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: Yes, Rakan is the support champ that Riot had been working on. [Click here]( and you should see that they are a Duo but not necessarily meant to be played together but are stronger together.
how unfortunate, i was hoping riot still had some supports up their sleeve, thanks anyway{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Hextech keys
can i have 3 keys please i can trade for chests
: Lux Ult Hitbox / Animation
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Try picking up high impact, less mechanically intensive champions. That will allow you to develop more impactful skills rather than fighting with champion controls or to focus how good you animation cancel and shit like that. Things like cs, trading patters, wave control, damage forsight, map awerness. You want to focus on these ones and develop basic understanding of the game. Currently you know nothing. Even if you think you do, you don't. Also there is common misconception that mechanically intensive champions can "do more" when mastered than simple ones. That's straight out nonsense. You want consistency, not flashy plays if you care about becoming a good player. More reliable champions are simply better at this. Wukong would be a good example of this. He also provides quite a few tools once you get more into mechanics part. But he's difficult to jungle with though. Xin zhao is currently a strong pick in Korea and seems to be rising up in w/r at 6.18. Simple champion, but can have a huge impact. Skarner would be another consideration, sleeper op for entire season.
thanks, really makes me think. someone had suggested xin zhao already and so far he has been great
MasterKota (EUNE)
: well your not alone.
MasterKota (EUNE)
: when the man spoke the truth the darkness of the souls send demons to attack him for the truth hurt them deep inside. But that man never kneeled down for he knew the truth is the only way.
: If you want to cover mid+top in 1 champ yasuo or ekko are best for that
thanks i have actually been looking at getting yasou because he always carries when i play against him. ekko also look beast.
: try playing adc soraka, if you can reach over 50% winrate with adc soraka in over 100 games. You are chosen and will be gold some time in the distant future. If not ,delete this game and start selling illegal flowers on the side of the road to keep your brain at a stable cell production rate otherwise you will grow gills and try become an astronaut to fly into Uranus with a spark. or Play and learn shaco. Fun but complex champion, once you can play him more or less okay then learning champions will become quite easy and you can expand your pool to champions of the meta to be a true pantsaredragon supporter :)
thanks, i find it fun playing support but the only problem is when they die, they blame me, like it was a 1v5 and i got the blame lol.
MasterKota (EUNE)
: boom boom boom just count to 10 before you do think of lol and all the champions. NAB BOOM like magic the champions u will want to play will come to your head. Accept the truth. you are!
wow i am truly not worthy are these words of wisdom
: What is the other role you would like to play?
like having an champ that does best for each role (mid top and bot) i already have soraka as support so thats covered
: You could try lee sin or master yi lee is hard and early game gank jungler yi is easier and mostly lategame scaleing If you liked xin i would recommend amumu works well easy and cheap :P No worry most ppl find their main later into the game when they already saw most champoins i didnt go far on the namelist maining aatrox jungle or top and found jungling the easiest on him x)
: What champions have you used before?
warwick, amumu and udyr... but i dont just want to jungle
MasterKota (EUNE)
: santa claus always said when i dont have butter for by bread i will eat bread without butter
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