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: Hey guys, First I want to apologise for the delay in responses here, we're looking into why some of our failsafes aren't working as intended. If you are waiting on a game for 20+m please feel free to dodge, you should not receive a penalty. Some teams will be automatically relegated due to this problem which we'll look into, but for now those teams will be unable to proceed. If your game started as normal, you'll be impacted and proceed into your next game as scheduled.
it's dumb that people who didn't get into their game get the worst reward possible, they Could maybe win their game but that's just dumb imo
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: Clash broken
It's dumb that people get into games but There are people who just aren't lucky enough to get into one and get the worst rewards possible but they Could actually win their game
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: Do you want it?
Could you post the discord link, pls ?

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