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: The meaning of the post is not, that the French won the war. Its to fight against prejudices against whoever they are. Women, gays, Foreigners, Riot employees, football players, trolls or Taxi drivers. most trolls are trolling games or the boards, but our King is trolling prejudices! sorry for babbling, but i got to much Rümmelbeer. Cheers, the dwarf
great conclusion my friend ;)
Jsp (EUW)
: The original post is made by a frenchman. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
nope sry i am german. And i wrote this post, because i wanted to and not because i had to do it!
: > Hello English LOL Community, > > I have a little story for you. In Germany (where I am from) we have lot of prejudices against French gamers. They can't play, they can't speak other languages and at minute 20 they will surrender anyway.... > > There is a "How many post until Redpost" game in the German, and also in the French board. Some months ago, the Frenchmen started to conquer our game, so we answered in their game. It was the beginning of a Spam Friendship. Last week we started a role-playing game together. A fictive war between France and Germany. We declared war on the French community! Both sides try to provoke each other with funny posts on the other board. Finally we met in Summoners Rift to see which Community is the better one. > Unfortunately the French did not surrender and proved to us how strong their gaming is! We streamed it together and even in that, the French Community won, because their caster could speak German! Ours even had some troubles with the English language ;) > > I hope this text will help you to think about your prejudices. If Frenchmen can play LOL, are multilingual and don't surrender, **all other prejudices have to be wrong, too!!!** > > Thanks for your time, > Greetings, > Eibert Rümmel > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > King of the German speaking LoL Community > > > PS: If you found some mistakes, feel free to tell me. I am always happy to improve my English ;) Corrected a few things :D VIEL GLÜCK
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