: Looking for Supp to triumph Silver Ranked EUWE
Add me if you like. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Elizabeth%20Short
: Really? That is interesting. I actually think that overall Leona has done well from these rune changes. Her winrate has shot up dramatically in the last week or so and she seems to be getting more play than she did last season. I can't comment on Braum or Kench because I don't play them.
I have seen a little increase in Leona's too, and she's not a bad support. But she still had a predictable combo and ultimate. There are so many dodges/blinks/dashes these days that Leona just doen't feel too viable. She just soaks up damage and dies to 5 Vayne auto attacks. Doesn't make sense or feel rewarding.
: Could you guys take a look at engage supports
Since the recent rune changes i stopped playing Leona, Braum and Tahm all together. Being a tank support just doesn't feel rewarding at all.
Cakelyn14 (EUNE)
: Any other champions like lulu?
If you like Lulu i think you should give Bard a try. Like Lulu he's AP based, has good range and strong auto attack and a game changing ultimate. Bard's Q is the most rewarding CC skill in the game in my opinion. Yeah it's kinda hard to hit, but once you know how it works it's amazing. It's so hard to predict many opponents don't see it coming (like Leona's stun for example) and are unable to flash or shield in time. Dat feeling when you stun two enemies is just... awesome! Lulu's ultimate ability is pretty straight forward and plain. Bard's is a whole different story. It can change a fight completely, both for engage and disengage. It can however completely ruin a fight for you team so timing and communication is essential. But when you land a good ult, trust me, you and your team will go insane. I always find it incredibly rewarding to play Bard. I have never felt useless. He might be squishy, but the amount of control and utility he brings to the table is worth it. Bard is a roaming support, so again: communication with your adc is a must. You can visit mid lane, give your ally a kill and be back bot in no time. Bard also has a surprising damage output. Where support Brand is falling off towards late game, Bard only gets stronger. Collecting chimes give you even more power as the game progresses. Bard can duel an adc and come out victorious! Being chased? No problem! Bard can get away safely in most scenario's. And since you like Lulu, it's also important that Bard is SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE!!! The sound, the design, everything. Now you may not share my enthusiasm, but feel free to give the friendly caretaker a try. I'm sure you will fall in love. {{champion:432}} <3
xGunna1 (EUW)
: Teemo is permabanned in korea for a good fking reason
Enemy picks Teemo = free win. He might have a nasty laning phase, but in teamfights he's completely useless, dies fast, has no hard cc, no escapes or defences.
: Choosing your Ban Picks
I'm support and always ask my ADC if they have a preferred ban. I rather give my ADC a 'second' ban in order to make them feel as comfortable in lane as possible. Plus i play Bard mostly so unless they have a Leona or Blitz i'm good. If ADC has no response or preference i look at what my top, mid and jungle are picking and make my choice according to that. If all else fails i ban the obvious no-brain damage tricks like Master Yi or Yasuo. I've never really had trouble with Zed (Bard ult) and rarely ban mid-orientated mages. When my ADC is Vayne or another low range/late game scaling champ i like banning Caitlyn.
: Remember when supports built sightstone? I remember.
It's my first item... 800 gold means a one way ticket to base for sightstone + sweeper. Maybe it's me but isn't it common sense for supports to get this asap? I always remind my team to ward as well but i always feel it's kinda my job to provide vision. Vision is life, vision is love.
Faaabro (EUW)
: The right strategy to climb Season 8 as support
: support is dead
Interesting how perceptions can vary so much. I have been a support main since season 3 and i have to say the current state feels the best yet. There was a moment that supports were not being respected at all and playing the support role felt useless. I really like the latest changes and i feel even more useful then ever before. Perhaps it's more related to certain champions that are weaker now. Leona can't really keep up with the changes that took place that past 2 seasons or so. Ardent made Janna viable again, Bard got a little buff etc. Things change, and i think thats great. Prevents one-tricking and obvious meta picks. I do however agree with you that playing a full tank feels weird now. The damage is way to high. Last time i played Braum my lane was far ahead and i built full tank but still it took 3 AA's to get me to 4th of my health.
BerKra (EUW)
: New Meta and Oneshot problem
I don't understand the title. You say there's a one-shot problem but then state all classes are in a good spot now with the new runes? Maybe i missed the point, but what questions do you have exactly. The only thing that still annoys me is the 'tankiness' of pure tanks. Full tank Leona is hit by three Vayne AA's and has a 4th of her health left. That just feels weird. This meta isn't any different if not worse. It doesn't feel rewarding to be a tank.
: lf a silver duo to get gold :O
add me dude. I'm a support main currently in silver 3 placements for 2.
Viavarian (EUW)
: People want to try the new runes. There are quite a few that are very interesting on supports, so it's not surprising that more people are queuing up for support right now. It will likely go back to normal soon.
hmm, kinda makes sense. Thanks for your reply!
Perilum (EUW)
: FILL means you can play any role. If the system can't put you into a game as support, it will FILL you into a game with any other role. That didn't change. It works like intended.
No i understand the concept, i know that if i pick fill i can be assigned to any role. It just seemed interesting that i always pick 1st support and 2nd fill and hardly ever get assigned anything else but support (like i said, maybe 5 times in about 100 games) Was simply curious if the new update changed the chances of getting a random role since i had 2 out of 3 not support yesterday. Thanks for your reply!
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Testiclies (EUNE)
: Oh God, man, I love you. I tend to be a toxic player with a negative attitude when I get into a team with at least 2 or 3 bad teammates or trolls and I can't do sh*t to keep calm and cool. But I will print out your advices and look at them anytime I feel hot-headed. Thank you! :) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Your'e welcome my friend. I know it can be really hard sometimes to remain your cool. The number one thing causing frustration is the fact that it's out of your control. You can't solo carry in League and if you see your team making dumb decisions or troll your mind goes like: i'm trying so hard and doing well, i don't deserve this. The other person is not the main source for frustration, it's you. The others just throw extra fuel on the fire. If you keep that in mind you'll be able to deal with it a lot easier. If you are not the one being toxic then there's no point in getting al crazy over some other dude's actions. Focus on yourself, spread positivity and take a break when you feel you need one. You too got this!
: im toxic, and i wanne change that.
Happy to hear you want to improve. I have a few way to stay calm during a game. Some may seem silly but they help me a lot. * _It's just a game._ Yes, silly as it may sound it's the truth. I'm not in E-sports, I'm not a streamer, this won't pay my bills. It's simply a game, not my life and not the end of the world. * _We are all human._ And we all make mistakes. Stupid ones too. If i got a dollar for every Bard ult that completely messed up the teamfight and titled my adc then, well I wouldn't be rich but you get the picture. You can't expect all people to play flawless. * _communicate._ Even though saying what went wrong might insult another player, i always mention it in order to prevent i happening again. People will learn from their mistakes, even if they won't admit it in game. * _Stay friendly! Re-read what you type_ As hard as it is sometimes, always try to remain positive. This is really important. Sometimes I feel like completely annihilating a player for their dumb mistake but then read what i plan to say and think: there's no way this will have a positive effect. * _Use the right words._ Words are easily misinterpreted, especially if there's no face or voice involved. There's a monumental difference between "OMG ZED can u F*CKing ping If mid is gone????? GG" and "Hey Zed, would be great if you could ss if mid is missing, we almost lost our adc just now" * _Don't assume anything._ Just because something is logical or something you would do doesn't mean others will think the same way. As a support i get the 'ward-insult' a lot. Everybody has wards and besides that: if you want me to put a ward somewhere ask me, don't assume. Even as a support I can't be everywhere and remember everything. It's a team game and i need my teammates to help me just as i can help them. For example: cussing out a jungler for not being bot right after you died is pointless. If you need help, ask for it. * _Games will end. Eventually._ A match won't last forever. Even if you're losing hard there's no point in going bat-sh*t crazy at your team. Before you know it the match ends and you will probably never talk to those people again. You just wasted a lot of energy on someone who has zero value to you. * _Be a friend, not an enemy._ You already have five enemies that work against you, why would you try to create a bunch more? Help others improve. And even if they troll, go afk or are super toxic there's no point in returning the favor. Kill them with kindness. * _Don't take past games with you._ After every match I take a break according to my mood. Am I mad because a game went bad? I won't queue. Still mad after 10 minutes? Do. Not. Queue. Still salty after an hour? Maybe play tomorrow. Seriously, half of the games where my performance was crap or i tilted easily was because i was still mad from the previous game(s). If you don't take a moment you get tunnel-vision and down the negative spiral you go. The further you fall, the harder it is to get back. Realise that after a match is over, it's over. Done. In the past. No need to be salty over a game that no longer exists. This works both ways by the way, winning streaks or amazing games can make you cocky and under perform as well. Take a moment between games. ANYWAYS, that's my two cents. There a LOT more ways to reduce toxicity but these are the things that first came to mind. You will improve, trust me. Let the ban be a lesson and try to be more positive in the future. Good luck!
DeRoo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mìmo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EBbqHkTQ,comment-id=000100010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-31T13:58:18.027+0000) > > Leona cant take half hp even with all combo on Bard but maybe in high elo they play ap Leona but nvm that XD . (even if she use all combo that means adc is safe ) Bard doesn't half leona's health. You know her W increases her resistances right? lol. You really don't know this matchup xD > First Leona need to use stun on adc (ult) and q is short range I mean she do not have range on q just on E but when I play on bot i never stay 2 close to my adc so she cant hit me with E and use Q on adc and its all in positioning with an ADC I place 3 heal use my E (even if my adc is with half hp still will get back full ) Emmm.. Landing a E on Leona is easy. Wait until their adc last hits and E. Its called trading stance. Google it. > If Leona use stun on Bard she need to use on adc as well so most case R is for adc and q is short stun so Bard still have lot hp left and he can easy hit enemy adc+ he has ult. Why are you still talking after level 6? Leona will kill multiple times before 6. If not, there will be a big cs advantage due to forcing you out of lane > From u writing here i think u never played Bard because part &quot;_Bard can&#x27;t stop the engage_&quot; thats reason maybe in high elo they cant hit ult . I have played all champions. You are saying higher elo players can't hit any ults? lol. > &quot;_Bard can&#x27;t re-engage (loses half hp from 1 combo or more)_&quot; he just picks 3 heal he placed and re-engage is on obviously u never played Bard or they do not know how to play in high elo. Ok so waste all your mana doing that. Get back full and fight again. Leona wins again. Waste more mana? What happens when u run out or can't heal quick enough? I'll tell you: You get forced out of lane and cs so the Leona lane wins due to you being scared of dying. > &quot;_Bard can slightly sustain with heal but its not enough._&quot; with 2 heal he can get back half hp but if u ever played u would know that. I have played bard :) The max heal is 70 at rank 1. I don't think 2 of those is "half hp" lol. I think you don't know bard haha. > And ign is for adc q from Bard is lot of dmg because I go ap not tank thats why enemy adc lose so much hp and my just need one aa from my adc, Leona will be alive of course but adc will die fast and then Leona is next . You don't get to use ignite. Because Leona's adc will never be low. If bard lands a stun on adc, Leona goes in and punishes. You can't win due to long cooldowns on bard. Leona's cooldowns are half of bards cooldowns. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} > I played so many games against Leona with Bard and enemy adc is first who will go down , in my rank i get high gold/plat and even diam when i play u can even check that but k its still low elo right? Yes you are gold 5. That is not high elo. I checked your match history and you dont play any platinums. **plus your recent games on BARD IS 1 WIN AND 5 LOSSES** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} So yeah, maybe listen to the higher elo support main rather than think you are pro? I already said ANYTHING is possible at your elo cos the players are bad. I'm not calling you bad, but in general. They are bad. But if you try bard vs leona in higher elo with even ADCs, the leona has a stronger 2v2. Without a doubt.
I mained Leona first couple seasons and now i main Bard. I like Bard more (at the moment) but DeRoo is right, Bard has nothing on Leona. In my sad silver elo however it's not uncommon for me to be against a Leo and come out on top. Just as i beat Leona with Morgana but also beat Morgana with Leona. It all comes down to champion experience in lower elo's. Like i'm a terrible Thresh and i can't get used to his kit and playstyle. I will end up losing any match-up cause i simply suck with him, haha.
: The best Support champs?
What about Annie, is she still a good support pick? I haven't played her after the changes.
DeRoo (EUW)
: As a diamond support main who plays everything from Blitz to Camille support... all of those champions you mentioned are good supports. It just depends on the matchup. Karma beats Morg in lane Morg beats Leona in lane Leona beats Bard in lane Bard beats Karma in lane And so on... Ardent Censor supports were heavily focused recently. Lulu, Janna, Nami, Sona, Soraka, Taric, Rakan... due to ardent being OP for a while. It has been toned down now though. And remember, **Your skill and knowledge on a champion is more important than what is meta** (although Janna and Soraka are braindead easy). TLDR; Pick what you find fun and what suits your team comp or counters their comp. Example: Taric ult takes Fizz and Zed ult out of the game. Glhf.
> [{quoted}](name=DeRoo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EBbqHkTQ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-30T15:52:11.152+0000) > > As a diamond support main who plays everything from Blitz to Camille support... all of those champions you mentioned are good supports. It just depends on the matchup. And remember, **Your skill and knowledge on a champion is more important than what is meta** (although Janna and Soraka are braindead easy). > > Karma beats Morg in lane > Morg beats Leona in lane > Leona beats Bard in lane > Bard beats Karma in lane > > And so on... > > Ardent Censor supports were heavily focused recently. Lulu, Janna, Nami, Sona, Soraka, Taric, Rakan... due to ardent being OP for a while. It has been toned down now though. > > TLDR; Pick what you find fun and what suits your team comp or counters their comp. Example: Taric ult takes Fizz and Zed ult out of the game. > > Glhf. Awesome, thanks for your reply. I haven't had the time to play round with Ardent Cencer, but i'll give it a try. unfortunately it doesn't look to good on Bard, haha. And yeah, it's about who you are most comfortable with. Morgana still feels good, but i played Leona, Braum and Tahm a few times lately and they feel less rewarding. Like they are just there to soak up damage or something. Feels like after a lot of new champs and reworks the whole game is a bit faster with more cc and escapes, making pure tanks less useful. Bard is squishy, but i can shut down an enemy attack or retreat much better. Don't know if this makes sense, perhaps it's all in my head. But thanks again for the useful information! ps. i wanna try Janna but she is soooooooooo boring to play...
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: I started in s3. I currently love playing heimerdinger top, but support is my main role. Current state of game 9/10 and when the new season hits it will have new runes and everything and would be 10/10. The game gets better for every year i play :) riot is doing an amazing job.
Happy to hear that! I always love the job Riot was doing, but right before i stopped it became so fast paced i found it hard to keep up. The gap between new and old champions was so big and i felt Riot was trying to hard. Of course i can't make a realistic comparison after just three games, but it feels a little more balanced. I'm a support main myself and somehow it felt a little more rewarding playing that role then 10 months ago. Thanks for your reply!
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: The new stuff in the game keep me hooked tbh. Hextech crafting too and I don't see it as gambling. You just get rewarded the more you play. Also the rotating game mode thingy keeps things fresh. That's my two cents on the matter.
Don't get me wrong, it's not that i have a problem with Hextech Crafting as a whole, but it's pretty clear why Riot prioritised it in the first place: money. You don't see it as gambling and that's fine, but if you look at the basics of the system it is in fact gambling or very similar to it. You can increase your chance of winning something that would normally cost money by spending money, which is silently preferred and promoted since the chance is so low.
: Lost its touch? I think the game has improved alot. Updated map, updated monsters and now those elemental dragons which bring new excitement to the game. If this game would be like before, around 4 years ago, I wouldn't sit here and still play this game. It would have became boring. I would like to know what you wanted to riot do? To keep this game without any updates?
Sorry for not including all the things that improved a lot the past months. I guess i didn't want to make the topic TLDR. I agree, especially the visuals improved a lot and the game is stunning at this point. Of course we need change to a game, it's only natural. But in this game things like champion balance and player behavior is so incredibly important, but instead we see gambling, more skins, unbalanced reworks, game mode removal and many other things. It just feels to me personally that the priorities are not in order. But hey, who am i to judge. I don't know the ins and outs of running a gaming studio. It must be tons of work.
: This is a horribly biased topic to talk about and what you achieve here is that people who want to hate join in. I disagree with every single point you mentioned and the reasoning you've used, but I can't be bothered to tell you why. I've done it maybe a hundred times by this point. Just ask yourself if change is bad, if things truly were better before and if most of those problems aren't with the game, but with yourself. Peace
Well, i guess you an i are on different wavelengths. No problem with that, we all have our opinions. :) Sorry you can't be bothered to tell me, i'm sure you have better things to do. Peace.
: The word you're looking for is "bored", OP. Your friends got bored, you got bored. No amount of discussion over whether the changes are actually good or bad is going to hide this reality. Now it's totally understandable, after a few years playing the same game for recreative purpose. It's not something to be ashamed of. It's like a relationship when the magic wears off. You and league just weren't meant to be after all. You just need to realize this fact and move on. Personnally I'm a semi-competitve player (more on the casual side recently), and I still love the game. Heck, I'm even amazed one game managed to hook me for six years straight. And when the fun won't be here anymore, I'll quit. As simple as that.
I understand your point, and i agree up to a certain level. Yes, i guess we got a bit bored after playing it a few seasons. But you can't deny that due to the recent changes playing with a 5 man premade team has gotten way less interesting. The excitement of queuing against a another ranked team is gone, and that was the point where my groups exitement started to crumble.
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Illazuel (EUW)
: ***
I get what you mean, but the way you say it it kinda harsh..
: Key Fragments
Do people still even care about Hextech crafting? Don't we all know by now it's pure gambling?
istenszek (EUW)
: No key fragment in 2 weeks
Nobody cares about Hextech crafting anymore. We all know it's pure gambling.
: or you know, prediction? people tend to forget there are also just very good players in this game, and not everytime you get outplayed its because of a scripter (yes they are there, but be very very sure before accusing...)
True. And a windwall script is extremely easy to confirm too.
: The accuser appears to be evoking his right to remain silent, although his silence is entirely consensual, it is a non-direct admition of guilt by refusal to participate and is a separate plea all by itself and acknowledgement of guilt, and therefore the case shall be proceed as the jury see fit with also the addition of contempt of court charges.
But.... but..... ILLIMINATI!
: easy must be bannable again
It's not an insult. Grow a pair.
: objection your honor, call for relevancy and speculation by the accuser, your self pro-claimed facts are not deemed admissible, plz approach the bench for a non-heresay based cross examination!
Crap... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: I can't belive i was blind all this time!!!
It's okay, we all wake up one point in our lives. I'm researching Riot's involvement in the 2008 financial collapse and a bunch of hurricane's as well.
: That numerology you attempted is bogus, senseless and means nothing. if you really wanted to try, i suggest pointing out the esoteric symbolism thats contained in the game/ it has more relevancy and backs up the conspiracy alot more. For starters the eye of horus on amunu's default skin art, and also the thunderbolt under morgannas eye, and her title "fallen angel"
Sceizer (EUW)
: Riot's ultimate secret
Hmmmm, let's see... Riot Games R-I-O-T G-A-M-E-S That's 9 letters. Interesting.. BUT WAIT. Let's take a look at the different regions in the League of Legends Universe. 1: Bandle City 2: Bilgewater 3: Demacia 4: Freljord 5: Ionia 6: Mount Targon 7: Noxus 8: Piltover 9: Shadow Isles 10: Shurima 11: Zaun WAIT A MINUTE! That's 11 regions. SO, recap Company name: 9 letters Regions in the lore: 11 regions 9 and 11 9 11 9/11 OPEN YOU EYES PEOPLE!!!
Eveninn (EUW)
: So you agree it's a quite fitting splash?
Yeah, absolutely! And to be completely honest: i don't really care about splash art. It doesn't change the champion. Angry Goth Annie, Happy Goth Annie, who cares anyway?
: URF chanting and excitement
: I play between 5- 10 games a day sometimes more and i havent gotten a Key Fragment in 10+ days
PLEASE STAHP WITH THESE TOPICS. WHY can't you people understand that it's GAMBLING. They give you chests so that you will buy the keys to open them. Very smart way to get players who play the game completely free to start spending money. STOP making these pointless topics. If you want to open chests: buy keys. But i'd advise you to not give a crap and act like the hextech crafting never existed.
Eveninn (EUW)
: C'mon.... he looks happy...
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VLYMx1eM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-21T06:16:45.543+0000) > > C&#x27;mon.... he looks happy... He looks happy in a Teemo way. Like a i-just-murdered-an-entire-tribe-of-innocent-forest-people-and-sacrificed-their-mutilated-bodies-to-the-dark-lord kinda happy.
: Did we give up on soloQ?
: So you saw a speech and stuff and you think this is a prove? This is as true as a politician promising people that everything will change for the better or even those who say it's all fine while it's not. I can also make a speech, make up some stats and tell it to public. Of course people more rather want to listen to a big company, because they are... "big company". Unfortunately the truth is different. Company will do everything, so stats will look great and like everything is fine. They will always try to fool people with false claims just to do buissness. Dont forget it's for buissness. They are not trying to make the best and most balanced game. They are trying to make money. Trust me that they e.g. get crap loads of money from trolling kids who use parents money for RP and are not banned. Just an example. Same with those stats. They will say everything is fine because its good for them.
I'm not saying it's proof and i'm not saying it's the absolute truth. But if you watch the lecture you get to know more about the way the company operates. They don't have to give full disclosure regarding the way they operate, but statistics can be double-checked by anyone. So if they decide to spew a pack of lies and fake numbers they would only put themselves and thus the company in danger. We live in a monetary system so of course it's the company's highest priority to maximize profits. And trust me, with 67 million active players Riot Games makes tons of money on a daily basis. But that doesn't automatically mean that they are 'evil' or 'trying to trick us' into anything. If you look at the basic facts, they still offer us a completely free to play on-line experience. They have no reason to lie to their community simply because it's very easy for players to quit playing and spending money, if they were paying any money to begin with. Also, if you watch the lecture, they tell you about the a system that recognizes toxic behavior and bans players based on algorithms and it's ability to learn the difference betweens what's toxic and what's not. So it's the system banning players, not Riot employee's. So the argument that they don't ban obvious toxic player because they 'spend money on the game' is rather invalid.
: And this is the statistic that Riots provided. Do you really believe this bs when most of the players see what is going on?
> [{quoted}](name=ChaosDefrost,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OxK1pt0h,comment-id=000b0000000100010000,timestamp=2016-04-19T12:59:28.161+0000) > > And this is the statistic that Riots provided. Do you really believe this bs when most of the players see what is going on? http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1022160/More-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player If you don't want to sit through the whole thing click on 'Diffusion Analysis' in the left of the screen and watch from there. It's a pretty interesting lecture tho so if you want to know more about player behavior and how Riot Games deals with that i'd advice you to watch the whole thing if you have time.
: Adding notes to honor system
Despite the obvious chance people will use it to flame others, i really like the idea. But it would a bit double. If someone really played well i tell them in post game chat or even add them to friends in order to tell them and perhaps play another game in the future. What if the receiver has the option to save the honor with note attached? So you get like a personal wall/feed of positive feedback. Perhaps you can even share them on Facebook or Twitter. Just spurting ideas here :)
: This is bullsht. They didnt do anything like that. Stop making things up. If you got lucky and dont get flamers you are in 1% of lol players. Rest 99% isnt that lucky.
> [{quoted}](name=ChaosDefrost,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OxK1pt0h,comment-id=000b00000001,timestamp=2016-04-19T09:41:09.399+0000) > If you got lucky and dont get flamers you are in 1% of lol players. Rest 99% isnt that lucky. It's actually almost the other way around. If i remember correctly over 80% of the games are experienced as relatively positive.
: > Q - That Looks Comfy I can just imagine this tall, very thin, graceful figure, like a skinny Bard. Just gliding along the rift and suddenly the player hears "That looks comfortable" and he just sits down and becomes uncontrollable for 15 minutes. "Shhhh, _me-time._"
Is it weird that Bard is my main and favorite champion? Hahaha. I'm just a bit less graceful i guess, especially when eating bacon. That's basically me. I can find spots in a nightclub and press Q. Naps is love. Naps is life.
: So what was your accent? -Such posts are downvoted because everyone understands that behind free stuff is a business machine and seeing another complain post is annoying or -There is no free stuff - it's just a bait to lure you into spending more money My opinion at the moment on Hextech: -it's fair what is regarding free chests (you actually can farm them pretty quick because of premade rule and the fact that you don't have to win to earn a chest) -key fragments look strange - at the moment i kind of have enough keys from fragments to open all chests and I think will get missing ones by the end of season but it may be different for people that have a lot of champions -value of Hextech bought with RP is good -you most likely get what you don't want (this is the most complains I've seen) -getting Hextech Annie is nearly impossible (but people actually get her)
There's no point in complaining in a system Riot created, especially if it's one in order to make money. It's like walking up to a roulette table in a casino and complain that the odds of winning are too low. The casino will just laugh at you. It's simply how it works. If you don't like the system then don't play. Every time you get to open a chest just be happy, even if you don't get what you want. Expecting to get free stuff simply because the system is there is an illusion. And if you do win stuff, be happy and don't complain you aren't getting enough.
: If you were a LoL Champion... Describe yourself!
‘Triepwoet, The Herald of Bacon’ A tall and tattooed entity that slowly glides over The Rift, stopping at random times to sit down for a while and put food in his mouth. Preferably something that has bacon on it. LORE: _“Alistar would be pretty good bacon”_ _-Triepwoet._ _________________________ PASSIVE - Eternal Hunger. Triepwoet uses food instead of mana. Whenever food becomes 0 Triepwoet falls into a short depression decreasing his humor- and sarcasm resist by 90% - Q - That Looks Comfy Every 4 hours Triepwoet finds a soft spot in the jungle and takes a 10/20/40/90/220 minute nap. When Triepwoet wakes up he has a full health bar but ‘Eternal Hunger’ is immediately activated. - W – Greater Circle of Awesomeness. Creates an area dealing an infinite amount of attractiveness around him pulling in all champions of the opposite sex. Can only be activated when ‘That Looks Comfy’ is active. Trying to activate while awake will create the ‘Greater Circle of Awkwardness’ instead. - E – The Only Thing I Can Cook. Spawns a delicious burger with Cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, homemade truffle mayonnaise, sweet pickles and fried jalapenos. Consuming the burger will restore food bar but activate ‘That Looks Comfy’. - R – Full-Time Job Triepwoet leaves The Rift and goes to work. His other spells can’t be activated while ‘Full-Time Job’ is active which is a total b*tch.
: Omg. Who downvotes such posts? Do they even read before downvoting? Regarding the key fragments. Drop rate decreases as you get more fragments. It kind of resets after a month after you earned your first fragment. I only hope Riot put quantity thresholds _(give at least N1 fragments but not more then N2 fragments in M wins)_ on drop rate or increase probability _(probability drops if you get the fragment, increases after win, probability drop is progressive but decreases in time)_. Smth like: 1st win: 100% chance -> got a fragment 2nd win: 50% chance 3: 60% chance 4. 70% chance 5. 80% chance -> got a fragment 6. 20% chance -> got a fragment 7. -60% chance (0%) 8. -50% chance (0%) Because probability is still probability. You may not get a key with 90% chance in 10 games and you may get a key every game with 0.1% chance.
> [{quoted}](name=TheEdgeOfDestiny,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=4ZZZWGj4,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-04-18T09:21:32.475+0000) > > Omg. Who downvotes such posts? Do they even read before downvoting? Because it's one of many crying-over-free-stuff-topics. I just about had it with people complaining. If by now you haven't figured out Riot Games wants you to spend money in order to open chests then just... wow. It's gambling and Riot Games promotes it with hextech crafting. Really smart. Kinda sad, but really smart.
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