LightTrack (EUNE)
: You can't see the trajectory clearly and i'm pretty sure it goes through his heart from the looks of it.
: Which champion did you have the most fun with in 2015?
{{champion:58}} stacking fervor on minions {{champion:107}} picked him up in free rotation, imadiately unlocked when had 6300ip
: Thunderlord's Decree
"Sry" - Riot 2015/2016
AHScoven (EUW)
: frozen rift!
This is so cute why Riot didn't do it themselves?
: That so called 'beta' has been around for more than a year now :)
How come I didn't know bout that?
: cant create a name with words that contain 'ass'.
Rioter Comments
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I do agree Rengar needs some changes, but not a nerf to his numbers. Since the Thunderlord release, he has been doing pretty well and seems to be back to the old pre-reworked assassin rengo days, and now is an assassin that feels uncounterable (just like Riot has removed Silence from LeBlanc, Talon and Kassadin due to "lack of counterplay"). But if he had any of his numbers nerfed, he'll be simply useless. So I think he needs something that will be able to counterplay him. maybe a red shadow-thing (like in oracles) that flashes every ~2sec on the location he was ~1sec ago? or maybe change the root on his empowered E into something that has more counterplay? (Yes, even being a skillshot, it doesn't help much when he's literally in your face after he jumped on you). And yes it takes ages for Rito to fix things like this. I can't remember just how many seasons LB and Kassadin were the terror of the rift.
It's counterplay: if he roots You he can't empower his q same time.
: Under 60 seconds late game lol like maybe even 40
Well I have 40% cdr with Warrior, Lucidity, Youmu and Dethdance.
: What I find funny is evelynn can't go within a certain amount of units without getting spotted, but rengar can be anywhere around you and all he gets is a warning signal saying you're gonna die (because lets be honest it's pretty useless, I still shit myself everytime he jumps).
Coz Rengo's stealth is ult, Eve is whole time stealth. If he stands beside You just drop pink.
Just Hide (EUW)
: Game PC doesn't work anymore
If it's a new comp it can be that they put good Cpu and Graphics but shitty power supply unit to spare some money. Good rig needs good Psu, You just can't save on this part of your computer.
: yet another 20min wait for bad equipment
Well it isn't funny for your mates to play 4v5
Raentwo (EUW)
: "Esports" bug
It's not a bug it's a feature.
: Bullies in league of legends
IT's coz of new automated banning system. Only 0.006% flamers get actually banned so the rest can do whatever they want.
Agidyne (EUW)
: What champions did you use to ban when you first started playing?
{{champion:122}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:35}}
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Current State of Nidalee
Her low win rate comes from being hard mechanically and strategicly. IF she will get buff high skilled players would destroy evertyhing with her.
: Goodbye folks ^^
Automated banning system is a pure bs. If it only bans 0.006% summoners of whole community, what happens then with rest of flamers? Answer is that they keep flaming and Riot does nothing about it.
: Warlords Bloodlust not working (Video proof)
If they changed it, it should 've been also anounced. They were saying that crit heal from bloodlust will only proc on hitting champions to prevent abuse of it by Yasuo's and Trynda's.
: Milky? That's just the effect when certain program freezes. Probably your PC exploded a bit.
Windows was working fine. Only client went milky and I had to restart it.
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Vuks (EUNE)
: Ways of balancing the cirt-based champions - Warlord's Bloodlust
On na forums they already announced that begin next week ther will be coimng a hotfix to make crit healing from bloodlust only by hitting champions.
: Could Graves just 'slap' someone with his gun while out of ammo?
Well I guess it's hard to reload and slap with the same gun at the same time.
: please just fix normals matchmaking...
My friend like 16 lvl gets destroyed by plats and plat smurfs when I'm silver 2 and our 2 other mates are lvl30 unranked (he cna't be higher than silver) and lvl 26 noob oh ya and one random that we get always fall in with cs and feeds. I always ask myself wtf is this Rito.
: Quote from a diamond smurf trying to help silvers
Well the only problem I can see bout that advice is simple. No silver summoner will ever stall the game. Only way You can climb is by outplaying your opponent and outfarming him so that enemy team is behind and will do more mistakes like not stalling the game.
Soarburn (EUW)
: Unconventional Supports Pros and Cons (Upvote for more)
{{champion:55}} When enemy adc is short ranged You just wait for him by then minion he wanna last hit when your q is up. Makes enemies use their cc on support. Annoying as hell when e is up coz You can blink avoiding some skillshots like Thresh's, Nautilius's and Blitz's pulls. When gank comes and your adc is already safe You can blink to him. Kata won't be picked in pro or high elo games as support but I'm having much fun with her in my elo hell.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Not that's not it. It's just these "trolls" aren't trolling. ( most of the time ) People have no idea what a troll is nowadays it's sad. Anything different is a "troll".
Well game is simpe You play in team and You take objectives till u take down nexus. Ifg someone is doing something else it must be trolling.
Kiimahrii (EUW)
: Matchmaking in Drafts
I would like to see Riot's statements on matchmaking. From what I know they always stated that their try to match two even mmr teams, but i always failed to see it. Alsa what I didn't like in s3 was that once division 5 of each tier was reached people couldn't fall lower so they trolled people who wanted to climb (it's why i missed gold in s3). Then they addressed this issue by letting people drop division, but according to me this still isn't solving some trolling, coz these division 5 people can still troll few matches on purpose. And that luck based system is also bad, noone can prove anything but it sits in back of our heads. Like recently i was 1 win from going into promos to silver1 and i got afker. I thought it's cool can happen, I'm on good constant rise, I'll win 1 game now and I'm in promo, and then came few loses instead (with complete toxic idiots saying that I'm doing bad when I took their desired lane and even by being up in cs and turret over lane opponent).
Txaomin (EUW)
: Trolling in rankeds at the end of the season
Well just think about it from Riot's stand point. They not gonna ban people too soon, or too harsh because people are their costumers who buy skins. They are not interested in banning their milk cows.
WrenhaveN (EUW)
: Is there any case of someone going straight to gold division after the 10 placement games ?
Last season (s4) on eune i got to gold5, but I don't remember if its was 7-10 .
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Few ways to add counterplay to Darius
Q should be interuptable with hard cc (now he shits on Shen but if You impelement it Shen could have a little room to play with Darius), and he shouldn't be allowed to move while channelig q, he is immobile jurrgenaut I ve heard.
: Darius Q bug?
Happened on worlds also.
: Well it would be unfair if you could cancel the skill with a stun , cause that would be a huge counterplay and would make darius more easy to kite. I meant that he doesn't get the stun effect while charging his Q.
Well if u can cancel Fids ult which is of more impact than Darius's q... Darius Q should be unmovable except for flash (he shouldn't be able to move) and should be interuptable.
: Darius being invincible/unstunnable while charging his Q
I think his q should be recoded by Riot. Like he spins even when being knocked up. No counterplay.
: rak'sais tunnel tp has quite a long cd (imo, i dont play her often neither did i have her very often in my team) also like i said the tunnels can be easily destroyed
Ye her tunnels can be destroyed. Shako's box wouldn't but be only there for 1 min.
: I feel like this is pretty op o_o it should have quite the cooldown so he cant teleport through the map as he likes, like Rek'sai, but his tunnels can be destoyed though....
So You do find it op but reksai's tunnels aren't op. Strange.
LolixS (EUW)
: I had an really bad luck... From 6matches lost I had like 4 games with an afker... And 3 or 4 with trolls and fights.... I just wanted to reach gold till the end of the season... :(
Well You can still try You know till 11 nov. If You will get lucky You will make it. Thoug it will be very hard coz I know how matchmaking looks like there.
LolixS (EUW)
: How is that possible to get demoted after getting promoted?
I do also bounce between sil 2 and 3. Game has no sense for me anymore now I don't care if I'm gonna lose or win coz it always depends on which team has more feeders.
DarthRap (EUNE)
: Nerf the living crap out of...
You let them have 2 barons and more creeps.
backslicer (EUNE)
: How I see punishments and why I think most people she the community the wrong way
: Why is everyone trying to play carries?
Tanks got nerfed hard. Now You have GP, Fiora other shit that kills poor Shen in a matter of seconds. Not to mention jaggernauts that first item is so tanky BC. Even some tanky champs build Triforce first liek Heca.
candoodle (EUW)
: spot the female streamer
I didn't know Jankos is a girl...
Rioter Comments
Enderty (EUW)
: Seeing edge of window
Thx. Changing to full screen helped. Sry for late response. It can be closed.
: Epic Fizz Bug! Damage while using Zhonya? YES
: You've got a good eye sir! Thanks for the correction ;) To to the OP, still try the same steps. and get back to me :)
Yes I still run same laptop i did. Yes i set my native laptop resolution only so I ll try enabling/disabling full screen mode in video options to see if it ll help. I ll tell later today round evening/night. Thx for replies so far.
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CLampToN (EUW)
: About PBE, recent PBE players and who really deserve that.
Sound like a blackmail "take me in or i ll report bug by bug". If You would like to show how trully good and "uninterested" in profits You are You would have reported these bugs right away. And then You would write: " sept 2015 i found plenty of bugs in onlane shit called LoL." with the reference link to Your post.
Negartron (EUNE)
: Item sets are horrifying, why are you doing this to us?
Sorry for Your loss but... Now i start to wondering over shop that they always had problems with lags maybe it comes because of that item sets being read from hdd.
: That's until you realise that they are working on it right now, so you might want to do some actual research before blaming riot for being greedy.
I never said they do nothing bout it. I said it's not their prioryty.
: Championmastery
It's because it isn't Riots prioryty. They won't get $ for it. So why work on it.
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