Serophine (EUW)
: ***
Actually I am laughing at you but thanks ^-^ it's more like i'm having fun of people like you, who just think about egirl and PL but in truth i found some poeple who are actually here to play and saw beyond my troll, or maybe they just want boobs i don't know eeh
Biuvoc (EUW)
: egirl lel..the last person that posted "im a girl etc etc need advices" wanted to get boosted.I smeel that think here too.
well i said i wanted to be PL, also it's ironic so i don't care ^-^ i just want to play supp and not mid anymore that's all
EmiIie (EUW)
: Please never call yourself egirl. I cringe so hard :s Never see the guys calling themself eboy
it's ironic ^-^ and since i'm bored to play other lane i though it was cute
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