RuneLye (EUW)
: Pre-Paid Vouchers "error has occurred code incorrect"
Same issue here. bought 30 euros of rp from game stop on Thursday and the problem is still going on. ty riot.
: im too dumb to know what they want as a ''Card number'' there are too many numbs on this Card lol
They mean credit card number, but you didnt use a credit card. just tell them you used prepaid codes, dont fill that box in and send it
: No. He's still uninteractive as %%%% to play against.
he is not. old sol perma shoved your lane and let you play pve while he double killed your botlane. new sol can't shove as well, is weaker early but scales, but has less defined counterplay (insta cast q, ult, cc doesnt disable stars anymore). you can most definitely interact with him. also, if sol was reworked for his interactivity and fun-ness to play against? why hit sol of all champions?? there are many, many other champions that are unfun (zoe, yasuo, aphelios, lee sin, caitlyn, the list goes on) and uninteractive (morgana, yuumi, anivia to name a few) to play against, so why rework sol instead of any of those? it doesn't make sense, and don't bring playrate an approachbility into it. sol's playrate dropped after the rework as countless, countless sol mains quit (some high elo streamers too) and literally 7 out of the 10 sol mains i asked much prefered old sol over new, and that's counting for the fact that 1 of the mains i spoke to only started playing after sol was reworked. his new w is even harder, if not more so than his old w to get used to, the only thing to get use to on old sol's w was the mana management, but thats not a sol-exclusive thing. also they took away his identity, a star dragon, a god who created the stars, yet he can only have his stars out for a limited time? playing old sol, you really felt like you were playing an all-powerful dragon when you floated along the rift with that wonderful movement speed increase on his e, and it was one of the best feelings in the game. now? they stripped him of that identity and the champion feels horrible, just HORRIBLE to play now.
: Pls give Aurelion Sol his old W again
agree 100%, the worst rework riot has ever and will ever make.
lil tobin (EUNE)
: remove omnistone
klepto was fun but unhealthy. you could take legit any ranged champ top (or illaoi) and they would abuse the fck out of it and get full build at 25 minutes every game.
Rioter Comments
: Right now is start of the season and I guess riot don't want overload servers since is ,i guess, one of the moments when lol hit the most played games.
I highly doubt the servers would overload just from sending refunds to people.
: even for bots will take a lot of time to check millions of accounts
They gave out refunds when the policy first came out within a day or 2, 5 days max. So why does it take this long now?
: Why rito can't send our refund tokens faster?
The end of this month? Are you joking? I too sent in a support ticket and they responded that there is no estimate at this time. Why is it taking so long? Surely it isn't that difficult? IIRC when the new refund system was put out, people were sent refunds within a day or 2 of the patch.
: Sett is calling me what should I do?
After getting 10 first bloods you get the calling card. No one knows what it will do yet, though some people are speculating that it will give you Sett for free after he comes out.
: Where is my refund token? ( I seriously need a refund token )
MusicaroN (EUW)
: do you get your 3 refunds reset in the new season or what ?
They changed the refund policy around March 2019. You now receive 1 refund every year if you aren't at 3 refunds, but they have been very slow to deliver considering we're nearly 2 weeks into 2020 and a good few days into season 10.
QuZeed YT (EUW)
: When is the refund token of this year coming?

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