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: Who is the tallest human LoL champion?
{{champion:427}} He is really tall and was a human afterall
: Dreadnova Darius is weird
Ever heard of the word ''Heavy Armor'' ?
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Not Xpeke (EUW)
: Can someone explain to me why I do this please? (Psychology question I guess)
You are probably just bored and your mind is underworked, don't worry too much about it
Metharius (EUW)
: the new magic shield indicator is : BAD
Their team who designs ingame colour is secretly colourblind Kappa 123 {{champion:427}}
Wen294 (EUW)
: "Enjoy the game, but not at anyone's expense." Not sure if intentionally tilting other people follows the summoner's code.
Tell this to all the people which Emote Bm the entire day
: Unofficial Patch 7.6 Notes - Saving Galio From The Slumber He Became
Art {{champion:202}} Ever thought of writing an application to Riot as the dood who writes the patchnotes ?
kiwishrew (EUW)
: So tldr: if you're shallow enough to be jealous of someone elses belongings, passive-aggressively bully them? Huh...
Why should i be jealous of someone who owns a skin for a champion which i don't give a single sh#t about ? I just wanna tilt them and lower enemy morale so it makes the winning more easy :)# .#Mindgames
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Sower Jelly (EUNE)
: Proud owner of a penis
FeelsWeirdMan If i would draw such things on my wall my parents would send me to a psychatrist... but well, my parents are high grade marokans so i don't expect anything else tbh.
Sower Jelly (EUNE)
: Work in progress - Tell me What you guys Think
I hope you are a girl, because for parents this might be questionable if you are a boy xD
>[NEW SPLASH ARTS] KARMA SPLASH ARTS HAVE BEEN UPDATED!!! So Riot just fastly reworked Karma into God Fist Lee Sin and made her transgender ? Seems legit mate EDIT: in case the normies come, this is a joke Kappa123 please don't take this serious
iJk7 (EUNE)
: Urgot's remake Teaser! Voice-actor announcement
who the %%%% is Colin O'Donoghue and why isn't it the Darth Vader Voice actor
: [NEW SKIN] - Dreadnova Darius
OH HELL YEHHHHHH, now i don't need to play Krieg in Borderlands in case i want to play someone with a Chainsaw-Axe
Rismosch (EUW)
: I thought you were dead? What happened?
: >ARAM >complaining about matchup
ARAM Complaining about RNG
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: Lethality stacking has no counterplay whatsoever
: He needs water. Where does he get it? From the Summoners Rift river that is quelled by the tears of plebs. So he is basically nurtured by salt. Not healthy if you ask me.
> He needs water. Where does he get it? From the Summoners Rift river that is quelled by the tears of plebs. Oh my, Tobias Fate reference x'D, thank you for making my day before going to sleep
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: SummonersLab, Part 11: General Improvements (2)
I was always a fan of tower buffs, because, believe it or not, Towers are my favourite thing in this game, they give you a safe place from all this wild animals and ... _ough_ Jayces out there, huging the tower is my only hug in my life, and i don't need anything else ^^ But seriously, they need some buffs, they feel so irelevant now, and nearly every champion can pierce trough them in 10 seconds after they reach the 20 minutes mark _Don't even get me started on the AP = Tower dmg bs, i remember when the Spellblade mastery was the only way to do this_
: Damn they get longer and longer everytime... even when I try to shorten them as good as I can... Trump could build the complete wall with just this and the post before :D
Be carefull, else Trump will actually build the wall out of your walls of text and not the mexicans money xP
: Why not just call every game mode Yasuo?
{{item:3070}} {{item:2049}}{{item:2045}} {{item:3070}}
: Can you just stop trying to make "new" gamemodes and let us play 6v6 and URF?
6 v 6 is not fun, i thought you meant All 4 one and not 6 v 6 right ?
: Half of the fun in this game is waiting for banned people in the forum. I tell to them everytime I report them (I received a good number of ban notification since I returned to LOL). But this is a special case. The 3rd party program bans hit hard, they are permanent, and some people seems to geniunally be unaware of the reason behind the ban. Of course, they can't really prove that, so my empathy is not 100%. For sure I would not like to be in their place. Then I read the second part and I'm all "Wow. So relevant". That's why.
Well, you know, i feel betrayed and left in the Dark, literally banned for nothing, so i let my anger out on the poor adc's of Valoran ^^' Because, crying on the boards won't help, i'd rather telling everyone my plans
: Wow. So relevant.
Why do you even bother reading if you don't care ?
Rismosch (EUW)
: > AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS WITH 1% crit RUNES Pff... All my AD runes already got 1% Crit, except for my ADC page. Nothing special if you ask me.
Well, i always saved that big rune place for something way more importand, because that 1% crit will probably be wasted, now, there is a factor, a chance that you will either waste that 1% crit on a minion or use on a champion, and you can't controll the crit chance, so there is a high chance you will waste it on a minion but %%%% it, time to become edgy
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RageFuel (EUW)
: I'm only used to drawing "comic like" with my tablet. It's all I've ever been able to draw.
Well, just a suggestion, because Riot would never introduce Comic like pictures
RageFuel (EUW)
: Nashor's Tooth and Stinger need an art update! (Follow up Thread + Art)
You could put a bit more effort into it (sometimes messy lines) and also not draw it so comic like Then it could be good
Rismosch (EUW)
: Nah, masteries are fine. You are exaggeraring. Also, I first wanted to say nothing but it triggered me way too much: It's Master**ie**s, not Masterys.
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Who does agree that supporting an adc who knows what they are doing....
{{champion:223}} Eats Lucian {{champion:236}} Did ult before YOU TRYED TO TRADE IN THE WRONG NEIGHBOURHOOD
Likowoof (EUW)
: {{champion:13}} Since I followed these steps I don't have to be bullied by the yung kidz {{champion:78}} {{champion:1}} cus I ain't hip no more.
Oh god man, you just made my day before going to sleep xP thy
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: NEW SKIN, CARNIVAL ANIVIA! (Name I just made up but its themed after the Brasilian Carnival)
Hey whats up guys its Delde here, today we got a crazy skin! it looks like Riot games is about to create an Anivia skin, theme AS the Brasilian carnival, thats just %%%%ing insane guys, i can't await how this will turn out :P
Mabons (EUW)
: Please, I just want a group to play with that plays regularly and uses voice chat for fun times and so far I can't find that ;_;
You can join our server and keep trying, we might awake all the people from the long sleep with an @everyone in future time, after that all the solo players will go crazy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: Finish the game you are currently in and don't pick that Champion again. They wont ban you from exploiting it one single time, because it could happen purely on accident.
ofc i won't use it in future games, but in this one i would troll the enemy so hard
Rismosch (EUW)
: Better not. In the past Riot permabanned players who abused exploits.
But what are you gonna do? Afk the entire time
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: this would be ok on my rank but on higher ranks.... like diamond or master/challenger...
i think on all ranks it would be op, you can escape without any problems etc. Gank easy Vision for the team, everything op
: it was the end as you can see :D
I know, but imagine, this happened right after you hit lv.3, oh boi :3
: Perma invis Shaco
I would have abused this so hard lmao
Acheron16 (EUW)
: And make the only Marksman that doesn't feel like complete trash useless? No thanks.
if she is the only viable Marksman, that means she should get nerfed
Dude GirI (EUNE)
: ayy Sebastian: lmao I was mentioned FeelsGoodMan, also tarnation Aatrox like actually tarnation him, I don't want that champ in my games. I'm not your friend pal, got that pal I'm not your friend. On a serious note tho, it's a server with tons of chill people, you can either come there to join a game or just chat with awesome people like um, me? Be there or be square. Hopefully I'll see some of you lovely people there. ^^
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: Give me mmos pls :3
Well, i like Star Wars the Old Republic, it might has a bit disadvantages as free2play but it was always fun to play for me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Can we have a not happy themed Ivern-Skin? What is your idea?
Edgy Ivern literally just him playing Reaper in Overwatch
: Which champions should be buffed in your opinion?
{{champion:164}} Too weak, the E is not long Enough, the Ult should last longer, and the Q true damage should be more in early levels {{champion:157}} His Q should do true dmg as tornado, and the passive should be longer {{champion:67}} Make the W 20% True dmg and the Ult lasts for 1 minutes Kappa123
: Pinned this to the top so more people notice it hopefully. Sorry for all the work guys, I wasn't aware you had to do this manually >.<
Thank you <3 Yea we have to do this manually :X
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