Denchik13 (EUW)
: why am i having restrictions to speak my mind WITH OUT PRIOR NOTICE
If you read the ToS (which you agreed to) it clearly states that "speaking your mind" might constitute you getting banned or restricted if you do anything that violates their rules. So yes, they did give you prior notice. And freedom of speech does not apply to private platforms, the government can't stop you, but Riot can and will. If they don't like what you have to say they are perfectly entitled to kick you out.
: Perma banned?
They haven't reverted permanent bans, so no dice there. If you really want to start playing again you'll almost certainly have to create a fresh account.
: Ban :(
Chat logs or it didn't happen.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: I just don't care anymore, any tips?
Find another game. Seriously. If you don't enjoy playing a game what do you get out of it? It might feel like a huge thing putting down the controller and walking away (so to speak) but you'll feel much better after.
> okay im getting a reaction. job done. would you agree changes need to be made? In an ideal world? Yes. (although in an ideal world there wouldn't be any flamers) Realistically? No. The automated system is the best system that can work with the amount of reports coming in, if the game was smaller and there was less reports there would be an argument for manual reviews but as it is there are simply too many reports for that without hiring thousands of people just for player behaviour.
: How i can be banned calling my team toxic ?
> Rondo w Dźbowie: why i troll because u all flame and u all toxic kids when i playu first time i dont care Seems like trolls **DO** get banned in league after all {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Seriously?
Is this a serious post or just a troll one?
: Worlds 2019 Primer
Waiting to see G2 fold again {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: **pistolero** {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Toxic champions attacks and abilities apply a toxicity debuff that lasts forever (until the round ends). This debuff causes enemies to take 1%/3%/5% increased damage. This debuff stacks with each attack or ability up to 15 stacks toxic champs** 2/4/6** {{champion:6}} - gunslinger/toxic {{champion:69}} - sorcerer/toxic {{champion:17}} - yordle/toxic {{champion:29}} - ranger/toxic {{champion:27}} - brawler/toxic {{champion:36}} - brawler/toxic Mundo can work with this skin (toxic dr.mundo):
Don't think two champions with the same class / origin would be a good fit. {{champion:27}} hextech / toxic maybe?
: Kind of dramatic that last bit, but I completely understand you! The streamer idea isn't that bad either, many of 'em have spoken out about the game already. Some of them blatantly call it a trash game/trash company. Best of luck with your, let us say "quest" (because it's with admirable intentions I suppose.) *Now I'm off to empty my wallet on RP again, Tata!* *Please help me*
> Now I'm off to empty my wallet on RP again, Tata! > Please help me Pft, I do that on Steam sales.
axilirate (EUW)
: Down vote this post.
: in gold 4 to atm and i must say i get at least 1 unranked player in my team every single game. matchmaking at its finest. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
As far as I know unranked players (if they haven't played ranked before) are given a silver 2 / 3 MMR when they start placements. If you lose a few games from a Gold 4 MMR you'll likely run into them.
power203 (EUNE)
: Option for the game to stop the queue after a dodge
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Most disappointing skins you've bought?
Star Guardian Lux? STAR GUARDIAN LUX?! {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Ahem. For me (excluding gifted or got through a lootbox) the one I'm most underwhelmed with is Red Card Katarina.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: $500? I've spent a ton of money on the game, but even I haven't spent that much. And I'm kind of experiencing the opposite. I have games where the premade enemy team keeps 3-4 man diving me just to insult me with stuff like "worthless e-girl" or "Sona main btw". And from my team side, I NEVER get defended. They seem to be even more toxic with me.
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: at what time do new skins come on sale on monday?
: Spatula doubkes the stats from the combined item. Runaans for example gives 40 instead of 20mr
Ah, the more you know. I swear the last time I looked it said 20 extra mana but it was changed back in patch 9.14.
BuggieB00 (EUW)
: Banned by and hacker
The person who 'hacked' your computer is probably someone you know, it doesn't make any sense for a stranger to 'hack' your account just to get it perm. banned instead of, say, spending any RP on it or selling it on. Make sure you lock down everything on your computer if you're not around and change your passwords.
: Demon item counting only as 20 mana towards equip 60 mana on a champ
Um, yeah, on the tooltip it says the demon item only gives 20 mana. Basically you have to equip 3 tear items on the champion.
: Please can someone advise as to why this chat log got me instantly permanently banned?
Okay I'm going to turn this around. Can **you** see what parts of the chat log you've been banned for? I can clearly see some that are considered bannable under Riots rules.
: My preditions for worlds. (spoilers)
I think G2 and Fnatic will get to Quarters / Semi finals, they look about as strong as last season (though G2 stealing Caps makes G2 the standout team rather than Fnatic last time round*). I don't expect the third team that LEC send will get out of groups. Team Liquid is the strongest team that NA has put out in quite a while, I expect them to get to quarters but no further. Their individual skill will see them past weaker regions but their play style means that they'll really struggle against the stronger regions. Other teams that NA send will get knocked out in groups. Don't know much about the teams in the LPL and LCK but I fully expect the finalists to come from those two regions, that entirely depends on how the draw goes. ######*Not bitter about that at all >>
Kravixman (EUNE)
: 0/45/1 Score? Bad day. AFK for 35min? Probably something happened. But... F* word? Jesus... you say it once? and see what happened in Brazil? this huge forest fire? its because this one word. Also, swearing/flaming is the leading cause of death on world. TL;DR There is always a way to explain a hardcore trolling, but never flaming/verbal abuse. The sooner you learn, the better :D Also look out... We have a lot of Riot's Holy Paladins protecting them at all cost. (Probably free RPs or dunno)
Crap, I can get free RP for this? I've been short changed. Seriously? The consistent posters know how the system works and what chat restrictions / bans are given out for, where I think that a chat log is clean I advise the OP to challenge the ban and wish them good luck. However in more than 90% of the chat logs I see there is more than one thing that is against the rules so we've got a rep for always defending Rito. When I think the punishment is harsh I try to point it out.
: I hope they succeed but i dont think so, looking at how Overwatch, HotS, and Starcraft 2 are drifting to the abyss (altho war3 and sc2 got a small boost to their players recently again) and then BFA, and in general how they are letting all those titles die, i don't think if they have it in them anymore
It's been a long while since Blizzard announced something that I was actively excited about which is a shame. I can't see where they could go from here that would be successful other than another expansion of WoW or Diablo (though they could get on the autochess bandwagon but that'd be small fry compared to what they usually do).
: League of Legends Classic
> Now Riot, maybe there is still a bit of love left for your consumers somewhere there. Please give us an old balance patch of league. I'll play again, and i'm sure, half of the people who are playing Fortnite and other games, will come back to league too, even if for a short while. Blizzard did it, and it looks like a success. You can do it better than they did. I think Blizzard's game plan is to keep themselves relevant while they're working on Diablo 4, most people will drop WoW classic after a short time when they see what the grind is really like. After sales dry up again they can always release Burning Crusade classic while they're working on something else.
: U right i should not use money as a excuse. But the point is riot only show my chat and i was just trash talking the enmy team cause they were making jokes of me. Im not right but they are not to and if i get ban they should to.
Going through the chat logs I'd be really splitting hairs by pulling out some chat line and saying what is acceptable and what is not, as pointed out above the worst of it is trash talk. Since this is a permanent ban and not a 14 day one I'd say submit a ticket asking for it to be reviewed, there's an odd chance that they might give you another temporary suspension or if you're lucky drop it. If you do submit a ticket be polite, it goes a long way. Good luck.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: RaMMuS BoTTT: %%% it RaMMuS BoTTT: %%%j off What are those censored words?
Ii think it's an aquatic bird but spelled with an F.
megaH0m0 (EUW)
: add this quote to loadingscreen
Or a simple "Don't flame."
: The new Star Guardian skins
I've said this before but... No Star Guardian Sona? Pass {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: the new star guardians
No Star Guardian Sona? Pass {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Rename ADC as ADT or ADF for low elo
I say ADBULGIG "AD %%%%% Until Late Game I Guess"
Megamenas (EUW)
: I have no access to this account email
Send a ticket to support:
TyrionL (EUW)
: According to info you actually can, have you checked your stash ? its above ur missions TFT: 1st or 2nd place = 10 PROJECT 2019 Tokens 3rd or 4th place = 8 PROJECT 2019 Tokens 5th or 6th place = 6 PROJECT 2019 Tokens 7th or 8th place = 4 PROJECT 2019 Tokens
Ahhh, the more you know. I've got a quite laughable amount of tokens in my stash.
TyrionL (EUW)
: How much project tokens have you earned so far ?!
Zero, you can't get them by playing TFT. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: *sigh* same answer I get from all meateaters... heck, why even arguing with you guys xD
This is the same level of cringe as when POC call white people "Colonizers".
: I don't think that adding another noble is healthy for the game
Neither is adding another gunslinger. We're just theory crafting.
: [TFT] Caitlyn 2 cost Hextech/Gunslinger
Having Caitlyn at 2 might make it easier to get the Gunslinger comp early as she would be a gunslinger. I would say make it 3 cost and make her Hextech / Gunslinger / Noble (a bit like Gangplank).
: Ah yes, i had people call me "ret*rd" multiple times in games and they got no punishments, by this logic calling someone an idiot is abusive, but calling someone a ret*rd isn't, which means that the auto ban system is faulty to obscene degrees and riot needs to fix it, but it seems they don't like to admit they make errors
Chat restrictions and bans come from consistent toxic behaviour, yes they might not have got punished for this game but if they continue like that they will be. Since this is not your first punishment it tells me that this is certainly not the only time you've used that sort of language.
: Unfair ban
> Although there is some swearing and i called someone "idiot" and "bad" this kind of language is hardly to be considered "abusive" , on the other hand i was costantly getting spam pinged and insulted for the slightest mistake by players on those games, so i believe that the ban in highly unfair and that it should be revoked. To Riot calling people bad, idiot and other things in your chat IS considered abusive and their opinion is the only one that matters. > And yes, i sent a ticket to Riot, but it's been 3 hours and i still haven't recieved an answer (except the blitzcrank bot, i requested a human as soon as i got the bot message) It's the weekend, most people have the weekend off. Yes, for customer services they'll probably have some people on duty but it'll go much slower until Monday (plus it generally takes more than 3 hours to get an actual response from support).
: 404 humor not found.
I can see what you are trying to do, it's just not funny. More like passive aggressive whining. (PS It's humour, I don't care what spelling autocorrect has to say about it)
: How about a system just like in cs go , the "overwatch" one where players with high ranks and hours can spectate the game whrere the player got reported and decide whether or not they deserve to get banned{{champion:202}}
Ok, imagine the amount of games that you report people that intentionally feed in. Then mutiply that by the total amount of players that play this game. Do you really think that the high level / hours people that you think will help will have time to watch those games? The original tribunal was shut down because there wasn't enough people of all or no ranks to judge, your suggestion would be even worse.
: 14 day for 7 chat messanges adn 3 out of context "%%%"
All I have to say about that:
: You think I didn't figure this one out on my own?.. Still, if right now there are not enough champions then there was no point in adding this information, because it only creates confusion, especially after ---->>>> > Blademaster 9 ⇒ Blademasters have a chance to gain 4 extra attacks. (This one is currently possible, good luck). That's exactly why I wrote about this.
From your wording and question marks it didn't appear you did in your opening post. If you spend enough time lurking around the forums it's surprising how oblivious some posters are (to be clear that's not directed at you) so I tend to dumb down my responses sometimes. Back on topic brawler could be any number of champions, I'm trying to figure out who the shapeshifter might be...Neeko perhaps?
: Riot Games is actually serious about TFT? I rightfully doubt it!!!
> 1) "We added this for... reasons, so just don't worry about it, ok?" - (c) Riot Games. The simplest answer is that they are going to add more champion(s) to the pool. The question is which champion(s).
: Bye league hello dota 2
See you in a week.
Murenu (EUW)
: theres 2 parts in a contract u moron. where in the contract says i should be forced to play with trolls that ruin your game your rank and i cant do anything about it but complain in game ? and because of that complaint i get banned? if that was in the contract nobody would play lol
Mr Brand? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Thank you. You clearly have no understanding of what a contract is. Having 'trolls' in your game is not the fault of Riot, they can't control what other people do in games, it's your attitude in games that got you banned. Not reading the Terms of Service is your problem, not Riot's.
: (rant) Riot please don't ruin TFT
4 Ninja's are pretty strong too. I just lost every round down to 3 health, got my ninja comp on line and then won every single round after.
: Anyone else who hates this mage support meta??
For years people have been picking Brand, Veiger, Vel'koz etc. support. It's nothing new. But yes, I don't like it as people who pick those champions are playing it as a secondary mage instead of a true support.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: - How they hack ? when evrithign is server based ? - Botting with accounts well this I assume is possible since you can have 8 premades, but like that they can be 8 friends that help each other leaving but let one win then let other win and so on why you care ? Contrary to soloq where they can get in your elo and ruin your game if they are artificially boosted, in TFT you don't care about others ranks if they are boosted or not being a solo game. Why it affect you they are higher elo than you ?
Hell I want some boosted players in my games, it's easier to kill them ^.^
Shamose (EUW)
: I downvoted this comment because
: i got banned for being told "%%%" and many other things by flamers.
I don't know if the ban is reverted if the only toxic thing you said was %%%, however you know that you can be banned for it so why risk it? All you have to do at the end of the game is REPORT. You don't have to parrot it back because that can lead into trouble. (not going into the rest of the game, other people have earlier)
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