for years, aatrox has been at the bottom of the pick list and low on win rates, he's been a champion people have begged a rework for for decades, his design has not been changed for three centuries and his concept is older than the gods of old. riot, the cult bringing this winged demon into the rift of summoners have planned his rework for months, finally revealing a teaser for what is to come, but out of the shadows come a man who with six simple words put a stop to riots plans, a man who singlehandedly defeated the evil of reworks. this man will be remembered, and will go down in history. steliosstabs, our savior, our prometheus ~~or woman idk~~
it will come some time DURING the patch. this could be the very second the patch drops or 2 minutes before the next patch, or just some time in between
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: You need more edits in the thumbnail. Perhaps a sneaky cosplay or Logan Paul screaming. Also use RED arrows, not blue.
and a longer 3D flashy intro. 11 seconds isnt enought it needs to be at least 20
Voidner (EUNE)
: This should be in the jokes section
except i kinda want this lol. taking something so stupid as urf and making it serious with ranked
Startevo (EUW)
: I logged in.. but then ADDITIONAL VERIFICATION REQUIRED In order to protect your account, we need you to enter the code we've emailed you at the following address: 4cr*****************@g**.la but that is from the service grr.la.... but im logged in with my password what is this .... Please delete my data from your databases or do i need to complaint at EU parlement?
> do i need to complaint at EU parlement? lol just send a support ticket. this is open forum boards
: A bit disapointed that rito didn't think of that
: Ultimate skins are great but...
they make one ultimate skin per season i think, and legendaries come every now and then. it's well balanced me thinks
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Or when someone gets autofilled to a lane and says they can't play it and want your lane, so you're okay with it and give them your lane and then they end up losing the lane, feeding and dragging the team down during teamfights.
yea thats also frustrating but, everyone can have a bad match. it's not written in stone that you were gonna win that lane, right?
: is flaming on someone who is intentionally feeding wrong?
look at it in black and white. someone breaks a rule, is it okay for you to break a rule to verbally assault someone? no. flaming can never be justified, no matter the case
: These Players Annoy Me.
or when someone insists on playing top but their only top lane champion is yasuo and refuse to try something new from the free to play pool, im feeling you
: trying to find new name for league of legends
personally i like your current one. i like short, straight to the point names, without numbers or underscores, and without breaking the fourth wall by trying to be "funny names" like "ashekillsall" for ashe one tricks or whatever so i'd just say stick to your current one but if you really want a new sum name, i'd say at least go in the same style you already got
ZuzieX (EUW)
: so what rakans asked her are u going to marry me and she replys ask me tomorrow so how about the skins are lit so they have to come :) and btw **SIGH** back :) {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
nothing you wrote made sense. "so what rakans asked her are u going to marry me and she replys ask me tomorrow" and "so how about the skins are lit so they have to come" doesnt connect in any way neither answers the question, **what would the skins be like** you can't just say "the skins will be lit and have to come", if you present a concept you have to tell us what they're going to be like, what would the animations be. not just "i think this would be cool because my bf said so" but in 6 rows of text.
ZuzieX (EUW)
: Rakan & Xayah Skin
> and i was like :o OMG YES sigh all rakan and xayah skins are partner skins, that's literally their theme and they've already got a new set of skins. what would the skins be like?
jetztpiep (EUW)
: Paypal
if i understand correctly you dont know how to set up your paypal account? go to paypal and follow the instructions, you need to link your credit card to your paypal
: gemstones
depends on how many chests you've opened. i've spent way too much money on loot boxes (including event boxes like these current cursed capsules), talking maybe 1000 eur, and i've got maybe 30 gemstones in total if not more. if you open chests from the non-pay method, which gets you like 2 chests maximum a week?? then yes, it's normal that you havent gotten one until now
: Ninja Annie, Samurai Poppy and Nightblade Camille
nightblade camille could actually work, tho camille has one of those models/styles that any type of skin can work with
Bàbylon (EUW)
: ... Pulsefire team anyone? xD
ezreal, caitlyn, riven, twisted fate, shen. that'd be one hell of a trash comp. good luck i guess
Rioter Comments
: Isnt that kinda busted?
most important question here is what the hell are those support picks
: 85!!! Most kills in normal aram ever?
probably but real question is why did you get 5 rabadons? the unique passive doesnt stack and since you're veigar you should naturally stack that late with 80+ kills, could've gone something more defensive
Fast33r (EUNE)
: Year of birth
as shiwah said, you either know your own year of birth or you lied creating your account, in which you dont really deserve to find out?
Alex9123 (EUNE)
: This is not League of Legends. Its another game.
no it's actually league of legends
Masantha (EUW)
: Bilgewater Fan Fiction Competition
"submissions must be appropriate for players of all ages" aww so nothing sexual? alright then i'll just write something more PG about this bloodthirsty murderous ghost assassin
Shiwah (EUW)
: Enemies pick the champion for you. I had them pick support for me... shame that I *main* the role...
they always pick support for you. everyone always pick support
Modifi (EUW)
: What is it that you love about league?
i love spending money on league
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys, This should be recovering, can you confirm if you're still having issues?
welcome back to the boards, eambo
: On Patch 8.10 which is due next Wednesday mate. Hope this helps. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
keep in mind it'll be released sometime during patch 8.10, so it can be anywhere from the day 8.10 drops or 2 days before 8.11
Stefan360 (EUNE)
: Help! My account i stealed
Rismosch (EUW)
: Difficult to follow a stream if we don't know what to follow.
the stream is metaphorical
HDinis09 (EUW)
: [Small Rant]
multi-billionaire company?
Shukr4n (EUW)
: did u just assume riot gender?
97025 (EUW)
: go back to reddit and deeply analyze riots tos
the way i phrased my sentence was to indicate uncertainty, but it turns out i was right anyways
97025 (EUW)
: riot not explaining why one of my accounts got permabanned
> since the acc owner is my friend isn't account sharing strictly forbidden? did you not just admit to your crimes against riot and her people?
: i need a op summoner name for vayne main on euw server pls i gift the winner :O
x_v4yn3_x vayne mayne payne trayne VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYNE ssuuppeerrvvaayynnnnne mathias
Solash (EUW)
: Pulsefire Zoe - Skin Concept
tbh i think a pulsefire skin could possibly work on every champion in the game. just give them a sci-fi suit and some lazer animations. even pulsefire fiddlesticks could work
: > Do people actually enjoy watching football on tv? My father and I do,atleast football is healthy and is a sport.
lcs is also a sport. it's literally a defined sport. and on your point earlier about how they're fat out of shape people, not all of them are, not even half of them are.
: I cant play a normal game
dont pre-pick i've never seen someone ban morde because someone pre-picked him tho, but it's safer to just not do it
jaki354HD (EUNE)
: ***
everyone is just saying "good riddance", im the only one asking for what Shyntaoro actually said so we can have some decent context, and this is the reply i get? oh boy..
Shyntaoro (EUW)
: Riot go %%%% yourself
chat logs please
: Yes, spoilers should be reportable. btw Fiona dies in Shrek 5
: The previous Marvel movies are just cheap action comedy movies, why is that considered "most anticipated of all time"? And what can you even spoiler? Lots of fighting, lots of jokes, every major character survives, the good guys win. At least that's every other Marvel movie.
it was the highlight of a 10 year developed movie universe, a $300m budget, broke world record in trailer views within 24 hours, broke world record in opening weekend grossing even beating the force awaken, it's not even been out for a week and has gotten $630m+ worldwide grossing, it's currently the 9th best rated on imdb of all time. it has shattered several records in movie making. you may not like marvel movies, but it's naive to say it's not at least one of the most anticipated movies of all time. but this is besides the point, i only used this movie as an example. you can spoil the death of characters, exactly what happens in the movie, movie twists, etc.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: your title state something anyway. what kind of answer are u expecting anyway? im just curious. i mean, let s say i spolier a movie came out 2 months ago. it is spoil considering that on internet they spoil movies 1h after?
i'm asking for other players opinion/view on the matter. > let s say i spolier a movie came out 2 months ago. it is spoil considering that on internet they spoil movies 1h after? that's the kind of answer i expect, where do you draw the line? boards are meant for discussions, this is an open discussion. the question is simple say you enter a match and the first thing someone types in all chat is a major spoiler for a movie that just came out, would that be unsportsmanslike despite not having anything to do with the game? would it be different if the movie came out 10 years ago? where would riot draw the line
Shukr4n (EUW)
: u are asking if someone can be stopped playing this game beucase talk about something extra game?
i'm asking if it can be considered as unsportsmanslike behaviour, since you're intentionally going out your way to ruin something highly anticipated by millions of people. i'm not saying it should be reportable, im not saying it should not be reportable. this is an open question
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FuIIauto (EUW)
: Can u name a single matchup where Irelia is favored?
according to lolcounter.com, she's only strong against 2 or 3 top laners but strong against lots of mid laners. i guess irelia is now a mid champ?
: how the heck did you get so much Magic damage in that one lux game 33 min and 130k MD like the heck xd{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
i.. i dont know truth be told, i missed 70% of my skillshots that match cause i was dead tired, and at least 3 of my kills were stolen kills with my ult must be something else that contributed to it
: Gotcha.
there are probably better ways to do it but it's the only way i know
4 Akashi (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept]
yea that's the good stuff
: where u got the stats from?
your matchhistory. select to only filter udyr then scroll all the way to the bottom and ctrl + f "udyr"
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