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vasscool (EUNE)
: Main darius? omg
At least not main Riven or main Yasuo {{champion:427}}
: Crusader Garen - Deus Vult!
I think this might cause some religious problems in some countrys, and some problems with them, in the end they had to give Karthus a VU because they couldn't show bones in China or Japan or whatever, i hope you do know who said Deus Vult for which moments and you don't only think it's a meme.
: Safest time to play LoL
Now that the school begun for us again i would say about 6-13/16 (depending on school)
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Burn in hell guys
One day Grevious_wounds.exe will be nerfed hopefully
Solash (EUW)
: When someone links your match history in champ select
: So they should loose tankiness?
They are fine at this state, they shouldn't loose anything
: Okay so if tanks can deal damage and can tank damage then they should loose cc. You cant have it all. CC damage and tankiness.
The tanks are made to protect the Backline together with the support, if they had no CC any Assassin could just walk by to the Adc's ...
: But tanks are no skill, tanks can build sunfire and sudenly they deal damage (for nothing), the tactical mindset of tank is (for me) I suck at skillshots, I suck at farming, I suck at focusing, I suck at roaming, I suck at staying alive what do I do? Pick malphite build sunfire and throw myself into enemy team every time my ult is up and hope it goes well. Also most damage comes from minions and turrent? Yea maybe for Rammus where damage comes from hitting myself. Shens Q has % damage of enemy. Malphites abilites have Armor scalling. Damage scalling from defensive stats you are going to build anyway. Maokai has % dmg and high bases. Nautilus has disgusting bases and works too well with sunfire. Amumu has % damage, Cho gath has True damage for 1k, Galio has % dmg. poppy has % dmg, Sejuani has % works well with sunfire. Every other role has to build damage to deal damage. Riven? try building defensive stats lets see how well will she scale. Problem with tanks is that even though by design you should be able to ignore them on lane you cannot. Galio can oneshot carry with no items on level 9. Maokai will never loose trade thanks to his passive. Shen forces you to fight him, his minions, turret and sunfire cape. Malphite deals too much damage with E and that attack speed slow is worse 92 year old playing tennis. Tanks need to get their base damages nerfed to shit. If your job is to be wall of meat then you shouldnt also blow enemies up.
Go play Tanks, any properly working botlane will kill you in your try to 1 v 2 because you think you are immortal, they will kill you due to kiting and Last Whisper Items And if a tank is nothing but a wall o meat, anyone could ignore them in lane, or in teamfights, because they deal no damage, which would be totally underpowered, the %hp dmg is there so they can do decent amount while still building tanky, no crazy Veigar ammounts of damage but some decent ammounts which make the enemy not loose their focus from you.
: Camille question
go for Redemption first item and mastery Windspeakers {{champion:427}}
: She will get it after Star Guardian Bard {{summoner:31}}
: You are not really in a position to judge such things
I have tried her out, and on my first game i got a pentakill while building IE on her... Draven, Ezreal, Jhin, and the Ashe ult are skillshots indeed, and what is Xerath's ult if i may ask ? In order for Xerath to burst you down, he needs to land a really small, high CD skillshot which will go away if it hits any minion, what Riven needs are {{item:3133}} {{item:3134}} , lv.6 and Flash. I don't even have problemms with Panth and Ziggs, their ult's get indicators 2 miles away before hiting, for Teeto we got the Red trinket, for Noc we got Armor and for Lux we got sidesteping. Of course many mages will oneshot the lane minions really fast, but wasting 1,2k on Dorans seems dumb if i could get Morelo more swiftly combined with the 20% cdr runes i need since Athenes is a support item now. Also, don't say you are Diamond 4 as an Argument, i can get Diamond 1 by paying someone 50 bux, nothing special on that, thats why i don't even take people serious who use their elo as an argument, because you never know how they got the elo.
: You are not really in a position to judge such things
Xerath is balanced, his entire kit is made out of skillshots, which are not easy to hit since they are casted rather slow, and the skillshots themself are rather small, heck, people that can't dodge his Q must have the reflexes of Kled's brain badger. One shoting an entire lane of minions is not really something special, i can do it with Rammus only by building Thornmail, pressing W and standing in the wave If Xerath ever manages to hit his stun you deserve to get bursted down, since this skillshot is so easy to dodge even Lee Sin could do it and he is blind. Killing enenemys across the map is not even a special thing anymore. {{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:115}} All of them are capable of killing someone even if they are miles away. Lmao, Xeraths capability is even the rather most balanced one, since it is the one which is the slowest, the most obvious, and the smallest, if a Xerath manages to hit you with all Ult shots he deserves to kill you, but only if they ain't scripting. only because i like to play a champion which requires script ammount of skills does not mean i script or i am Toxic, same for AP Kog maw, once of the more balanced AP Burst APC's Also, Riven's amount of Toxic-nes beats the one of All my favourites combined, which are Rek'sai, Kog'Maw and Xerath
: You are not really in a position to judge such things
The reason is i am easy to influence and Riven's kit is toxic, for the 4th time And you just admited that you are up for being toxic if someone is toxic towards you...
: Alright mate you are lost case.
You are not really in a position to judge such things
: Why would you flame them. You are assuming that you would flame someone purely based on your pick. Either you are flamer anyway or you are really weak mentally.
No it will be like this I will play Riven = I will get used to be above consequences = the being used to be above consequences will influence my casual day = i will start thinking out of bad actions i won't take any responsibility I like how my life is right now, as Xerath/Rek'sai/Ap Kog main Do one mistake and it's over I don't wanna get used to the Toxic Riven playstyle
ImJanemba (EUW)
: Star Guardian Soraka?? When will it come??
It is a big mistake that they made a Start Guardian skin for Jinx, a champion which life goal it is to blow up and kill things, instead of Soraka, a person which life goal it is to protect and save everyone. Gg Riot, ingame logic is broken, but now also the Real Life logic
: But how can Riven influence you? Her story is basically punishing herself for the wrong she did during Ionia/Noxus war, so she is by nature not a bad person. She doesnt say anything negative. Only thing that could influence you is other players. If you play with friends, do you think they are going to react negatively to you just because you play Riven? To hate you or anything? Are those real friends then?
No, i will not become toxic because of her personality, but because of her playstyle, this Low cooldown, high mobility, Ad shield and no mana required is just so much above consequences it gives me herpes if i just think about it. They won't hate me for playing Riven but for flaming them when im playing Riven.
: Mate if you can be affected like this you should be banned from internet. I am serious. Piece of pixels cant possibly change you mentally. Thats like saying video games cause violence and other crap. Be honest with yourself. Maybe you will become the nicest Riven main ever.
I can be inffluenced really easily, and i don't wanna loose all my friends by playing Riven, i already changed alot depending on what i liked, oh boi, i remember Undertale
: Dont use practice mode. Practice mode is to get better at mechanics not to get better understanding of the champion. Yea you will learn where she can jump or how she can use her combos and cooldowns but you wont learn her weaknesses. You need to play againist players. Players of your skill level. You have to grasp what Riven player thinks in any given situation. Thats how you learn how to beat champion in this game. In stead of whining about it on boards. Not tanks though tanks have no counters and I refuse to try them out xd. But trust me mate. Play her for week. You will understand a lot about her then. And if you are afraid that a champion and personality this community created for her is in anyway going to influence your own personality, I dont want to know what bible would do to you.
Well, what the Quran has done to me : I am a nice person which is afraid of any physicall real life violence I gues this can turn arround fast once i play this champ, i just keep banning this champion whenever i can instead of playing it
: The best riven counter is playing riven yourself. Learn her weaknesses and cooldowns. Or just play any tank yea that works too.
I hate Riven lol, i will never let this toxic champ influence my personallity, but oh well, some hour with her in practice mode can't hurt
: That feeling when...
Thank you, finally found a Riven counter <3
: Most times they even care about your sexual preference and the health of your mother. Players are so nice these days.
Ahridk (EUW)
: Xayah will contaminate the earth she hates sunlight but...
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: New Swain Skin
SonicFeli (EUW)
Blind pick ''i said first'' rule does not actually exist, it is more a human-morale related rule, which means you ain't automatically getting jgl if you type jungle first, normaly the other teammember agree to that you get jungle, in order to actually play jungle, thats why Blindpick is mostly such a toxic waste
: If you are Japanese and you move to Europe you should at least speak base german/english else you are %%%%ed lol Also, people don't get banned for what they did, if they changed some wrong files and it triggers the Bann-bot on the next Bann-wave then you are surely going to be one of the many who got banned only because you did something wrong in the files. The files are really sensitive, fo 1 wrong thing and it's doomsday, so better keep playing in English instead of Risking your account
Not Xpeke (EUW)
: The word 'toxic' and even 'flame' are thrown around so easily that they lost their true value.
Be carefull about what you say, else someone gets offended and calls you toxic {{champion:427}}
: Imagine the following situation: a Japanese guy moves to Europe and he can't play on the Japanese server because it lags too much but he wants to play in Japanese. He then proceeds to change the files in order to play in Japanese. Is Riot going to ban him for wanting to play in his native language? That doesn't sound right, does it? I tend to put it in a simple way, is what you're about to do going to interfere with other people's gameplay? Such as auto-smite and dodge scripts. If that's the case, then you should be banned. If you're not going to interfere with other people's gameplay, then why would they ban you? You aren't affecting anyone by changing the language, or even the announcer pack. As for the example that you gave, I'm glad you got unbanned because banning you for that is ridiculous, in my opinion.
If you are Japanese and you move to Europe you should at least speak base german/english else you are %%%%ed lol Also, people don't get banned for what they did, if they changed some wrong files and it triggers the Bann-bot on the next Bann-wave then you are surely going to be one of the many who got banned only because you did something wrong in the files. The files are really sensitive, fo 1 wrong thing and it's doomsday, so better keep playing in English instead of Risking your account
: Do you enjoy playing AP champions? I've kinda lost hope... Omg so weak Riot buff pls {{champion:427}}
: What the hell are you saying man? They make it available for you, why would the ban you for something that they literally give you? You just need to know where it is. Also, I'll say it again, it makes no sense banning someone for changing the language. When Japanese first came out, there were people downloading some weird stuff to change the game to Japanese and they didn't get banned, so why would you get banned for doing it directly on league files? What the client started downloading for you were the language files.... the game doesn't instantly change the language.
Changing files is still a possible way of getting permabanned, i knew plenty of weeaboos that wanted a Japanese client and ended up getting permabanned for no apparent reason. I even got permabanned only for changing a file to an Editable file, on order to change the resolution of the game, outside of the game, luckily i got unbanned. But if you have read the Terms of use, you would know that changing/moding the client/files can lead to such a bann.
: Even in lore when olaf joined her clan he was so badass with his long loincloth he took on her whole clan just cos he wanted to die and forced her to come out and they battled and she couldn't beat his long hard axe from his loincloth so she decided to let him join them. THEN THEY BANGED THE WHOLE NIGHT MAKING TRUNDLE. jk I wish amiright?
: But wat if sej was surrounded by ashe and her %%%%% ass %%%%% ass waifu husb.. I mean tryndamere and it was a 2v1 gank? She needs some brolaf or even Godyr to back her beastiality fetish up? But y bother ulting when u can just make a troll W u?{{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:33}}
Wtf lol, I can imagine Olaf and Seju being best palls, but i gues nothing sexual or marriage there
: Olaf x sej Every queen needs a king.
Some people say Love makes you weak, thats why they can't actually be arsed to get married in the first place, Sejuanis tribe is known to be a tribe of ruthless and strong Warriors Lissandra, she can ult herself as much men as she wants if you know what i mean {{champion:427}}
: > > If you get fed, you can be worse than a fed yasuo. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: NERF THIS PIECE OF **** Nothing else to say
Lonuge (EUNE)
: But IN THE GAME :D it haven't been added to the game before :D Do I need to add that word to the ''topic'' :D
The Dragon Tongue is a language in the game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lonuge (EUNE)
: Yeah, I just did that.. Thank you for the warning.
Lonuge (EUNE)
: But if the language already exist?? Hello? did you read the ''Add all already existing languages to all regions!'' they don't have to learn more languages, if they already exists in the game. Even the Dragon Tongue, the Tu um is an existent Language xD
Lonuge (EUNE)
: Seriously? I just did it... Oh, no! Well, i just quickly delete everything and download everything back again? :3 it started to download something, then I came here to check things.. and I saw this post.. My hands has never moved so fast in my life!
Changing files in your League of Legends folder can surely trigger the permabann system in case of a Script-banwave, and there is a 50/50 chance of you getting your account back, so i wouldn't risk it at your point, just uninstall and download the game again.
: Legend of the Poro King - "Rainbow Party Pack" needs a nerf in my opinion.....
Lmao, i buy The Artilery Poro snack on xerath and ult in the backline when it's active :'D
Lonuge (EUNE)
: I didn't get it to work.. Am I doing something wrong? eune, eune, en_GB|cs_CZ|el_GR|hu_HU|pl_PL|ro_RO|ja_JP,... I tried to find a way to post picture in here, but I think thats not possible... Do I delete all other languages, is that the case?... or what am I doing wrong?
Don't do that, people can get permabanned without it getting retracted once they do it...
Smerk (EUW)
: I can't see a good reason why it's not the case already.
Because Riot can't fly into the depths of the Amazonas and learn the language of some random cannibals so they might be able to play League in their common language lmao {{champion:427}}
Vandiril (EUW)
: Monsters following Rakan everywhere
Riot Games : Jungle monsters have been deactivated due to... Riot Games : Ahh %%%% it, We deactivated the jungle because of Vandiril -.- Vandiril : :) Im not regreting to subscribe to you xD
: Powerful mage item component? {{item:3802}} {{item:3145}} {{item:3057}} Sheen is a bit more open to others as well though. Generally non ADC AD champs spike early-mid while mages spike mid-late. That is why Assassins will always be more popular, because it's more action earlier. It also tends to be flashier with more effects than "throw fireball in X direction and wait for impact." which is also why Yasuo and Riven are so popular, getting up close and personal will always be one of if not the most popular way to fight in nearly any game that isn't strictly or mainly a shooter.
I love keeping distance lol {{champion:101}}
: Approximatly as much as these guys mentioned above have for free. Soooo evil! It doesn't let Darius or Xin just come close and gut anyone they like. If ADC or bruiser is nearby, that is...
It's not the Grevious wounds thats op, it's just how easy anyone can apply it, and how long it lasts, Any mage needs to build Morelo first to apply with with SKILLS when the Enemy is under 35% of their hp! Meanwhile you have {{item:3123}} which does the same JUST BETTER, because you can apply it with SKILLS AND AUTOATACKS, no matter at which state of the enemys hp, and it isn't even lasting for like 1 second or something, nah, 3 seconds, which are 3 years translated into League time{{item:3033}} This is even worse... it does everything better than morelo in things Regen-shred, and the only thing which is Morelo better in is that it's grevious wounds last 3 seconds longer, just a shame what the AD item balance has come to
: Unless they actually use their brains and use other spells first... Elise Q to knock out the first shield and suddenly one of their ccs will get through and set up the kill, and blitz still has 2 more cc and Elise still has her burst. It doesn't just block cc, it blocks any skill... So long as you don't panic most champions will be able to deal with it
I mean, i am talking about the fact that Malz now has a double passive in the late game but ok
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: Hello! Can I talk to you about buying Exec? Mere 800 gold!
I hope this shit item will get guted, that it gives so much benefit for 800 gold is just rediculous
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