: > [{quoted}](name=El Ni Shu,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pjqyp68Z,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-11-26T23:13:52.751+0000) > > I can attempt a full reinstallation right now U can do w/e u want ofc, I am just SUPER buffled u didn't tried it sooner, WAY sooner.
I have very little experience with games breaking. League is pretty much the first, and I did not know reinstalling the game could have a good effect on the client.
MacDeath (EUW)
: Unlucky that other players don't interprete your thread the way you meant it to be. Maybe you shorten it a little next time ;)
It sure looks like one big rant doesn't it haha.
: Sorry but...you got all those game breaking problems and u never tried once to do a clean installation to try to solve them? Wow...
I can attempt a full reinstallation right now, hop in a game a check if that will solve the client issues. I'll let you know if it changes anything, but since it's a bug that happens from time to time I'm not really sure how long it will take to test out. Might take 2-3 games.
MacDeath (EUW)
: I haven't read it all but as far as I can see you aren't ranting which leaves me pretty impressed. It's nice to see a rather calm good bye thread between those endless rant and QQ-threads. I personally doubt that League becomes worse, rather that we grow out of it. The community is not really great but I think that correlates with the global community in general. It has also gone worse over the past few years so you won't escape it just by "quitting League" I suspect.
Thank you for seeing that the point of this post was not to rant and complain, but rather shine light on things i find to be problems with the game. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Solash (EUW)
: Have you ever considered that the reason you're in bronze is not because your teammates are bad but instead that YOU'RE not very good?
If that is what you got out of my post, you either didn't understand it or you didn't read it. I don't really play ranked that much, so that is one of the reason my rating is so low. Also I'm not extremely good at the game, something I didn't really even say in the post. But then again everybody in bronze-gold is bad. I know for a fact if i really wanted to its up to me to "carry" my team if i wish to climb. I'm not saying I'm stuck in elo-hell. But the skill level of the worst player in bronze compared to "the-best player in bronze" (sounds stupid) is just enormous. Some people really should be in an all new Elo, so the game experience can be better for all players, both the bad ones and the "good" ones.
: " I instantly bugsplatted and died" <-- first, best story I read this day second, did you try reinstall? XD
I would, but I lost all motivation play the game, so why even bother. Might try to reinstall just to check if it solves the problem of the client but it won't stop the behavior problems haha.
: see you later sucker {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
{{item:3117}} the sooner the better LUL {{item:3117}}
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