: League client using up an unusual amount of CPU causing it to run slow
We're gonna have to wait for an update, patch 6.7 caused everyones computers (including mine) go mad
John S356 (EUNE)
: there is a serious problem about 6.7 that causes FPS drops very often during game. You can hardly play
Exactly, one moment im 150 (my usual fps) and the next i drop to 20 and the thing just freezes im like holy shit
: Client using way more resources that it should use, which causes a MAJOR FPS DROP
Indeed, ever since the last update my fps dropped to 40-50, before that i was always at 150 :S it honestly ruins my plays completely
: I find that restarting the client fixes it and you get a match pretty fast again when you re-queue.
i ll do that next time, its quite annoying tho, they should fix it , its stupid having to restart the client every time it happens ye?
Kireyn (EUNE)
: Secondary support, matchmaking system
I'm facing the same problem. Unfortunately its the problem of the entire community, because not many players wanna play support. My main is mid, but i'm an equally good adc and support, however picking a support in gold 2 is extremely dangerous, mostly because you will get a horribly bad adc who can't even farm properly. So i go for mid and adc roles, however, i end up in a queue for over 10 minutes, pick support as secondary or primary (doesn't really matter because support is the only 100% pick in the new champ select) and you'll get matched in 10 seconds. Riot needs to find a way to fix this because im in queue every day for over 10 mins, it's quite annoying for the entire community
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: Why is it always EUW with the server problems.
Because riot doesnt give a flying shit about us :)
: This is literally untrue. The servers got better yeah. But they are still shittier and more unstable than any other servers around the world.
thank you sir, marking my point :)
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: So all Slavic countries are toxic, right? Basically you are saying that Greeks, Hungarians, Scandinavians and very partially Romanians/Bulgarians are suffering because of my little country you wouldn't probably even recognize on map, that isn't part of the eastslavic culture and that is actually from Central Europe? :D Well thanks. Can you, when you make such accusation, name ALL of the slavic countries? Go on. I mean I've encountered many toxic players from Poland, those who you recognize by speaking in polish even when they are the only polish person in the game, the kind that goes "reported" because that's the only word they can tell in english and then they go commenting and insulting in polish. And I laugh now and then on some polsih-toxicity-based jokes or use jokingly such analogies. And yet I wouldn't say "Poland is the cause of the problem". Exact numbers speak the truth, not easily biased opinion of laic. There is big amount of Americans who think torture is effective way of recieveing information and yet analysed practise of various organizations has proven it's just illusion. Let's just not unnecessarily generalize while thinking we are from the "light ones squad". Also what you say cannot be rasict since you are not speaking about race. It's generalism, alibism and self-apologetism. But I get your point, you are trying to say you think statistically the numbers of toxic players from the countries are too high to be ignored. Yet still that creates correlative connection rather than causal.
pls dont be a croatian or slovenian, because if you are, central europe is nowhere near, you belong to the east af
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: - Tested Dynamic Queue in NA and Turkey - Pushed to Live on all Servers (some which have larger populations). - Several Regions experience problems. - NAKyle, "When we rolled it out live at the beginning of the 2016 Ranked Season, the high volume of games played knocked the new service down in some regions."
Cypherous (EUW)
: Dynamic Queue Update (new)
They've literally shared NOTHING new but words they keep repeating for 4 days now , omg
: Well shit happens be patient. Riot is working their asses off to get this whiny community what they want and manual engineering isn't as easy as it sounds. I'm assuming this will take max 2 weeks. As if League is the only game to play in that time..
omg, not at you actually believing they are working their asses off xD if they worked their asses off this would have never happened in the first place.
: Rito sees us as a family! they care more than you think :x
Halludro (EUW)
: "Dynamic queue is now disabled worldwide while we work on a fix. No ETA to give as yet but will update when we know more." posted 9 hours ago https://twitter.com/loleu
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well everyone has it disabled at present, and the ETA is "When its fixed" i wouldn't be surprised if that took a week or so, depending on the issue it could require a complete rewrite of the system
God i hope not, it works really great, draft mode is utterly boring, blind pick is a big fat NO, and im not planning on playing my placement games for another 2 months :/ you can imagine how bored i am
: When will the new champ select thingy be fixed and ready???
Probably never, as they dont give a flying fuck for EUW
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Here's the "catch". There's not enough people on the leader to give your ranking an accurate placement if you play at the start of the year. Like seriously http://euw.op.gg/statistics/tier/ EuW population last year around September was ~2.5 or so million players. Right now it sits at 45.000 players in total. Your rank shows as a comparison with those other 45.000 players. Not with the 2.5 million in the past year. This is the "disadvantage" of playing ranked in the first month. You will drop tiers, you will most likely get bronze or silver unless you are REALLY good. Because the system doesn't have who to compare your performance with. Last year, Plat 4 at 0lp (which I had) was in the best 200.000 players on the server. There's not even that many players right now that it was last year from plat 4 to challenger. Edit: just checked Korean server. They got 50% of their population in bronze atm (140.000 players total). While we only got 33% in bronze on euw. But on the good side, they got 3 players in dia 3 and 1 player in dia 4. We only got players in dia5 Like really, its just new ranked year symptoms. Wait for 1-3 months and you could easily get your last year placement.
my thoughts exactly, gj
: Riot has become a major company, and this is just not the way a major company should roll out new features. NA got enough time to get in touch with the new system, it workes out pretty well and is the best example for how it should be done. Ignoring everything they learned from that on EUW just shows clearly, that the biggest player base Riot has, is at the same time the one Riots focus doesn't lay on. This is not how you keep your customers. Of course you could say now that the game is free. That from a free product you shouldn't expect the same service as for one you have to pay. You know what? I do. Because most of the Players have paid for this game. And they paid because they love the game. This is the same why for example a MMORPG player pays his monthly fee to play the game. Because he likes what he plays. And achieving your players to pay, even though they could play the game without spending even one penny, that is a big achievement. And doing things like this to them - That destroys this built trust and will to pay for a free game. Riot may be growing now, they may have success and grow incredibly fast - but if things like that keep happen, there will be a turning point in the future. Tl;dr: Treating your biggest playerbase like this will lead to people stop spending money on the game and will hurt riot immense
The story of LoL being free is nothing but a myth. Statistically, they earn more than any other game thanks to skin purchase ONLY. The amount of RP purchased every single day can be measured in millions. Believe me, LoL might be free, but indirectly and subconsciously, we pay good money for this game. They have more than enough to give their customers very high quality.
Dakon0 (EUW)
: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/10wde8H7-20012016-euw-dynamic-queue-system-disabled-further-details i think they explained pretty good what happened. when you search for more informations about an issue just go to the announcement tap in the poards categorie: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en
I checked that thread, the admins keep avoiding giving the answer to the question "why didnt you test it on euw?" , its a fact that Riot games couldnt give less shit about EUW. I think the reason for that might be that in the USA people spend a lot more on games than people in Europe. And naturally, the USA has a bigger population, Riot (money thirsty as they are) is trying to get the game more famous in the U.S. hence being focused on NA exclusively. This whole thing is related to money tbh. The way they kiss Americans' asses is disgusting. EUW wasnt playable for over a year with all the waiting queues, millions of bugs and glitches. Riot staff has proved over 10 times, that EUW is irrelevant to them.
: One thing people are going to miss from Teambuilder....
Got all of them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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