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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Sorry for the late reply, but I'm a dude lol The hug is still up for grabs if you want! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Year in Review
Same here dude :/
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys! We're aware of this issue and looking into it. Out of interest: - Does this only happen with one skin, or multiple? - Are these new skins only or ones you've owned for a while? - Does the error happen every game, or intermittent? Thanks!
This happens to me on every champ, every skin and every game. I just have to go with the skin I last selected. :(
FrobNitz (EUNE)
: I can't login in client
Same here, my friend who is currently on the client now is mid game however my other friend who just came off the client just re-logged and couldn't log in either. Seems people can play if they were logged in before the bug but everyone else is locked out.
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The Yukeh (EUW)
: ARURF is the most toxic iteration of URF to date - but there's only ONE reason why.
I'd really like a ban phase in this game mode but I highly doubt it will come until the game is back on rotation and even then riot probably won't add it. I want the old URF back, this just doesn't seems as fun as the old one because you don't get the chance to pick a champ in your roster. I personally thought the whole point of URF was to play a champ that YOU ENJOY?! I really wish they made AR URF a separate game mode, so you could pick normal URF and all random.
Barty (EUNE)
: Fill EXCEPT something (please, Riot? *puppy eyes*)
This is something I have wanted since the new system was introduced however with the new change (the one that lets you have any role for filling or supporting) I don't think it is necessary and would cause a lot of problems. Queues would be a lot longer, less people would play support, and the very few that actually play it is so small compared to the size of the community. Although this would not work for normal's, I really think this would be an amazing thing for competitive! I used to fill quite often in games because I was flexible in every lane except jungle (I cannot do a clear without being on 10hp or executed lol). Allowing people to rule out a role they are not comfortable with would be a lot better for people climbing ranked. The last thing you want to hear before loading into the game is "First time (role)" xd
Forze Choke (EUNE)
: As a botline main (support and adc almost equally) I can feel where your post comes from. Let's start from the fact that assassin's only job in League is to kill YOU. To go in, instantly blow up a squishy target (most commonly an ADC) and get out if he is lucky or his name is Zed (the lucky Zed is the deadliest). This strategy is the one every assassin always follows (besides Yi who doesnt need to go out as long as he blows up all 5 of you). Now, how do we deal with these pesky creatures? In the best scenario we kill them faster than they do, otherwise don't let them out and accept the 1 for 1 trade. If you are fed enough, you can nearly oneshot them as they jump onto you, just make sure they don't oneshot you first: Place a pink for Rengar, get BT shield to survive Yasuo's flash+close Q+ult or a scimitar/banshee against Fizz/Diana. If you are not that overfed, make sure someone stays close to protect you. Actually in any case it's good to have someone taking care of his own ADC... Ask your Sona to be nearly and exhaust that alien fish whenever it decides to jump on you. Ask your Alistar to leave the engage task for Gragas and stay back with you to bullYi the Master. If all that doesn't help... get a GA. Assassins hate GA. They might even turn their attention to that delicious Sona of yours, making you able to deal DPS for 2 seconds longer than you should be. (I mean its the cd of Fizz'es E, isn't it?) To summarize the above - When there is an assassin in the enemy team who wants you badly every time it smells you, your first priority is killing it/surviving their engage onto you. If you are ahead, get more damages (along with BT's shield or scimitar's MR to be sure not to die to a 1/5 Kassadin) and, pew-pew to the face, kill everything that jumps on you. If you are fair with gold, ask for team's help. For peel or anything they can provide. If you are well behind in terms of gold, surely there is that 12/3 Vel'Koz on your team who picked up all the kills and now melts the enemy team faster than they can say "Life form desintegration ray" (I did it, Falconshield!). In such case BE THANKFUL to the opposing Akali for focusing YOUR 1/6 ass instead of the main damage dealer. Get as much MR/health/self-peel as you can. Don't be sh*t at dying (long live The Hound). Be annoying. Get banshee, get GA, get zhonya or randuins, I dont care. Mute your team for flaming a 1/8 randuin+warmog Ashe and just refuse to die. Ofc they will report you later and honor the VelKoz. But a win is a win. And doesn't matter which member brings it as long as the entire team gets it.
I love this, thank you so much for the help <3
Caltys (EUW)
: I usually play Vayne, Sivir, Tristana or Ezreal when I go up against those because it's easier to escape. Quite a small champion pool you got there.
Oh no I play all ADC's, they are the one's that I have fun with the most and work best with :P I play every adc but Corki, Lucian, Ezreal and Urgot (if he even works as an ADC anymore).
: buy a support. I heard they come in special packets with {{summoner:3}} included on a serious note, to counter assassins is to team fight assassins are good at killing 1 target (with low defenses), mainly in 1v1 scenario so, you will just avoid the 1v1 and go for 5v5, it can't be more simple its like walking outside at night, if you go alone, there's a way higher chance of getting robbed than when going with 4 "friends" ps: getting an early cowl (as 2nd or 3rd item) helps vs ap assassins in team fights. As for against Zed, just ban and move on. ps: worst case take {{summoner:3}} instead of heal, it reduces the target's damage by 40%, their armor and their mr and their attack speed. This means an assassin would have to do like 180% damage to kill you instead of their usual 100%
Thank you for the tips, I will be sure to use them :D
Inertià (EUW)
: There is no counterplay especially since riot decided to nerf qss, just buy a steraks but sterks sucks too because late game you need to take 1800 dmg for the shield to activate and an adc got like 2k max hp so if you took just a bit of poke before you will die before the shield activates. Maw is good midgame but lategame you will die with shield regardless. Ezreal is very good against assassins or you can try playing vayne with botrk pd and full tank out of spite.
TIME TO PICK UP VAYNE AGAIN XD But you are completely right, QSS was my go to item, now I rarely buy it because there is simply no point. Sure the removal of cc is nice and the speed buff too but this doesn't tend to help unless your singled out.
hiukas (EUNE)
: You cant escape. I like play varus the only ability that i can use to escape assasins is my ult and is a skillshot . So ... how i will land a skillshot to an assasin when assasins have crazy mobility and the only ability that i can use to escape is a skillshot in a 1.30 sec cd . And if you dont land your ult good then you have to use flash . So i have to save my flash to escape zed (mid) rengar (jun) and riven (top) so the time that my flash is not ready i have to wait in my base cause if go for 1 sec outside my basr i will die in a nanosecond.
You just summed up playing ADC in 1 paragraph, I love you.
hiukas (EUNE)
: You are right even your support cant help you if a zed ult you . Mainly cause he can kill you in less than one second. Why this is allowed. But i main kassadin so i will disagree with that. Kassadin can get stuned cause he cant be invisible and he dont have that much mobility in a 1 v 1 fight ( i mean in a 1 v 1 kassadin can use hes ult only for dmg every 2.5 sec. But Leblanc can use 3-4 times her W in 1.5 sec. And zed can use hes W in 1.5 sec too).
I don't see a problem with Kassadin himself actually, I just struggle to fight him as an ADC. Hes one of the most healthiest assassins in this game to be honest. LeBlanc I can surprisingly deal with, she would have been on this list but I tend not to have too many problems with her.
Doomley (EUW)
: yasuo is a fighter and not an assassin tho. Same with lee. Their main job is to kill a high priority target fast and you aren't supposed to try to 1v1 them. Best counter is usually staying near your support and in team fights, wait for them to use their key ability before you try to go hit them.
Yasuo is an assassin, even says it in the game. I see what you mean with him being a fighter but his kit and synergy with items does make him an assassin in my eyes, especially since I play ADC and have to deal with this first hand. Lee is a fighter but I'm going to throw him into this because of the high damage and his play style. Same with Diana, she isn't an assassin but her play style is exactly that. I'll keep your tip in mind for Lee Sin, but Yasuo doesn't exactly have cooldowns...
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: It's a bug that happened to me too a couple hours ago: I got an S- in the game where i leveled Diana to lvl 5, and it told me that i got the token, but in the hextech crafting it doesn't appear. Getting S in the exact game where you reach lvl 5 with a champ probably happens on such a small scale that this bug isn't documented yet.
Ahh okay then thank you :D Were you still able to obtain another level 6 token for diana?
Infernape (EUW)
: The notification that comes up when you reach level 5 states that you're now eligible to earn tokens, not that you've actually earned one.
No I mean I got the level 5 and then after that it said congratulations you have got a level 6 token for katarina
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: The Main Problem with Season 6...
: I have my tryout-phase right now. Everything with just a little bit utility gets played as supp. These games are fun games, just to try out if it could work. From Syndra to Ekko or even Maokai: This makes so much fun and gives a fresh touch to the game. (I play with premades, dont try it solo... Mostly you have allies that think you are trolling) But I will always keep my beloved Lulu right next to my heart. If you find the perfect champion for you, you will never get bored. {{champion:117}}
My favourite is Zyra, never feel bored when I play her! But I'm scared cause Zyra is getting that Mage rework and I'm experimenting and trying to find some sort of fun in other champs just in case Riot messes up.
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: IT depends on what you mean by fun. If having fun means getting kills, don't play it. Play other roles. I play sups and gotta say I'm pretty satisfied with my games. Lately I only play soraka, but when I get a thank you, love you soraka, you are the best here or there, it makes my games a lot more fun. But the most fun part for me is, when enemy thinks they will someone and you just save them and boom, you are the hero. I prefer defensive sups over aggressive sups, but if you don't like defensive, try playing brand, he is kind of broken, you can deal tremendous damage in lane, you can secure kills for adc and have kills yourself, but not much of a defense there. If you miss your stun you're pretty much fuucked up :/
See that's one of the reasons I love support for those thank you's and praise for being great and saving people :) I play pretty much any type of support as long as I have the same results.
: Define "fun to play" because i don't see how Janna has changed from Season 4 for example. Passive got changed to work more locally and her Q now matches the visual.
I mean like things to do or champs to play to keep the role interesting. I find Janna really fun because she is a high skill champ and is very rewarding, especially if you use her ult not just to heal or her q, w to save someone :D
Hey Moor (EUW)
: Just play one champ : {{champion:12}} Heal, Tanky, Play maker, Funny to play {{summoner:31}}
To be honest I didn't really like Alistair, like he is a play maker and all that but doesn't feel like there is a lot to him :/
: After reading the comments: I don't see why Sona or Zyra should be too squishy at the moment, I still play play Sona a lot and I don't have any problems because of not being "tanky enough". If you're looking for another good support I can suggest you to play Nami. She's really fun (to me, at least) and she can have a high impact on the game. Heals, movement speed, bonus damage and slows, knock-up and a bubble. :) Someone suggested Lulu, she's a nice pick as well. I have to say that she seems to be getting nerfed though, so I don't know what the final result may look like. But for now she's really good in case you know the basics to use her full potential. You mostly played AP/Utility supports, maybe that may be an issue to you? :/ If you need another good tank, I could suggest Braum. His passive is really useful and his shield can be as mean as the windwall of Yasuo. (Also, the voice cheers me up every time :}D) Of course, you could jump on the Blitzcrank train as well but personally I dislike this champion. Nautilus is pretty strong at the moment, and so is Alistar. It really depends on your playstyle and on the enemy botlane combination.. I'm sure you'll manage :) It may be only me but I don't see why you should play random champions on botlane. Feels like the true supports are getting pushed away, not even talking about the nerfs every time.. I mean, you can of course but a Janna could probably save you more likely than an Ekko, if it isn't about killing the enemy 1 vs 2.. Otherwise: Pantheon or Darius "support". As soon as they pick up a few kills _you're gonna have a bad time_.. I've seen it a lot lately but I don't recommend it. So much utility is wasted at that moment.. But it may be only me :)
I might try Braum and Nautilus thanks :D might need a new set of supports to keep it fun and interesting :D Thanks buddy :D
: Simple; get good. Usually the people who claim the role is boring have no idea how to play it correctly. Search for guides, there's a ton over internet. Experience helps too.
Not what I wanted to hear, thanks...
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: It's still very strong... chances are you where playing her incorrectly but when I did it presently I got extremely fed. She is also highly contested as a jungle pick in competitive play (although currently she is disabled to to a bug). So she is still strong, but to be successful on her takes some getting used to in order to be effective.
Yeah I can see that side but the chances of getting fed like on release are slimmer :/ Yeah I probably was playing them wrong but I still feel they are weaker than before, a hell of a lot weaker.
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v1rtue (EUW)
: This is not a problem with AP supports. This is simply a case of you not understanding lane matchups and how to play vs AP supports. Ashe/Karma is one of the strongest poke lanes in the early game. They will easily push you out of lane if you play Trist/Soraka. All you can do is buy extra health pots, survive the lane and wait for jungle ganks. If the enemy support is not buying sightstone, it should be easy ganks for your jungler anyway. Starting with Dark Seal should be a possible gambit for supports that know they have the upper hand in the early game, in order to snowball the game.
First of all the Ashe/Karma and Trist/Soraka lane matchup was simply just to put items to names, not as a matchup in general. And second it is not my problem for not understanding AP supports at all its how people EXLPOIT going full ap as a SUPPORT and not buying items necessary for the role! But there is no counter play to it, as bot lane can snowball out of control from a single kill!
Ulriah (EUW)
: That has always been part of the game though, it's just a different strategy. Go for early damage, get kills and snowball, the downside is that if you don't get kills then you're screwed. Remember {{champion:1}} {{item:1056}}? It's basically the same thing except now it's much harder to come back if the enemy team is snowballing.
Yeah I guess it is just a strategy but there doesn't seem to be a downside anymore as the game just snowballs out of control in most game bot lane now. The difference is Annie supports build some ap items but not all ap! Annies still go sightstone and frost queens/talisman and buy wards and even if they buy a rod of ages they still buy things like locket of the iron solari and righteous glory.
: The Problem that you are describing goes a lot deeper than this. The current meta with thunderlords brings out all bad midlaners to play support instead. Thunderlords is the reason why normal supports perform worse than AP supports. Ap supports get rewarded for aggressiv use of the keystone while its a double edged sword. Currently the game snowballs about 85% of games out of control in botlane due to those AP supports. They gain so much strength that they basically solo the enemy ADC with just one kill. Frostqueens and thunderlords basically encourage that play. The snowball can happen either way and since those AP supports are squishy they become canonfudder once they are losing. Additionally they all rush AP items and you lack all the wards making it impossible for your jungler or top to properly roam and help out. The non existent Peel makes it worse during grouping from behind. All your AP support provides at this point is a free kill or getting ignored meaning, ADC dies (focus) AP support picks up some kills. The introduction of frostqueens and thunderlords is disgustingly destroying botlane. And ADC's have to suffer the most out of all. Everything that a bad support did before is now multiplied by thunderlords. Every Engage or trade early on is decided by thunderlords cooldowns which no support seems to calculate, hence the randomness of you hearing "doublekill" everytime you do not play botlane is super high. It also becomes increasingly difficult to take drakes due to having a squishy AP support that spams his abilities to push the lane but refuses to buy a seighstone for that large rod. At that point i fail to see why this person doesnt want to play mid. Then you look it up and see if he plays mid he goes 0/10. In bot he goes 10/10 and still loses. Its sadly the nature the game currently is in, hence i encourage people to stay away from bot because the frustration of playing adc is just immense.
This is just perfect. You have highlighted 100% of everything that's wrong at the moment. <3
Ulriah (EUW)
: Since the pre-season, Soraka is my most played champion and tbh I rarely encountered your problem. Ashe and Karma are good for poking (although that can be easily avoided if you just stand behind minions), and that's exactly what Soraka counters. As long as Soraka doesn't get focused and the ADC isn't a total puss, the enemy bot lane will be running out of mana and potions and then you can start zoning them. It's true though that Soraka doesn't have any play-making potential, so only in this particular case it's up to the ADC to make the plays or the jungler, but that doesn't make Soraka useless at all, actually she's rated as the best support at the moment because there is like no counter to her heals.
That was just a hypothetical situation I made up but I know what you mean but I'm saying that there supports that go dark seal and other items and don't go support throughout the game!
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: One of the tricks to fighting stealth champions is to place wards in the places where they activate their stealths. Like with Rengar (bottom lane example), a vision ward next to the dragon pit will reveal him sooner and better than a pink ward on the brush closer to your lane. So just place your wards further away and you'll see them coming a lot more often.
I'll have to try this out next game, I have started using the part of the dragon pit that has a hole in it that can hide wards at certain angles but the problem is because its so far away it can be quite risky :S Thank you might try this out in my next game (seeing as Rengar is on free week ;-;)
Nerebis (EUW)
: Everyone Can Use Wards - Vision Is Not The Support's Job
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: {{champion:268}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}}.
Haha I main Zyra <3
: >or have challenging mechanics such as {{champion:67}} A non-targeted dash is a challenging mechanic? >or have challenging mechanics such as {{champion:134}} An entire kit of instantly cast point&click spells is challenging mechanics? Try playing {{champion:64}} or {{champion:76}} my friend, then we speak about challenging mechanics :D
I play Nidalee and she does have nice mechanics that's why I play her in jungle for ganks :) But in a sense Syndra and Vayne do have challenging mechanics as if you tumble with Vayne into a bad place you can leave yourself susceptible to cc and punishment. Also Syndra has to worry about damaging her lane opponent but also to position her spheres so that she can use her w correctly and be able to kite if need be. They aren't hard kit wise however the way you use them can be quite challenging :)
DireXcon (EUNE)
: {{champion:134}} challenging mechanics... bruh
Well she is challenging in the sense that you have to position your spheres correctly for your e and kite chasers; maybe she was a bad example but I am looking for similar champs.
: > and you know everyone flips out every now and again You know, I always have to smile a bit when I read this. Want to know why? Because pretty much every flamer who complains about his punishment says that and they are the ONLY ones who say that. It's really funny how consistent this concept appears in this kind of threads. It simply isn't true. Most people never flame. Being frustrated in LoL, hell, even getting angry in LoL is perfectly normal, everbody who is even a little bit competetive can relate to this. But processing this anger by flaming other people, thats where "normality" ends, most players do NOT do that. Thats why only 5% of the community ever get punished for toxic behavior; thats the what distuingishes the average player from a flamer: The way you deal with frustration and anger. > I don't know I just feel like I could be so nice to one person and then after the game its "you have been reported for offensive language" So what? It's just a pop up. Even I got it twice, for no reason at all. Whoopdeedoo, who cares? I even like to get this message because I know that the jerk who just reported me for no reason lost some report value and brought himself a bit closer to be being punished for abusing the report function. If that isn't a sweet feeling of justice, I don't know what is. And thats why I like the report/punishment system: As long as you are not toxic and as long as you know how the system works it's actually enjoyable because you know that every jerk move has it's consequences. And knowing that all this anger, all this disgusting hate, all these unjustified reports against me are completely useles and that these jerks basically press a useless button like trained monkeys...i don't know, call me a bad person for being sadistic, but knowing this makes me kind of happy.
Well I know I'm not a horrible person, I hate being horrible to people and I hardly ever flame. I made this board so people could share suggestions or shed some light on the situation I was in. I didn't know that it was just a pop up, I thought that was something permanent or something that was really bad and was going to affect me badly. You can pull out statistics like only 5% get punished but that is no way true.
: What Counts As Offensive Language?
Can I just say I did a match just then and thought "maybe I do flame so ill make sure I don't at all this game" I played riven vs an Irelia and I was like wp Irelia and saying nice things and complimenting them and they were nice back and then i said at the end like i always do GG WP and I got reported again for offensive language. How is this even fair! My friend was also in this game and she got reported for the same thing and she didn't even say a word the whole game in chat!
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