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: Syndra and Veigar Ult can be easily countered and Cho is melee without mobility.
Doomley (EUW)
: those point and click abilities have short range and they have some sort of requirements. Veigar ult does damage based on how low the target is, syndra needs to stack the balls and it's delayed, cho ult is melee range ability. None of those ults one shot someone from full hp alone and being single target can also be seen as a weakness. Stop searching stupid excuses.
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Snowfox (EUW)
: Single person says multimillion dollar company knows nothing about their own game. gg no re
Ok, so them being a multimillion company makes them instantly aware of every problem their game has?
: Most of the champions you mention I think are fine as far as kits go. They might need a bit of numerical tweaking, maybe a slight mechanical adjustment on a single ability, and they will all be fine, their kits are not so far of line that they need one of Riot's invasive champion-destroying reworks. Except for Veigar, who needs a "rework" which consists of reverting everything his latest rework did to him.
Most of the reworks made weren't champion-destroying though. Sion and Soraka for example are a lot more viable now, Tristana (I don't know if you can call it a rework) is still a very good ADC, before she was just really overpowered. And Veigar needs a rework, but not to his old form. The old Veigar was just a stupid Point-and-Click Champion that bursted any APC down. He had immense problems, and that is undeniable. I like what they tried to do, I just do not like what they actually did to him.
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