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: S on 'unusual' support
They seemed to of made it much harder to reach S. Altho that may just be my imagination.. Anyway, its far easier to reach a high rank with an unusual/not often picked champ for that lane then it is for a regular one. Only S I've gotten so far since they implemented hextech is a S- as Zyra support.
: Hextech Crafting System - The Reroll
I wish I had your luck OP. I mean, to actually receive chests that is. I get a game I play amazingly in...A+. NP, I'll try again...A+. xD The first game I was a support and played well enough to get my team 3 S~, but nope only A+ for me. Yet another thing premades have much easier. :(
Pessimist (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=lookbehindyu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bpgb5eR1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-28T18:42:33.111+0000) > > lol? are you kidding me now or? there are little to no scripters anymore and they do ban people that are using scripts.. what would be the fun of the game when everyone scripts? there is no skill involved. scripting players are also easy to abuse if you know how to. If everyone scripts it would be equal again!
''Easy to abuse'' doesnt apply to all champions tho. For example Yasuo and Kata have no weaknesses you can exploit. If you are a skillshot reliant champion you stand no chance if you get a scripter playing one of those champs. On the other hand if play an aa or click champion their scripting wont effect you much.
Attix (EUW)
: Yeah, playing ADC I often find the support does not listen to things like "you decide when to engage, but take it a little easy, they're slightly ahead" and then Leona proceeds to dive into Twitch and Janna lvl 2, and I'm playing Vayne...
Well to be fair, as vayne you can combo with leo quite well. Remember you get bonus damage each time she uses an ability, on top of silver bolts and tumble.
Attix (EUW)
: Botlane? Never again
> Bitch I only have 2 wards, and they're all the way up in fucking **riven** Anyone else read it like that?
: Yasuo's Wind Wall ( W ) Wont Block Lux's Ultimate Why ?!
Not sure if serious. Yasuo's windwall has a huge window to use it in, as you can use it right before an ability hits you and you can use it on any side and it will still block all abilities from all directions. I think its a bit of a sad state when you have to complain about not blocking ALL ranged **ultimates.**
: lol? are you kidding me now or? there are little to no scripters anymore and they do ban people that are using scripts.. what would be the fun of the game when everyone scripts? there is no skill involved. scripting players are also easy to abuse if you know how to.
They are still around in similar amounts? Which is to say you can play a hundred games and not see one, or play 10 games and see 2. Obviously, if you dont know the champion that is scripting well enough most of the times you wont even be able to tell anyway.
: I agree with you, but I disagree in some points. Zed has some counters, I'm playing in low ELO (mid silver) and some people juste pick Zed because it is op, but they don't know how to play it most of the time. If you manage to pick after him, you can pick some champs like ekko, Lissandra or some other good counters, and Zed will eat the dust. Other point, zed is the only champ I know which can be so easily countered by items : Zhonya and Qss. I'm not a main zed or anything, but when ennemy's carries have this item and I play zed, I know that I can't do anything to catch them in a teamfight, if they have only one or two good frontlane. Imo, yes it needs to be changed, I don't think it really needs to be nerfed but, as a champ needs to have strong and weak points, Zed is too much unbalanced, he's very weak and very strong at the same time (in the late game). Thanks for reading, and RIP English.
QSS and Zhonyas only counter his ult, not his actual damage.
Mepodis (EUW)
: The thing is, the hitboxes of lux spells is pretty stupid tho :P
Yes, but that goes both ways. Her W is pretty hard to it your allies with. QER all suffer from events where you hit where you shouldnt have, and miss when the target was in the dead center of the ability. If you mean the projectile width tho, Q's width isnt as big as say Morganas Q. Oh well, let people feel how they do about Lux. I'd rather play a champion that can actually fight an assassin..
Vscara (EUNE)
: Yep, the cdr you get from the morello or the athene's is most of the times enough on lux, after that you go into pure AP items for long range poke build or Zhonyas, Rylai's + lich bane for on hit build. Good lux won't use her ult to poke or clear waves, that's why you rush luden's when ahead, w is her actuall waveclear ability combined with her passive. Lich bane lux can be scarier cause the item synergizes extremally well with the passive but it's easy to takedown cause often she will be at her AA range when possible.
You have the opposite. A good Lux will use it to waveclear and especially poke, to push any damage advantage to her side. I'm not sure when you last played her if you call her W her waveclear tho...xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Elinchayiel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bj40qG6n,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2016-03-25T07:58:20.099+0000) > > Lux ult waveclear is because her E damage is a little bit too low for good waveclear. Im not sure what champions you checked, but asides from Karthus I cant think of any champion that starts out with a 160 sec R cd. Late in the game her CD is quite low for R, but early on its pretty much the same as most other mids. Here is lux cd on ult so you wouldnt forget 80 / 65 / 50. And after karthus there is Mr Twisted Fate with 180 / 150 / 120 so yeah. Then i checked cd's on some top laners but mostly mid's you can count on few fingers who have cd's of 100 seconds. But most mids had cool downs from 120 to 140s. Maybe she has longercooldown early on basic skills but that is needed because if not for that she could push that god damn lane trough your throat with that E. Her basic skills have range of 1100 and ult 3340. If she catches someone from carries with a bind with her combo she will almost kill it or just blow it up. Even with her big mana costs she isnt blitz that loses half with one Q. Masteries and items help a lot with mp even early.
Karthus and TF both have really long CDs. These are extremes. You didnt check any of the regular mids then I take it? Zed? LB? Syndra? Yasuo? Fizz? I could go on here. But even with my poor memory im pretty sure none of them start at 2 or 3 minutes cd either. Lux's E doesnt deal that much damage on its own if its not leveled first, it requires her passive for that. Anyone that knows Lux will prevent her from proccing it, thus preventing a sizable portion of her lane bullying. If she pokes with E its GG because that means she will OOM pretty fast. Meanwhile you can trow bombs all day as Ziggs. Even tho they deal more damage, they cost less mana. Meanwhile LB can take 60% of your hp with one combo, with barely any mana cost. Meanwhile Zed, do I even need to explain Zed? The list goes on. Lux has just her one combo. If she cant kill you with it, you kill her. If her Q doesnt connect you kill her. If she tries to gank you with a Q and misses it, she cant prevent dying. Blitz Q actually does more damage then Lux's Q tho, and it also has more effect (longer CC. plus closer to enemy team/turret) I'm still having a hard time people believe Lux should be nerfed rather then buffed. I mained her quite a bit a in season 4, but ever since I got used to playing better champions I only ever pick her if I'm feeling like I can outplay my opponent regardless of their pick. Because you'd have to outplay a Yasuo or Zed pretty damn hard to win against them as Lux.
Eveninn (EUW)
: And what people often Forget to mention: Her Basic ability's CDs are pretty high for most mages, everyone else seems to have at least one spell on a max 3 sec CD lategame, Lux doesn't get this luxury.
Indeed. High mana costs and high cds on her QWE makes Lux rather weak. If it wasnt for the ultimate she would be one of the weakest champions in the game. But because its global and fairly low cd mid-late game, players can make up for her glaring weaknesses. On Lux if you fail to kill someone with your combo your dead. If there's multiple targets, hit them all, or your dead. That simple. I dont have that on say, Zyra, I just wait a second or two-three and use her combo again (just without plants).
: you should WANT to play against high golds and diamonds etc why? because you will learn how to not make as many mistakes due to being punished for them, i get that you want S for Chests but chests wont help you improve, playing against better oppoents, WILL.
Playing against overwhelmingly better opponents means you get facerekt, you wont learn from that. And you most definately wont get S rank then.
: Here is lux cd on ultimate 80 / 65 / 50. I am not lux player but I believe everyone one goes thunderlords and takes 5% cdr along the way. Then buys {{item:3165}} at least for cdr. Then she would buy {{item:3174}} or just take cdr runes. I believe every lux will try to max out their cdr in games. I checked few champions I play cool downs on their ultimates. Often it's twice the time or more. I often see lux players using ult for wave clear. And it's not like she dosen't have other aoe spells. She can use it to poke, clear waves or finish of players. She won't get big downsides from using it on something. So I have to be careful with my ult's but lux no she can fire away. I remember few years ago when she was op and played in lcs. I still remember how Lux caught 2 opponents over a wall and blew them by herself both of them with full hp. She wasn't even fed or ahead. She always was strong but thunderlords and that extra 5% cdr gave players motivation to player her. Riot gave some sort of nerf if you can call that to her W. But her dmg and cds are the problem not shield. I wouldn't mind her having more survivability if she wouldn't fire like a cannon every few seconds.
Lux ult waveclear is because her E damage is a little bit too low for good waveclear. Im not sure what champions you checked, but asides from Karthus I cant think of any champion that starts out with a 160 sec R cd. Late in the game her CD is quite low for R, but early on its pretty much the same as most other mids.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Didnt she have like a 57% winrate in ranked or something last patch?
Lux is rarely played by anyone that isnt pretty good. The reason is pretty obvious: 100% skillshot champion, and you have to outplay your opponent a lot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Elinchayiel,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bj40qG6n,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-25T04:52:00.958+0000) > > You got your wish OP, Lux was nerfed this patch. Kind of funny, since shes been in a need of a buff for quite a few seasons now. (at same skill level pretty much any assassin, bruiser, or adc just melts her) As for her ult, it kind of needs that cd, as its the one ability preventing Lux from being trash tier. Atleast with it you can overcome her poor cd and high mana cost on the rest of her abilities, as well as the animation delay of her W. She had changes to her W which wasn't even problem. Her dmg is same as the cooldowns. With her range, kiting and shield ability I don't believe she melts unlike other midlaners. With this season mana regen changes I don't really have problems with mana even on mana hungry stuff. It's just managment and lux will buy cdr with mana regen anyway.
Her W always had issues because it has fairly interuptive animation on it. (apart from the issues that come with a skillshot shield, the only one in the game) Lux damage is okay, but the cooldowns and mana cost on her main abilities have been very high for a few seasons now. While at the same time all the mana options got nerfed into the ground. Lux only counter to assassins or anyone else with a gapcloser is her Q, which can be juked pretty easily by most popular assassins. Yes, Lux melts very easily. And no lux priorities arent cdr but AP/magpen. The cdr and mana regen are a MUST besides, not because you want to get it. If you never have problems with lux mana then youve not played her much I think.
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: My personal hatred when I'm adc
I think its more the other way around. Many adcs will be sure to flame a blitz anytime he misses a hook. Ofcourse these are the same adcs that flame their support everytime they get by a hook themselves. xD Sounds to me like your the problem here OP, flaming your blitz when you should be encouraging.
benliow (EUW)
: This is interesting because I tend to find that I am able to get an S more easily playing support lux than I am playing mid lux?
I noticed the same thing. Im guessing its due to the cs requirements for the mid role. (having cs seems to matter a lot for mid)
FkMamBo (EUW)
: It's incredibly hard for supports to get an S
Supports are one of the easiest roles to get S with. It may vary from champ to champ however, as it does take the average (of your champ in that role) into account. It's easiest to get S rank playing a champion and role combination that few people play.
Mepodis (EUW)
: Nerf lux ffs.
You got your wish OP, Lux was nerfed this patch. Kind of funny, since shes been in a need of a buff for quite a few seasons now. (at same skill level pretty much any assassin, bruiser, or adc just melts her) As for her ult, it kind of needs that cd, as its the one ability preventing Lux from being trash tier. Atleast with it you can overcome her poor cd and high mana cost on the rest of her abilities, as well as the animation delay of her W.
: The real reason why people hate Teemo: Because hes that pick that people take because they like being a super-strong early game, cheesy champ lane bully, but completely overlook that there is a game after the laning phase as well, and that their lane opponent will most likely be much stronger in that.
Actually its the other way around. If you get strong early on you can carry the game later because of your shroom potential.
: This game is extreme unbalanced
Yeah I have the same issue. Being a midlaner I hate to up against champs like Zed or Yasuo as theres little to nothing you can really do against them on a mage. Zed: more damage, more range then most mages. Has several dashes that cant be cced. Oh and doesnt have mana costs to worry about either.. Stopped playing the game halfway through season 4 and its hard to believe that hes still in this state. How is he even remotely balanced?
: Nope. What I ban or pick is my decision, not yours or anyone elses. I don't need or want your permission, nor do I need to justify it. If for some reason I want to ban champ XYZ then I will do so.
I think its reasonable to be considerate of your team wishes to some extend...after all you do have to play with them.
: Toxic attitude in low level accounts.
> [{quoted}](name=Fnatic Superboy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Ae8t9xq0,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-12T20:42:42.155+0000) > > It's > Im very tired, Yeah i know i have to mute them but you cant mute the troll, or quiters.. > Im lvl 14 but i have to lane against a lvl 30 player when our toplaner is also a lvl 30 player but he dont even play serious.. he went 3-14 and never talked in chat. I feel bad for the new players, they have to deal with the toxic players... just very sad. And reports does nothing against them.. I reported like 30 people and 1 of them get banned. > It happens Literally every game! > > Sorry for bad english but let Riot do something.. Not playing serious is not toxic....and nowhere near an offense (let alone a reason for a ban)
: ***
I've seen them flame for all the same reasons solo players have. On top of that they can also flame because one of their premades doesnt like you, and they want to show off to their team. Often premade players feel like to need to show their team how good they are at the game and as such resort to flaming easier. Thats ofcourse discounting the ''friendly *drunk* lets have fun in lol with friends''- kind of premades. Which sadly are all too rare. (I've been in these myself, they usually end up in quite fun games for all involved)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Perfect time to find that fifth member. =) I also don't think it necessarily means you'll have too much problems playing dynamic queue. Because despite what a lot of people say about premades; they generally behave better than solo players. This is something Riot sees when they look into reporting behaviour from people. Games that have premades in them have less reports flying around. Premades have just been something players blame when something goes bad: --- If something goes bad in a pure 5-man solo group? Meh, it happens. If something goes bad in a group that has a premade? Blame the premade --- It's still too early to say anything definite about it. I'm sure Riot has some plans if 4man premades suddenly have a hard time finding a game.
They reason people blame premades is not without cause. Because if a premade tends to play bad, or much worse be toxic; then all members of the premade tend to be like that. So its only natural they got more blame then solo players, since a solo player is just one person. If a premade decides to flame for example, I found that its quite rare to have one member not flame and almost never would they speak up against their premade. In addition to that, there's the premades who play the game like its the two (three, 4) of them against the other team, completly ignoring the rest of your team. I would say SoloQ cant come fast enough..if I actually believed it would come, ever.
MadBaron (EUW)
: Please can there be a theory test or something before being allowed to play ranked?
You seriously expect everyone to know the abilities of every single champion in the game? Really?
danyx22 (EUNE)
: m8 {{champion:157}} needs skill.{{champion:17}} and {{champion:11}} are op but if you know how to play u can win vs them
Yasuo needs skill? I must have of missed that rework.
Larry (EUNE)
: you forget that compared to mages who have seeker's, mid ad assassins are _**melee **_range that have disadvantage theoretically (im laughing by thinking about yasuo and zed though)
Zed and Yasuo are melee? xD They seem to think otherwise.
Ax3stazy (EUW)
: His early is super weak, he cant trade, he always goes all in or lose. Beat him on lane and finish fast, cus late game he is strong, and you either cc him or lose.
Crit Crit Crit + heal says otherwise.
: How exactly are they abused? The only function a false report has at the moment is lowering your own report value. Also, how is this at all relevant to the thread? For Riot to consider changing an already working system to a new function, there have to be upsides to it, and probably no downsides. I have already stated downsides... what exactly are the upsides?
It's relevant to the topic because the report system should not be around, period. Being able to report doesnt make people less toxic, it makes them **more** toxic. Also what you say is incorrect. False reports still add to the total number of reports received. It isnt actually qualified as ''false report'' unless the system decides to use it as one of the handful for making its judgement upon.
: thanks for info, btw i never said i didnt deserve a ban. But if people report for "fun" or they just blame you for them losing, surely that still counts against you if the reports arent reviewed by people anymore?
I'm not sure if it counts in the final tally, but at the very least it does count towards the warnings you get beforehand. If people report you for something silly like dying in aram or playing badly, then yes it counts towards your total number of reports received. The ''intelligent system'' only skims through a handful of the reports, not all of them.
: Yea I got permabanned, fine with it maybe I deserved it maybe not. My trouble is if the report system works well for me (it evidently does), why are there so many toxic players in the game?
Overall the report system doesnt do much, other then give a ''license to be toxic''. Why? Because whenever someone gets angry or frustrated with someone or something in the game the first thing that comes to their mind is ''report'' > g) There are not actually a lot of toxic players in the game. Toxic players are still a small minority...they just happen to be a very loud, very visible and very memorable minority. There is psychological effect called "negativity bias" and it's one of the reasons why it's very easy to get the impression LoL is extremely toxic....while actually >>90% of the players are not toxic at all. I always love it when people use this argument. I often wonder if they are playing the same game here. Or perhaps play with none-toxic premades (which would obviously lower the amount of flamers) I'd say it's 50-50 toxic to none-toxic ratio, altho most toxic people dont realise they are. The extremely tocix players are much rarer, that much is true...but it doesnt take one of them to ruin the mood of a game.
: It would offer nothing positive at all. Reporting is a tool to weed out the problematic players and give them the choice to reform, or be removed, and it should stay as it is. If you "dislike" someone who played the game normally, didn't flame, and has the same mmr as you, the problem lies with you.
Reports are abused more often then not. The reporting system has always been more of a source of toxicity then a cure for it.
: Lee Sin W self cast when movement impaired
Why add another ''get out of jail for free'' card to Lee Sins kit? He has plenty as it is. Other champions dont get a jump and shield in one.
Shadòw (EUW)
: viable? you mispelled "completly broken"
To be fair, in LoL traditionally both are pretty much the same thing.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: It's impossible for me to win a game anymore
Tbh OP, I have to call bs on this. Simply because you say flame isnt a big deal, when in my experience it costs more games then all other causes. OT: altho you might win your lane, the game isnt just about the laning phase. What happens after is just as big a deal if not more so. [quote] Even if I was playing passively and just not feed I should win 50% of my games, but it's just always me who gets the bad team (if I don't get 2 afks in the team ofc) and at the end of the game it pisses me off when the enemies were not even playing that good but just got fed and carried by my teammates.[/quote] If they werent playing that well then you are not the only one to get bad teams, right?
Maíko (EUW)
: {{champion:103}} use e when he ults {{champion:1}} Tibbers and he's dead {{champion:131}} use w -> e when he ults {{champion:105}} use e when he ults {{champion:10}} use ult when he ults {{champion:54}} use ult when he ults {{champion:127}} use ult when he ults {{champion:90}} use q -> w -> ult when he ults {{champion:61}} use ult -> w when he ults {{champion:91}} use ult when he ults {{champion:17}} blind him all the time {{champion:8}} use w when he ults {{champion:117}} use ult when he ults Playing against Zed is so easy and predictable....
If you say that youve never played against a half decent Zed. To begin with half those abilities wont hit because you cant target Zed as he ults..
: > [{quoted}](name=TheYellowNoob,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KZlWPhOL,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-03-03T21:42:22.477+0000) > > Which is? Group as 5?
Group as 5 in mid lane, minute 2? I had a game like that once, it was quite fun. But otherwise impractical in a regular game..
: Why is zed always so strong?
Because every nerf to him ends up being reverted because Zed players complain. Basically.
kuzzy47 (EUW)
: Ezreal is the most frustrating champ to play against in this game
Ezreal is like the worst adc around. I mean after Ashe.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: >All traditional mages without gapclosers are squshy too they usualy havce range and cc to componsate for that. >Why is there no way to counter them itemwise? {{item:3022}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3036}} for ad {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3135}} for ap these are all champions that need to run into your face. so kiting is an effective counter they tend to build alot of health so % damage is rather strong.
Mobility counters range. It also counters skillshots (meaning most mage cc). The only thing mages do better is aoe, but reset and AD (aa) damage assassins do the same level of team damage.
: {{champion:89}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:32}}
You can add {{champion:25}} to that list.


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