: The akali one does make some sense... the person who sings akali’s parts in K/DA is the same one in True Damage, so if your using the same singer might as well keep her voicing the same champion... that’s all I’ll say on these skins, honestly couldn’t care less about them.
It's just strange to see Akali to be in another band, since she's in KDA
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wolf jade (EUNE)
: IS IT 3+1 OR 4+1?
4 + 1 confirmed!
Radkus (EUW)
: [INFORMATION] Odyssey Event - Known issues
For all searching info on augs missions - 4 augs mission means 4 + passive. 3 = 3 + passive. 2 = 2 + passive. Good luck!
Ein6tein (EUW)
: Odyssey: LF group for Onslaught
Done - thanks to all participating! For others - 4 augs means passive + 4 = confirmed! For us worked Sona + Maplh + 2 Yas + Jinx. All need to stick together + Malph should take taunt. Good luck!
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: "sona" and "again" are 2 words that dont go together. last sona skin was over 2 years ago. agree with your other points tho
True, last was... DJ Sona? But still. she has SO MANY SKINS... I know, Ziggs has many too, but he has only Epic skins... and this makes me sad...
: 2 good reasons Kayn is getting a legendary instead of Ziggs: - Kayn is a more popular champ - Ziggs already has a lot of skins, Kayn only has one (which is bad imo)
But Ziggs is somewhat popular too... + c'mon I've been waiting for something legendary on my artillery mages, and so far only Lux got Ultimate... Instead another edgelord gets it faster than my people... I'm sad :(
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Shoba (EUW)
: Teamwork - Interdimensional
Same here - need pre-5 for that mission
: Close combat. Need a group
Hippy (EUW)
: I agree with that, but I think that the system would work like the current report a player system. The reports have to be verified. Then you can see the the rule that you broke as the reason why you were banned. If someone actually didn't do anything wrong, then they wouldn't get banned.
But, without any context, any non-conventional (like off-meta) pick/ban would be seen as troll pick/ban even if you stated that in chat. Post-game report creates that context by containing all statistics (dmg dealt, cs, cc etc.) while in pre-game there is no way of telling are someone's intentions troll or really off-meta, that works... I agree, those two teammates are salty bunch, but still, it's not reportable offence to ban some champ (even if it's claimed as your intended one), because they can motivate it like that - this is a champion they don't want to have even a chance of facing. There are so many ways around pre-game reporting and so many ways of abusing it, that Riot wouldn't even risk to try it on PBE.
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Hippy (EUW)
: [Rant] Report a player option in Champ Select
I can see that system being abused pretty hard, if person does anything not according to other's intentions (wrong/no ban, off-meta pick, refusing to swap roles etc.).
Perilum (EUW)
: Kayn is a carry jungler. Shut him down and he can't carry. His kit is one dimensional and his fighting pattern is predictable. Same goes for Yasuo, but he has another job than Kayn. Beside that Yasuo is not a problem above Bronze at all, because people learn over time how to counter him. You compare apples with oranges here, when you compare single skills from different champions. You can only compare kits between champions of the same class. Juggernauts with Juggernauts for example. Garen and Darius would be an example. Garen is more defensive focused, but Darius more offensive focused. Their job is the same.
First of all, just to make it clear - I don't compare kanye to yasuo, just didn't want to create multiple posts. I kinda disagree about one-dimensional kit - depending on which form he takes, he gets different results by using his kit. You still can compare those skills - they both have same purpose - traverse terrain as if nothing is there and to get there faster, but on keanu it has more benifits than on aurelio + kenny can easily change direction of his path, while solar panel over here can move only in one direction.
: > Riot games loves its assassins (look how many there are assassins compared to other classes (e.g. artillery mages)) You compare a whole class to a faculty of another class.Artirelly mages are not a class.Mages are a class. > yet they can be used for activating his ult, {{champion:131}} pull, Her E clearly knocks them up WHILE pulling them.
> You compare a whole class to a faculty of another class. But you're wrong, though. According to [this](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/taking-another-look-subclasses) they both are subclasses. > Her E clearly knocks them up WHILE pulling them Your truth, but still, I wouldn't call it Airborn enough for yasuo ult
: First impression: you seem like an aurelion sol main who is salty about him being weak. Now the thing with kayn is, his E seems to be quite short. Whilst aurelion sol his E has a max range of 7000 units, that's really far. And to top that off, he gets unobstructed sight as well. You can't compare skills so simply as you have done.
Actually artillery mages main (Ziggs, Lux, Xerath, Vel'koz) No, not salty, just wanted to point out trend that I see - use similar skills on different champions, yet make it somewhat more useful than other. I didn't try him, but from what I saw on YouTube, it's still quite a distance - almost top to mid in jungle on one skill (once again, from what I saw on YouTube).
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Warlon (EUW)
: 1. somone just got stomped by Ekko I guess. Although I agree that he needs some tweeks still. 2. I actually checked your match history and suprise! You did get stomped by GP & Ekko! Some Champions just scale realy good with Items like GP for example, core is to not let them get to this point. And it's not like those barrels have no counterplay at all 3. Believe it or not they have to balance this game for competetive aswell, despite that Azir is still strong. 4. "Made Sona somewhat playable" You might want to actually check for some stats before you judge, her winrate speaks for itself 5. Stun her kill her, nuff said. 6. Strong toplaner that scales well into lategame, stun duration & cd bother me but that's about it. 7. Ziggs knockback obeys game physics. Being closer to the charge increases the knockback distance. Aligning directly on top of the charge will only result in a knockup. 8. Wait assasins are capable of killing squishie targets?! Yes it feels realy unfair being on the other side and getting oneshot, riot stated that multiple times and also announced upcoming assasin reworks. Still same thing as Vayne, they have a variety of counterplay options in most situations. And if you're team isn't capable of killing an Khazix because he has a Black Cleaver (400hp) and a Dead Man's Plate (500hp 50 armor) you're probably super far behind and should consider how you got in this situation in the first place.
1. and 2. I'm not the only one, who got stomped by each of those two, I've heard/read plenty of cries for help to deal with them, so I could say it's more or less objective opinion. 3. From what I've read/heard (wouldn't be able to produce sources already), Azir nerf was based entirely on competetive. What I've said, that they need to consider NOT ONLY competetive. 4. Your truth, I just didn't see her for so long, and after buffs she re-appeared and boom! she nerfed in less-then-a-week-or-so after buff. 5. Right, because her ult and passive and W don't exist, it's soooo easy. 6. Are you maining her or something? She's 100% pick-or-ban right now! 7. Bullsh*t - it doesn't obey game physics in any way. I'm maining Ziggs (and bunch of other all-skillshots-long-range mages), I know what I'm talking about - there were plenty of situations, where enemy was in center of W and I was in center of W - we flew in opposite directions, yet enemy was able to catch up to me very easy just because they flew less than I did 8. I know, that that's their purpose, and I believe all this "Assassins rework" is because it's close to impossible to deal with them right now. These were my thoughts on what's the problems with them from point of view of squishy long-range mage.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Personally i think balance team is doing an excelt Job and right now you can play almost anything and be good. Those Top 5 lists that youtubers like so much are pointless right now, even the strongest champions by them are only slightly above others.
My opinion is based not off those lists, but off my own expirience. And my expirience shows, that balance team does nothing towards achieving that balance, exactly oposite.
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