most school children have their own phones with full Internet access. That was never the case when I was at school (mobile Internet didn't exist when I was a child for example). The problem is that the current generation of parents don't fully understand what the dangers of that are, meaning they don't teach their children how to properly behave on the Internet. I would love to see a push for more education on Internet etiquette and proper use, both from parents and schools.
The amount of shit talk in real life is like 2% of what I shit talk online, even behind people's backs. Can't deny that being behind a computer screen makes it a hell of a lot less awkward to flame compared to in someone's face.
: nah that's not as funny to lose like that :/
I had fun as cleanse ghost shaco
: Assuming that all League Players are Male
This has nothing to do with league. People have been calling "guys" to adress a group including boys and girls for ages. "Let's go boys!" is the same as let's go guys. Guys doesnt actually mean guys but just adressing a group. Not sure why 'guys' (jongens in my language) became a word to adress a group, instead of 'ladies' but from what I know everyone got used to it. PS: Dude for adressing 1 person has also become something, which is more weird when you call a girl dude. It's just more a catch phrase.
: i'm a girl and i always say stuff like 'gg boys' 'wp lads' just because i can
: My first time
You can just get fed but ff 15 ;p
: [League of Iron] Iron quality
You should try find something original. This has been milked out so much already, just look at Wood division series.
: The WAY you play defines you as a support, NOT the champion you play. Any champion with CC in their kit can be played as a support as long as you use your abilities to protect and enable your teammates. That is the difference between a support and a carry. A Carry uses their abilities to save themselves, whereas a support uses their abilities to save their teammates. For example, most Ziggs players will mostly save their W as a personal escape ability, but if you are playing him as a support you might need to use it to peel for your adc instead.
Actually no. There are quite a few levels of what people consider support. Some levels of what people consider support. -1. Shielder that literally protects the adc (Janna, Soraka etc.) -2. Support that protects but also enables the adc (Braum, Morgana etc.) -3. Support that can engage, heavy cc champions usually (Alistar, Thresh, Nautlis etc.) -4. High dmg support that can mainly does dmg but also has some decent cc (Zyra, Vel'koz) -5. High dmg support that does dmg but doesnt provide 'much' cc (Ziggs, Xerath) Where the line is for some players depends. Most consider the first 3 supports, since last season I think 4 has also got its safe place. But some consider only 1 actual supports and the rest troll picks. Where you put the border is really just what conclusions you made based on personal experience and opinions of others. But the actual definition of a support is not what it does in the team. Sure maybe a dmg support like Ziggs isn't that good teamcomp wise, but that doesnt mean its not a viable support. What supports are: A support can help win the game **without farming**, unlike all 4 other 'lanes'. That's why you don't see a Katarina support, she relies on gold to be useful. Champions like Brand don't really need much gold to do a lot of dmg. Tanky supports don't need many items to be useful. Shielders don't need many items to be useful. People will always say they know what's best in the teamcomp, but the only thing that defines a support is that they can be reliable without gold. Warding has become a part of that after the support item turns into that and if you don't rely on gold you might as well spend it on wards.
: Let me introduce you to my mother!
: The Death Recap screen really needs an update and bugfixing
https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/q/ask-riot-league-client-update-and-death-recaps https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/a11shz/death_recap_and_riots_response/
Xiley (EUNE)
: Voice Chat
I mean the company takes the blame for a toxic community, as long as they are typed words no one really cares that much. Spoken words hold more value to them and other companies, maybe they dont want to even give toxic people a chance to speak their flame. Either way I mute chat anyways and I would perma mute vc as well, pings is enough.
: Bit off topic but: who else is excited for international men's day this November? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jFuueG_A6k They're gonna make a video celebrating it... right?
BROTHER I CELEBRATE EVERY DAY CUZ EVERY DAY IS MAN DAY. I basically scream from joy when I can pee standing up
: Find clash teammates on League of Legends EUW Discord!
Hey still weird bug it seems I can't join the server. Must be some weird mistake. For sure broken invite link
NeptuneXI (EUNE)
: Ban threats!
Actually doesnt matter if you are playing with 4 premades. If all 4 report you or you report one of them its the same result. Amount of reports dont influence anything, Riot said this. Chat logs just get checked and that decides if u or them gets punishment
: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_of_missing_out You are definitely not alone in this.
Fomo works for negative experiences aswell
Mártir (EUW)
: People abuse the "Int/Inting" concept
It's just a meme. A pro player dies once and his friends are like "dude you're inting". That's the joke
: Really Rito? (Bounty System)
Bounty system is the wrong way of fixing the problem. Games are decided in 15 minutes, and bounty system is literally the only thing that keeps it from being even worse. But this is not the way
: To prove that Better bot wins I will only play adc and support to get to gold (top camille opt)
Well support is the easiest role to climb with imo. You dont get punished as hard for mistakes compared to the other players, however trade off is that with a bad adc it becomes really really hard to win. That being said you could just as easy get to gold with any role tbh xD
: Can we all agree that better bot wins?
As a support main I agree and disagree. If you win bot hard you usually win the game yes. But that is only if you like get 2-3 kills, all turret plates and cs lead. The point about this is is that the jgler can leach of your lead from bot (I can roam so much easier when we win bot) so bot win influences jgl and mid aswell. But this is the scenario where you win really hard. I lost bot twice my last two games and won both. Mid and jgl get a lead and can start dominating enemy jgl > enemy jgler useless which makes winning just as easy as when winning bot. Bot lane does influence the game more, but there are also two players. I would say adc/support and jgl/mid have around the same impact on the game
Haze97 (EUW)
: It is next to impossible to carry most low elo teams.
Some guy went 97-0 from iron 4 ruined mmr to gold 1
Shamose (EUW)
: The LCL just had it's first ALL FEMALE Team play.
Forcing a female team to play is exactly the opposite of what Riot is trying to achieve for gender equality. I honestly wouldnt give a shit if one of the teams on the pro scene had a girl on their roster. I only care about how they play. By forcing this female team you instantly lose that factor of "gender shouldn't matter".
: My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.
: Ofc they point out your mistakes, wtf? If im playing football and I randomly try to go for goal and miss because the better option would have been to pass to someone that was open and had a clear shot then my coach and team will flame the shit out of me for not passing. Pointing out mistakes is part of improving at things and if you can’t take it then just don’t play competetive games/sports because you won’t survive a second. You show that you don’t want to improve by seeing it as a negative when people point out your mistakes, and you did the right thing by quitting the game, however there is still aram and normal in which you get 80% less toxicity because no one actually gives a shit in those gamemodes.
You wouldn't start talking trash to 10 year olds playing football would you. Because there is a skill difference. Some don't care that much for becoming a pro player, some just haven't played football a long while, MOST just play to have fun. This is the same on League. Players may be older but still the same reasons for them to be worse than challengers apply. Also OP is talking about just flame, not just "pointing out mistakes"
Rioter Comments
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Yep, here we go. The fact that tanks being great picks counts as a problem is just ridiculous. Tanks only exsist in LCS because there they know how to clap a Riven on top as a team, but in casual games you literally cant get any higher than Plat on top if you play only tanks, and its not the team reliance, its that they get topped by every single fighter, and you literally have to hope that you survive under your tower when that Jax pushed the lane (or just go with the flow and become a Riven/Irelia/Jax main on top)
Wow tanks lose to a champion category. Yes it's so bad that tanks have counters!!! Let's go back to season 5, you need 3 tanks in your team, all of them can destroy any squishy without having to build dmg or give up any defensive stat. In this meta you can go without a bruiser, you can go without an assasin, you can even go without an adc. And yes currently you can have a team without a tank, just like all the others. But somehow we should go back to tank meta where having a minimal of 2 tanks is a MUST to even have a chance. In this meta doing something other than playing around your adc (the only counter to a tank, at least of the adc has 4 people peeling) is just a free lose. I say no thanks, keep the flexibility
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Can we fix tanks?
I feel like they are setting up for another tank meta sadly. Ornn and Sejuani already great picks without tank items buffed. Buffing adc's armor pen usually indicates they might need it. Guessing mid season we will have another terrible tank meta!
igamlac (EUW)
: MMR and Matchmaking
In my games teams are usually pretty balanced. It's way too easy to climb with 30 lp for win and like 15 for lose. Reset literally didn't put me in a lower division
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Don't say it can't be fixed from the user side before you tried.
Marissa (EUW)
: They won't punish the ones that do try to win - since these types of Smurfs usually quickly rise to the elo they're supposed to be in. As long as they keep to the summoners code, riot won't punish players for smurfing. They do, however, punish smurfs that intentionally lose games to remain in low elo on low mmr. This is the kind of Smurfs OP is talking about in his ticket I believe :).
Ah okay, well it's kind of irrelevant if the person intentionally trying to lose is a smurf in that case. They should be punished either way
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: When you put it like that it's a different story. A "laggy" client would be described as freezes, glitches, etc etc. What is happening when you click lock in and the animations and the buttons react accordingly BUT it takes time before it actually locks in would be described as latency issues/packet loss. Usually occurs due to heavy traffic on your router(someone may be using your internet to download something) which can spike up a very high ping at random times. Other possibilitirs may be high traffic on your ISP causing lags directly from your ISP... Thus not really a problem with you, but it is infact your problem, not riot's It makes quite a lot of sense that the client has a connection issue somewhere in the path along the way to the server(which riot can help you with) while ingame they don't exist because the game server and client server are different servers with different ips and different paths. Bottom line, contact riot directly to investigate your issue. It could be a whole lot of reasons.
You continue to blame it on my internet because of idk personal grudge or something. My internet is great, my internet provider does have malfunctions a few times a year, but stable and great connection. No game, no program, nothing that requires internet ever has lag like this. It's the client's fault. No other client of any game has it yet me and MANY other players (a fact u fail to understand) experience the same laggy client. Sure Riot doesn't do it intentionally. But it's the connection that is the problem, which can't be fixed from user side. If they can run a game flawless I am sure they can run a client aswell (way easier usually)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Some skins just make me lean back and be speechless due to how beautiful they are
Im usually too busy admiring the low mental capacity of players in my team who intentionally feed
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