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: As a jungler all you can really do is focus on the winning Lane really and if every Lane is losing... well you've sadly had it as you aren't going to win with 4 people who aren't as good as your opponents you're screwed unless they just get a minor bad start due to match ups.
So I should completely ignore the losing lanes, like if the enemy adc is already 4/0 in pre 10?
: Either you are a really decent Master Yi player or you are smurfing hard. So far I can tell you that with 70% winrate in Plat 3 out of nowhere, you are an actual bother to matchmaking yourself. I think you would understand that living with bad matchmaking shouldn't be unacceptable. Since you are probably a Dia Master Yi/Xin Player I can hardly tell you anything new, but as Master Yi, best you can do is farming up to carry late, and exploiting mistakes that the elo your in is prone for. I'd say lack of coordinated macro play and commitment to allies plays for Plat, but I'm sure you know more.
I just came back like 2-3 weeks ago to playing again after a year break. My main used to be plat 5 but I had zero macro play, I was just great mechanically and could sometimes beat high tier diamonds. Now I'm back again and trying to learn the jungle more, I honestly don't know my real rank but I'd say it's at least D5. So I don't know how this elo is very well.
: I've tried verbally abusing and flaming them until they play better, but so far it has not worked yet.
Same here, Riot needs to buff that strat and encourage it more.
: I have won a few of those kind of games. Mostly luck though, since it was when I had teams that 1. didn't tilt from early feeding and 2. knew objectives were the way to win the game. So I personally did what I could to not die mid on my Cass so I would scale, and my team stopped taking random fights after lane phase and grouping for objectives. This meant that the enemy team was looking for picks, that were not there, so we were mid doing a 5v3 a lot of times, taking a tower and backing off. But again, you need to be lucky enough to get a team that knows not to die when you are behind and taking towers win games. Most of the time this is not the case
I guess it's luck then. Your team played as a team, unlike my teams I get.
: What can you do when your team dies continuously in early?
Like first game my bot goes 0/9 by themselves and top 0/3 all in pre 10 minutes, second game was pretty much the same, and third game we had an inting ahri. I'm %%%%ing tilted.
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: Look at my past 2 games. All lanes are inting so %%%%ing hard, can't even carry as a Yi. What to do?
I came into plat 3 with 80% win rate and carried most of my games, but when my lanes die like 4 times pre 10 minutes it's impossible to do anything.
: How am i supposed to carry a game where my support goes 0/6/0 in less than 7 min ?
Look at my past 2 games. All lanes are inting so %%%%ing hard, can't even carry as a Yi. What to do?
: How to counter Yasuo
Because this clip is the ultimate determinant factor to how you counter Yasuo.
7oodah (EUNE)
: nerf yasou
I used to main Yasuo, and once you know him then you will also know how to counter him very well. Most bad Yasuo's are very predictable and easily tilted (Not saying everyone is, but most of them that I've encountered) meanwhile the better Yasuo's know well how to trade and adapts to his matchup
: Trolling Allowed
Swearing to a troller = feeding the troller.
: ...or you may try not to focus the tank, expecially if you are not an AP champ with high DPS.
how about we just ignore tanks completely? I mean that would be perfect! yay! tanks useless now! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: The 20-30 part is absolutely disgusting. Matching 5 people below 30 vs plat/dia/challenger players?
I've met master smurfs and played with a challenger smurf too once. I have nothing against the matchmaking system here even though it's broken, it's just the ridiculous amount of toxicity.
: That's because you were queued with "smurfs". Most of them got banned on their main and made a new account, and they basically don't care about being openly toxic, since this one account isn't worth anything for them and they can make a new one at any time. You also have those who can't climb in their ELO, so instead they make another account to "stomp noobs", and once they realize that they're queued against smurfs too (usually after 3/4 games), they can't play anymore and cry about "this champ being broken". Fun fact : I have another account too (around level 14, to play with "newbie" friends) and a guy once pretended that his main was diamond. He spammed Yi every single game to "stomp noobs", and when he finally got matched against me, I picked Garen, stomped him and he cried about Garen being a broken braindead champ. It was hilarious
That's actually funny, I'm a Yi main :D But no, not your typical Yi. I just have fun playing him, and god do people rage.
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Warheart1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bassintheface,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TdiBGIXt,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-11-13T16:53:21.439+0000) > > You seemed pretty toxic actually, also you cannot take into consideration what they said if you retaliated then you can also receive a ban "You seemed pretty toxic actually" bruh if thats toxic then league of legends community is a bunch of whiny sensitive 12yr/o pussies
Exactly. That is minor salt, not even close to toxicity. When did this game become pegi 10? I'm not toxic myself, but I've seen way worse than this and these players didn't get banned. Riot's punishment system is very odd and flawed.

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