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: > [{quoted}](name=ERIFUN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gwp6gKIn,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-13T14:46:38.724+0000) > > did i forget to tell ya to say all team stats? You might misunderstand my point. It's not to call you out for inting or feeding. I was sarcastic when I said you should be banned. I apologize if you took it this way. It's about to say that everyone, including you and I, have bad games. And end result/score are not good enough indicators.
: Unranked players start with a base MMR in ranked. This can either increase or decrease the more ranked matches they play (why am I stating the obvious.. smh). The base MMR unranked players start with, is approximately the same MMR high Bronze and low Silver players have (Silver 4 is low Silver, thus the reason you have unranked players in your game.) And please do us a favor and read your text before posting so it's comprehensible for us all, thank you very much!
: I have little to no respect for people who say "its just normal" or even "its just aram". Yes some people are playing them to chill, but running it down should be ban-able in any case. The point is we all have bad games, and end result say nothing, especially in a lost game when you sometimes die 2-3 times in a row at the end just to defend or try to make a play to save the game. You remind me the game when I went 1/10/1 Kalista, where I was camped the entire game and my support left me alone. Yes I died over and over, but when 3 enemies always bot towerdive me and we have 4 people on the other lanes result us in winning the game. Should I be banned for that? I'm not saying that inting doesn't exists. it does. but you cannot say that by the end result alone. All you can do is report the inters and hope for the best - and comfort yourself with the games you played poorly. Edit: You forgot your 2/9/2 vayne in a ranked game. Are you gonna blame your support or jungler for that? Or maybe the afk mid/top? Edit2: "win your lane, win your game " - I've never said that. It's a team game, not tft or hearthstone.
: First off, being toxic and going ham in chat is **directly traceable**, that's why it is being punished almost instantaneously. Telling someone to go F themselves, calling their family out, being blatantly racist or spamming the famous three letters (you know what I mean) is an instant trigger. Purposely inting is a pattern they need to pick up on, if it happens only one game, their hands are tied. If it happens often and the reports come in after every game then they can look to sanction the player in question. Soft inting and soft throwing the game is also very hard to punish. Because of this, toxic players are faced with either a chat restriction or a suspension, because it is directly traceable in chat. Their argument is always; "Why do i get banned for saying things when people can ultimately mute me?" "Just press the mute button kids, don't get offended". Toxicity is as big of a scourge as trolls and inters, buddy
yes we can mute them, but the point is this game hasn't kick vote! some times their afk is more useful, if u call a trash can to come and play with their mouse and keyboard it would be more useful for team with 0/0/0 stats, i want to know why this game is matching a silver IV that needs at least 6 promos with an un-ranked player that wont even has a lvl 4 mastery token with that champ!???!
: > [{quoted}](name=ERIFUN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gwp6gKIn,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-13T10:31:54.520+0000) > > why never reporting for troll is league of legends workes?, my rank is silver IV , and today i went in a queue, that we only had one bronze yorick! > and rest of them was unranked, being afk after 10 minutes, i cant upload and image so my name is ERIFUN in league of legends euw region and its the 4th time im uploading a phrase like this, with this title, kind of! > lemme read the status of our players : > malphite(me): 7/5/2 > tristana : 1/6 > diana : 3/7 > soraka : 0/5 > yorick : 2/4 > i know it, every one must have a chance to play, even for fun, but im amazed that riot company replays on this and just tell me what the phuck is algorithm of his game for being guys in 1 queue, even in ranked, so the $hit i just released is that league of legends company doesn't see any difference between an unranked guy and a silver IV, gg riot, gg, FOR GOD SAKE JUST ONCE PAY ATTENTION TO INTERNATIONAL FEEDING REPORT TITLE, JESUS WHY U GUYS EVEN CREATED THE REPORT KEY AFTER THE GAME?! > I ONCE REPORTED BC FLAMING, YES AND YOU HAVE MORE FLAMERS AND MORE TILL U DONT PHUCKING REPAIR YOUR PLAYERS BRAIN, AT LEAST ASK FOR THEIR YEARS, THEN START THAT PHUCKING QUEUE Dude, loosing a lane has nothing to do with troll/int/feed. ONE player has to win the lane, eather YOU or the ENEMY, if YOU loose the lane, you are not automatically inting. **Myself haveing 2digit deaths during games and still win, its not like you cant comeback... If the kill participation, vision, movement is fine, Deaths doesnt matter that much.** ---------------------------------------------------- In 9 Years of League i saw 3 players inting/feeding. and those where all 3 Rammus with Revive, Teleport who had over 50 Deaths. If you have below 20 deaths you are FAR away from inting. Even in the Pro scene people haveing 20 deaths sometimes, if they get sitted, dived. Specially in longer games. > **Int Rule:** > If Deaths >= Minutes Played > then Flag as Inter > else Flag as bad game _____________________________ So basically if someone dont have 11 deaths in 10 min, he is not inting.
wtf is this rule and but what do u know about the rule of queue in ranked?! Just hlp me for god sake to understand this!
: I agree. Your 3/9/4 Malph [3 days ago], 3/8/2 Swain [4 days ago], 2/7/0 Ashe [5 days ago], 0/7/4 Yuumi [5 days ago] (and I didn't even go that deep)... Are very much ban-able.
those were not ranked, right? and can u tell me the status of the rest of team? please dont comment the thing u dont want to write all details 1-that malphite game (3/9/4) normal game (the most important thing is this!) lulu 0/9/10 kaisa 4/8/5 gnar 4/9/3 ziggs 3/8/3 and i dont think im so much bad in team like this! 2-that swain game (3/8/2) normal game again, not ranked (again it wasnt ranked and u said it, i was talking about ranked game in whole of this post!) trynda 2/8/4 sylas 0/4/0 ezreal 7/5/4 sona 3/4/8 and im saying its my first time with swain and it wasnt ranked, do u have brain? 3-2/7/0 ashe (again it was normal, whats wrong with you?) thresh my supp : 1/6/1 pantheon 1/5/1 katarina 0/7/1 kled 4/8/2 4-0/7/4 yummi (and yes, nice point it was ranked, now lets take a look at my team!) 1/6/4 sivir ( my adc) 6/7 diana 6/7/7 shyvana 3/6/1 kled in the death point im the same, what do u expect? if yummi attach some one and he/she dives into enemy is there any way if the attached guy died yummi were not be died? yummi is not a good point, yummi isnt an alone champ can play without any one, yummi is very weak without an attaching thing! when sivir dive in, when any of them do this wtf i have to do ?! do u have any thing u say? this ban able shiTs were not ranked, and btw look at the team always if u r looking at my status, dont say "win your lane, win your game " this is an absolute shiT
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