: Hey man, if I can give you any advice (I was diamond 2 seasons), just keep playing your placements. The part you mention about "lazy supports", 100% true, there are some bad players out there. But the trick in SoloQ is to capitalize, on everything. Capitalize on enemy mistakes, enemy weak spots, enemy tilted players, but also, capitalize on toxic teammates, lazy/defensive supports, feeding junglers that dont gank while the enemy jungler ganks bot 5 times. You need to learn to deal with this the correct way (by playing and learning). The answer to your question if you should start playing again? It's simple: do you want to play this game (regardless of rank)?
I don't know, I lost the fun part of this game when I started to play ranked and only found joy in improving each season. Can't really decide and thats why I'm looking for ppls opinion
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