: How I can improve my mmr on normals
keep in mind that your mmr in normals has nothing to do with your ranked mmr so maybe, and just maybe, you are already playing with people whose mmr in normals is high
Azarcenka (EUNE)
: It may sound stupid but for me it's easier to play my plat rankeds rather than play for my friends bronze 4 account (he asked me to help him rank up). Well, I couldn't help him because there are too much toxic and unskilled players, I would be 10-0 in first 10 minutes or so, but my teammates wouldn't help me or make decent play so It often turns very hard to carry, and It was harder for me to get thru silver to gold than from gold to plat, you rank up - player quality rises, but still even in plat there are many noobs that do bloodly stupid things in rankeds, maaany of them, really. So only thing i could suggest to you is to get a duo partner and get past silver barrier if you are good player. Also remember to ping, to make sure your teammates know what to do or expect, I think It is a core of good play, also wards, wards, wards.
Really? I played in a bronze 5 account some months ago and I climbes super easily. I mostly played renkton at toplane and basically I was doing 4v1 at min 20. I even built full lethality some games (if I was getting really fed). I mean people were so bad at low bronze that you literally didn't need your team. In was high bronze I still won pretty easily but I had to put more thought into the game since I couldn't just go and kill.
Zanador (EUNE)
: As i said, even the video posted on this boards shows that at least one of them were punishable just because of the chat, not the strategy. We only have video of one match, and we do not have chat logs, especially nothing from the lobby after the game. We simply do not have enough information. Maybe they were banned arguably unfairly because of the tactics they used, but at least one of them was banned because of the chat. Maybe the rest of them were banned for verbal harassment too.
Oh of course. All what I said only applies if they were banned because of their tactic
Zanador (EUNE)
: Most often people just don't realise that they do not have enough information to form a well grounded opinion. And this is the internet too in the end. In an internet argument you do not have to defend your point, you just need to attack the other side. I would be interested in seeing how anyone who defended these guys would fare if they were stuck in this match. Without a premade, this strategy can not be countered, and with one side intending to draw the game for hours if needed, there is not much to be done. Keep in mind that without a full premade on both sides, only 2 votes are enough to stop a surrender, and even if the match is hopeless, going afk will be punished by the leaver buster.
I believe this guys shouldn't have been banned. They should have been warned that the strategy is bannable (and it should have been stated in twitter/official page/whatever. And then if they do it again, or anyone else does, they get the ban.
whyrawr (EUW)
: it scales of AP and dont scales of HP I tested it.
whyrawr (EUW)
: Maokai E shows scalling that doesnt exist
But those pictures prove nothing? Have you tried if they deal the damage? Keep in mind that the +% would mean that if you build AP, the damage will scale more. Not sure if I explained mysefl xD
: the problem is that every month riot servers crash, in middle of ranked or just trying to enter in the account, riot only wants to make money like all companies, they just listen to some customers not al, And they keep baning peoples account,its sad, imagine its youre first time playing this game, and the other teamplayers start flaming you on the chat because you dont know how to play, that customer will have a bad experience on this game and will uninstall it, thats no good reviews for riot, and more if the new players already get banned... A million dollar company cant invest some money to change this matter
The server doesnt crash that much, but well
Grism (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=StalinAttack,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=rTR2mUZy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-14T16:27:53.587+0000) > > lvl 5+ he gts Ah ok so if hes lvl 5 and grap a Coops vs Al Its all good?
MasterKota (EUNE)
: haha i already know the answer my friend i just asked that question to inform you that solo/party queue already works fine in a game with a greatly lower player base.
Oh and which is the answer? (I'd like to know it).
MasterKota (EUNE)
: how does a game like dota 2 which has like 10 million players have party and solo queues and lol with like what? 60-70 mil maybe even more cant?
I suggest you ask that to dota 2, or lol companies itself. Basically because i doubt anyone in this forum has that info.
: > [{quoted}](name=EXTERMIANDORHH,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=wKFvgAcO,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-14T11:22:52.187+0000) > > Of course, I mean in premade. Think of a caitlyn, with twitch ult, kog W, xin zhao's Q, and dunno for the E maybe Braum's Well it's a new champion concept, not a "Caitlyin with other skills", but yeah you could combine a Xin's Q with Tiwtch Ult, Kow W and Braum's E, but to do so you would have to have them in team, and even if it looks op you must use them properly, and I don't think it's OP, Xin's Q works only if melee (so yeah we could say you can chose to be melee or ranged and only be able to use spells that are melee or ranged), but remember that Xin have a spell that increase is attack speed, and a jump on an enemy spell, this is what makes his Q so good, with the kit you mentioned he would not be able to jump on an enemy so they could kite him to avoid his Q, braum's E is only defensive so you can just wait that it finishes, twitch ult with kog W would be op, I agree, but that would just be an ult combo, nothing new, even Lux's Q + R is op by it's own
I guess i can aggree, but which would be the stats of the champ itsefl? range, health, resource, etc.
: > [{quoted}](name=EXTERMIANDORHH,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=wKFvgAcO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-14T11:13:30.789+0000) > > way too op I think it depends on the combinations you make, many spells are made to be strong only if used with the kit of the champion, this way you can make your own kit
Of course, I mean in premade. Think of a caitlyn, with twitch ult, kog W, xin zhao's Q, and dunno for the E maybe Braum's
: New Simple Champion Concept
: > [{quoted}](name=EXTERMIANDORHH,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=wWle6Gpl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-13T22:52:36.317+0000) > > He isnt that strong anymore, i think, in fact based on statistics, jinx is much more op. I know kog has better winrate but his play rate is rather low. Jhin is very strong, just ignore all the noobs who can't even CS properly with him. A good Jhin player can carry a game like no other ADC. Hell, I am only a mediocre-decent-ish Jhin player myself and I am able to get on a rampage in a game.
I mean obviously he can carry, but that happens with every hard-champ.
: Jhin Nerf Suggestion
He isnt that strong anymore, i think, in fact based on statistics, jinx is much more op. I know kog has better winrate but his play rate is rather low.
: the ranked system
Honestly, I would like you to take a look at your last 10 ten ranked games and check in how many of them you had afk and trolls (excluding those in which you may have adc'd trolled), and those in which the enemy team had them. Do the same with bad players, you will realise that they are not just in your team.
plectrinum (EUNE)
: Fucked up rank...
I think it might be because there are not many teams in 3v3 (just my opinion).
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LordUrganoth,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gNOngUZE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-09-13T18:30:16.545+0000) > > What the fuck should I do now? They asked. And the initial comment you gave might as well not exist, it's useless.
Honestly the fuck part sound to me like a complaint, if he had said: I will play as riven against cho gath, could you tell me
: you....people like you rot the community. How about some constructive opinions? "start being smart like me and maybe you win". I asked how to win the match up and you find the chance to act like a smartass.
First of all, I never said play like me becuase if you play riven like I do you will end up 0/10 againt cho. And also you never asked for advice, all you did was to say that maybe you shouldnt pick riven. Honestly it sounded like a complain about having to play against him. And actually those who see flame in everything and overreact to it are those who ACTUALLY rot the community.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: I swear to god most players overreact to "toxicity" ...
Completely aggree, and I would even take it further, if someone wishes cancer to me it won't affect me at all, the only way I think it would affect me is if I had someone close to me dead or ill because of cancer.
wae1 (EUW)
: if we make an option not to play with premades then the other players will find their freedom to choose and maybe it is true that queue times might become a little higher. But we should always see the players needs and focus on them.
Ye i get it, but people already complained about queue times so that would be considered a need as well.
YasuoGeek (EUW)
: How does the Mastery System determine what role I am playing?
I dont know about normal games, but in ranked and recruit, you get your role assigned. I guess in normal it doesnt differenciate, and so if you really want those S you shouldnt play yasuo supp, sorka top, sona adc
: Riven vs Cho'Gath
Maybe you could pick it anyway and learn how to play the match-up?
wae1 (EUW)
: Request To Make Solo Queue Separated From Group Queue.
I don't think it would work, queue times are already high enough, think of what would happen if you splitted the players into two sections
: whats wrong?
You can get matched with plat as a silver in ranked games, WHAT YOU CAN'T DO IS TO QUEUE WITH THEM IN PREMADE
: do you play normal Yes than they are premade No than you cant play with plat
elmariaske (EUNE)
: long time since we saw new adc or supporter.
: how do you win vs an op champ???
Don't understand the tittle? Like you ask about OP champs and then give an example of pantheon? Makes no sense to me. Tell me if you want some advice on how to play against him
: how riot how... (this makes me question if im even able to continue playing)
if you mute everyone and say nothing to them, it wont matter how much reports you get.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: as someone who plays league A LOT on his spare time i want to be able to play several roles and i dont mind filling in sometimes(filling in doesnt always mean going support),i hate to see shaco junglers and riven top lanes with 1000 games this season on those champions,i understand that people want to have mains but shouldnt there be a limit to that? shouldnt a diamond player be able to play all roles on a diamond skill level? or should someones rank be determined from his performance with 2 champions? that my question.
The thing of the rank already happen, because in high elo most people is otp, and they would just dodge if they couldn't get their role
: Well I know i'll never need your language. Even if I for some reason suddenly want to ever go out of my country (which i despise), then i'd still be able to make do with a handbook or simply ENGLISH.
Wow what a short minded person. You don't to travel at all? You believe your cultura and language is the only and important one. Pretty sad
Pentium2 (EUNE)
: Not is season 1 and season 2.
Lol, i thought we were talking about recent things. I started playing at the end of season 5 anyway.
: firstly what is your native language and secondly are you planing to invade Africa in the near future (id like to get a head start with learning your language)
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
I could aggree, but all what the other champ select promotoed, was to hear: mid or feed
: And in what way has my age anything to do with this? All you want my age for is so that you can look down on me if i'm younger than you and pretend you will always be right and that younger people can never be so. Maybe i'm young, maybe i'm in my 20's, or maybe i'm in my mid-life.
No, it was to tell you that if you are young, you can not know if you will ever need to know my language
: Yes, why don't I learn a useless language that i'll never get a use for. I legit explained exactly why in the last part of the second paragraph.
: Do reports even work? I think they don't.
First of all, do you report people when they feed (because you think they are trolling? Because if you do so the system takes your reports as fake, and then they are not taken into account even if they are real.
Magneset (EUW)
: They dont have to care. Why do you think they made the automated system? I dont know why you think its Riot manually punishing and banning accounts lol.
: he expects 50 % of the health
Oh right then 50% of ult, and we will be able to call him balanced
Maíko (EUW)
: Maybe that's the problem. You climbed the ladder to fast and now the system thinks that you're ranked to high.
that makes no sense...
Perfidé (EUW)
: Darius is broken af
Wow, 2 skills and 15% hp of the enemy at early level? pfff horrible
Die Kaiser (EUNE)
: Why
Your mmr is probably low
: stupid riots community
Hard to understand the text but... why do you play if you don't like the game?
: Loss in series after they remaked
MujinTengu (EUNE)
: In-Game Damage Dealt is misleading, or am I Blind?!?
A lot of trading in lane, plus probably aoe damage
: support plat 4 of spain search for team
olle soy frances pero vivo en españa, si vajas a oro podemos darte sitio en el equipo, querriamos que jugaras kayle supp, la yellabas vien?
: Ah okay, that's an interesting and useful distinction to make! Is the Bronze 1 guy really real or just more of a mythic depiction to illustrate how the system can potentially work? Do you think that knowing your MMR could be advantageous to players? I think that Riot should offer some kind of reset for ranked players, maybe only possible to do every two seasons and for RP. If there isn't an ELO hell then do you think it is plausible to suggest that there is an MMR one?
I believe there is. In my opinion, when you lose a lot your mmr descends faster than your elo does, and so you end in a position in which you lose more lp when you lose than you get when you win, therefore making it quite hard to climb up. But obviously if you are good enough you will win a lot (since you will be matched with people accordint to your mmr).
: Why another bug?
The question is: why not?
: but once in queue i am 75% sure he will do it again, might not be today or next week, but i am sure he will leave again one game and simply ruin others game
Then he will get a 3 days ban, and then he will get banned for a week and eventually permabanned
: looking at his match history i see 3 matches where he did the same act, 2 most recent the one with xin and one with maokai and one not so recent with tristana i just hope his trolling has ended here because its driving people crazy sometimes
He probably got a 5 games ban, in which he will have to wait around 10-20 minutes before actually queueing
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