Asúra (EUNE)
: Losing LP For no reason...
Maybe it's a rounding error
: Sejuani needs buffs
Tank junglers really got a kick in the teeth with the continuous cinderhulk nerfs. They had to get Maokai and Sej out of pro play though. What I will say is that Sej really had her day, and the fact that she's weak right now isn't a bad thing. Rarely do champions have periods that long where they're so strong like Sej was. Champions are not meant to be viable picks forever, or the meta would polarise after it's been figured out and stay that way for a long time. I'd say just pick a different champion until riot figure a solution for a tank jungle item as they really do not have a viable answer yet.
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EU Ezreal (EUW)
: If this works I'll eat my foot lol
This just worked, I'm actually... how tf does this work REE
Soul199 (EUNE)
: **IMPORTANT HOW TO FIX ! go to dokuments and rename League of Legends folder(or delete) and game works again **{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
If this works I'll eat my foot lol
: soraka has silence + root while people here like to assume my post was about a soraka it really isnt...(soraka has no damage herself her silence is bleh unless her team follows up) my team deserves to lose because they fed but i didnt WHAT'S MY FAULT
It's a team game, some games you lose because your laners feed, that's just part of the game. What matters is that you make yourself more useful than your opposing laner/jungler so that you win more than you lose on average.
: i didnt really get caught... my dumbasss got close to an enemy garen in a fight and he switched target to me q silence and insta one shot me me is frustrated cause i couldn't use my spells to counter any of that....
He was probably a higher level than you or he was fed if he was able to do that. Either way, he used his advantage and killed you. If he has an advantage he deserves to win.
: I am having the exact same issue - tried uninstalling and reinstalling, HTR, turning off firewall, etc There was absolutely no problem playing LOL last night but after the patch. its just stuck on riot logo...
I've been trying to find a {{champion:136}}ution since 11am and it's 6:30pm now, my day off work is completely bummed. I'm literally deleting stuff and then launching the game so it comes up with the "repairing" screen. Hoping that I hack off the defunct bit of software and it grows back working. I've deleted the client folders in RADS and something else... I also deleted all the client related stuff in my dowloads folder to force it to patch again, really clutching at straws here and I'm getting nothing.
: remove silence from the game .....
Silence is the weakest form of cc. Like ok I can silence a rengar that jumps on my adc, and the rengar dies instantly, but that's because the rengar didn't wait until my abilities were on cooldown, during a fight for example. Soraka isn't the only champ with a silence though and different champions use their silences for different things. If you think a certain champ's silence is unfair there will be reasons as to why it is fair. You can't be like "Oh I got silenced and now I can't flash a skillshot - oh I got chain cc'd, silences are busted" most skillshots you can dodge if you're good enough or if you know to expect them through experience. On top of that how did you get caught out by the enemy team? Did you not buy or place any control wards? Why are you walking about without vision? Also if you get silenced and focused and your team is too weak (or play the fight really badly) compared to the enemy team, your team deserves to lose the game as they've probably fed or lost their lanes.
Blimpy (EUNE)
: Client not appearing..
Yep same issue, no avast here, but I messed around with microsoft defender and I got nothing out of it...
EU Ezreal (EUW)
: Nah but I sent a ticket with my Hextech Repair Tool logs so I hope they have a solution, otherwise it's wait for a hotfix. You should try the Hextech repair tool! I'm now going to look for a gpu update or something
Nothing works, was really looking forward to this update and this is a day I have off work {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: You have not yet found a solution to fix it?
Nah but I sent a ticket with my Hextech Repair Tool logs so I hope they have a solution, otherwise it's wait for a hotfix. You should try the Hextech repair tool! I'm now going to look for a gpu update or something
EU Ezreal (EUW)
: Recent update - LoL not responding
I sent a ticket into support, fingers crossed...
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: When the smurfing in silver is too real.
Yeah every game I look mid in silver at 5minutes and one midlaner is 0 7 and their laner is doubling their cs then the winning mid is like "I'm smurf from plat" etc.
: if you were Karma you could have shield your ADC, and use R+Q on the enemy ADC while trying to root him to making him back off from your ADC... if you were brand you could have stunned the enemy ADC while doing tons of dmg on him, making him back off... if you were fiddle you could have fear the enemy adc and silence them both... if you were morgana you could black shield him... etc... with ezreal you cant do anything to help your adc and prevent him from being damaged when taking a hook... He brings nothing at all to "support" ... no CC, no shield/heals and his poke is easilly avoided if you stand behind minions. He isnt a viable support...
By the same token your adc can easily avoid thresh's hook by standing behind minions... it doesn't happen like that in silver, situations don't pan out like they're supposed to if every player plays optimally. I highly doubt Karma's RQ would do much and if you tethered to the enemy adc they'd probably just kill you after, brand would, if you hit the Q, which is easy to dodge and fiddle would be killed immediately after the adc in that situation...
: you dont understand the point... you picked 2 carries that can do good with income... supports are the players who get the least gold, and ezreal has nothing in his kit that allows him to help his adc (besides W like i mentioned)... so you will be 2 sitting ducks waiting to be killed by a decent botlane/jungler. Playing mid and support is really different...
Ezreal is a poke supp, you have to hit Q's. You have Klepto and Frostfang and they give 25 gold or more from a Q, and your W and Q do good poke damage and harass. I've found success in normal games but in Ranked the adc just blows flash, flames and asks ME "why troll". As soon as they get hooked by thresh and die they're like "Ezreal so useless!" like... if I was any other poke supp you'd be dead with them too. I take picks that I find fun, I've recently been spamming AP Malphite supp games Also I tried Athene's Ori supp in a normal recently, probably gonna play some more of that too
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person (EUW)
: I only got S for going 30 - 3
VaVoem (EUW)
: just leave this here :)
That's a bit of a tanh-ential statement
: the player with better mechanics usually snowball and it should be like that but if your team is feeding and you are not able to get fed for some reason ff and go next whats the problem?
The problem is you're stuck losing for most of a game that you lose because maintaining leads is so easy, and that's not fun at all. Even less fun when your team wont just ff
: I can assure you that if the medium game would last 50 minutes instead than 30, all that would be accomplished would be to make people trolling and go AFK even more than now, because these kind of toxic players would definetely not want to be stucked for so long in a game they think it's lost at minute 10 anyway. So this idea that "longer games allow anyone to enjoy a comeback" is simply delusional, and would not happen anymore than it may happen now.
To clarify, I don't want avg 50 minute games, I'd like avg 35 min games. What I meant by "Queue to queue" was, if you're in low elo you would generally find a game quickly and play a game that lasts longer, in higher elo it takes more time to find a game but games are closed out sooner, so in high elo you could spend 1hr queue to queue, and in low elo you could spend 1hr queue to queue for different reasons. This season they've clearly put pressure on drastically lowering that Games end earlier now because there is no way back into the game. You get snowballed on and lose. Games last longer by making objectives less strong and making small leads harder to maintain and grow. This leads to a more contestable game that's far more enjoyable to play
: This meta is fun snowball is fun damage is fun mobilty is fun ardent meta is anti fun op shields are anti fun op heals are anti fun stopwatch is antifun 50min games are anti fun and you talk about ''chaos meta'' it's called diversity and it's FUN to change the classic top tank mid mage jgl anything with good clear and bot adc+ ardent supp
It's fun if you're on the winning team. If you're getting snowballed on, you're just waiting for an ff or your nexus to explode with no way back into the game
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Before we discuss your you have any evidence for the average match time going down? I know some pages track this, but I don't remember what page it was. How much exactly is it?
It's well known that the average game was 35min as that was the expected game length when you queued for summoners rift, now It's 27:30-23min depending on elo Even if the change is 7:30 that's more than a 20% decrease, which is very significant
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: A spell that grounds you, slows you and stuns you is simply too strong.
but the only way the ground makes a difference it is if the enemy champion has a dash or has their flash available. This means that champions with dashes don't just get to dash or blink out of it for free, they have to walk, which isn't too hard already. I wouldn't say people get stunned by Viktors W often
: No thanks? Grounded and stunned after? Neither singed nor cassi have that.
It's mainly just so he can deal with champions with dashes
Juippi (EUNE)
: Can we do something about Viktor?
His W should Ground opponents (Like {{champion:69}} Miasma and {{champion:27}} Mega Adhesive) and his first Hexcore upgrade needs to build out of another sub item like Amp Tome and he's 6,000% fixed
Infernape (EUW)
: You know Mundo isn't a tank? He's a juggernaut. He's supposed to deal damage. However, this isn't to say his champion design isn't flat out stupid. IE building nothing but tank items but getting tons of free damage and winning the game through basically having more stats than your opponents.
Old mundo was bad because people would buy grievous wounds and make you useless, his new ult buffs basically make it so that: new ult regen+Grievous wounds~~old ult regen Whenever Mundo is picked I just play the peel god {{champion:12}} and my AD ignores him Also have you not seen this guy: {{champion:54}} : {{item:3092}}{{item:3027}}{{item:3020}}{{item:3165}}{{item:3116}}{{item:3135}}{{item:2139}} 3500 hp and deletes enemy carries, I've been practising it in normals, far more busted than Mundo rn. -at least in bronze-gold where people won't flash your ulti from out of vision
EU Ezreal (EUW)
: A good friend of mine was recently Permabanned without 14 day suspension
He is in contact with player support now, I just thought I'd share this LoL experience with the boards. He'll probably be unsuspended soon and all will be good, but I'll comment an update later/tomorrow if someone comes to this thread in the future in the same situation
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: Client buggy and laggy af just as of now (not only me)
: Can we finally get a oportunity to disable the chat ? (Enter-Button)
A G R E E. People are here like "Learn some self control" and "You must be toxic, why should Riot cater for you?" a lot of League of Legends players type some kind of trash when a team mate feeds or misplays, in the moment. If a toxic player mutes them self surely you'd be happy about that? If that player saves them self from being banned they're also happy. Everyone's happy with this option? You can't say "No, don't implement this so that toxic players put trash in chat and get banned" If this is implemented we would experience a lot less toxicity imo.
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EU Ezreal (EUW)
: Are you at KCL? If so there should be an Ethernet port in your room, just connect an ethernet cable to your PC and your browser should pop up asking you to verify you're a student. Fill in details and accept and you should be good.
Ethernet speeds should be approximately 15-20 times faster than wifi btw. At Great Dover Street Apartments I was at a stable 950MB/s, it was so fluid. The ability to watch a 1080p 60fps livestream with no buffering... Man that was the future!
: University Internet blocking League?
Are you at KCL? If so there should be an Ethernet port in your room, just connect an ethernet cable to your PC and your browser should pop up asking you to verify you're a student. Fill in details and accept and you should be good.
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Just queue up as support or fill every once in a while. That'll drastically reduce your chances of getting auto-filled.
I just dislike people that get assigned support in draft game and decide to jungle Yasuo instead... I was 1v2 all game, twitch got a huge cs lead and the jungler was so far behind that he died trying to kill camps. That player was farming the jungle as they took the nexus, and I forgot to report him. I waited 3 minutes for that game... It's so frustrating when people get autofilled support and troll games because they weren't assigned their ideal position.
EU Ezreal (EUW)
: You probably assumed the expiry date section on your card was autofilled from your last purchase. It isn't. It's filled with the current month. Although when I changed it, it then gave me the 24 hour notice anyway. So I'm uncertain too. Are you with Nationwide by any chance?
I hate how the purchase ban is 24hrs for failing a few attempts, I wish I could just pay with one click after setting up a primary payment option like you can on Amazon.
: oh cmon riot DONT U WANT MY MONEY?
You probably assumed the expiry date section on your card was autofilled from your last purchase. It isn't. It's filled with the current month. Although when I changed it, it then gave me the 24 hour notice anyway. So I'm uncertain too. Are you with Nationwide by any chance?
: Do honor levels reset at the end of the season?
Even for people at level 0? : ^)
: Riot please create some type of ranged AD champ
Ranged AD top laner eh? {{champion:67}} Thank me later ;) Also ranged AD jungle is {{champion:29}} I think another ranged jungler would be nice though, if it had a defensive ability/passive to make clears easier, but their AD stats would have to compensate or that champion in the ADC position would be abused.
TF997 (EUW)
: Its because of Brexit and the pound not being as strong against the euro
*Brexit anger intensifies*
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yordi1379 (EUW)
: PermaBanned for being toxic
There's no way a permaban is justified here in my opinion. Saying something is aids is unpleasant, but it's not like he used the word in an offensive way. He said a player was plastic 5, I'm in bronze 5 and I've been flamed with people saying I'm wood 5 and stuff but that's nothing offensive. Someone said he was bronze 5 and he made a joke in response and he gets banned? It's a bit out of proportion. There's no way this is in the 0.006% worst chat logs in league. People probably reported him for being toxic because he was camped in lane and kept dying so they thought "Screw this kid I'm going to report him". No way is this a permaban, it's unfair on Yordie1379 if it is.

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