: Same, can't wait for URF though. Best gamemode ever, I wonder why it doesn't come very often.
Because it makes people quit the game after it's gone.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Winning is no longer a requirement. You only need to play games and have good standing in honor system. But the rest of system wasn't really changed. Chance to get fragment becomes lower with each fragment you get. Then that chance resets to initial value every 28 days. And you only can get 12 fragments in that same 28 days period. And well that leads to the problem you mentioned: at certain times those fragments will drop one after another and then you'll get weeks without any drops.
I am aware of the 12 fragments a month that matches the 4 chests that you get as well. A month ago, key fragments were dropping each week, now they went back to the old system of giving them at the end of each month I think.
AngmarPT (EUW)
: you need honor for keys... i got over 10 boxes and 0 keys becasue of that
Are you talking about honors after each game or honor level? I am level 3 and pretty sure close to the first checkpoint.
: I miss so many keys aswell.. even if I play everday and never got a single ban
That's the problem that I don't get. A month ago, we were getting key fragments during the whole month, now nothing.
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SwooBats (EUW)
: "Your Shop" isnt working properly
I have 73 RP, can't wait for the shop to open. {{summoner:6}}


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