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Korios (EUNE)
: The Dragon that appears in the top side of the map at 1.17 (I think)
They should change it to the dragon model from Season 1 :D
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hallaskog (EUW)
: Choose the Login Screen
If this ever gets implemented, I want a "random" feature that gives me a random login screen every time.
: Remake voting needs to stop if a team get the first blood
So your reasoning is that it should stop because you want to win 5v4s?
: Riot matchmaking what is this? Impossible to win.
Haha, I´ve had way worse. Try being in Bronze but still having Gold players on the opposing team.
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: fuckk this shitt
"steal money" as a play-for-free game. Exactly. That´s how it works. They stole your 0 Euro.
The P0ke (EUW)
: Suggesting play of the game feature for LoL
Just a quick question: How the hell will this be implemented? I suppose that the game engine could barely figure out when something counts as a "teamfight", let alone decide which one was the best. You´d need a Rioter to sit and watch your game and say "oh yeah, that looked nice". This is simply not possible. On top of that, the original suggestion is pure bullshit. LoL is a team game and a single play usually doesn´t matter as much. This would only lead to everyone crying over "killsteals"... This may be great for some games, but PLEASE NO for League.
: Incredible raise in toxicity levels?
I must agree, I also started around the end of S2 and nobody even cared to complain about my {{champion:21}} {{item:3004}} build
: [Gamemode] Ability Chaos
Imagine a dash on a full size Cho ^^
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: Game loading screen options
Really, the drawings would be 90% dicks. You know our community.
: Attack Speed Items: When and What?
Runaans, great for Varus passive too. E: Well, it´s technically his W
: Aurelion Sol Gameplay Suggestion
It makes sense that the stars disappear. It´s very important for balancing. Otherwise you´d just build full tank, fly into a teamfight and everyone around you dies to your stars. The other suggestion sounds better but would also make him too strong IMO. Then your Q would be way too easy to land. They´d have to reduce the stun duration at the very least. Also you are in fact able to quickly detonate your Q if you just send it out and then fly the opposite direction.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: I Just Played Against a Platinum Rengar
Well the real problem here is being matched against Platinum players at all :D
WambaX (EUW)
: New Statistic for Supports: Number of saved lives
And how do you propose to do that? Should someone from Riot view every game individually and say "oh, it was definitely him who saved the adc there" and "nice save, I´ll give him a point for that"? Saving teammates can´t be measured.
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: > [{quoted}](name=EnemysKiller,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ymtEwozE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-27T00:27:21.075+0000) > > Send them art and you´ll get RP :D I don't know if you're being serious or not? xd
> [{quoted}](name=Banta Squad,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ymtEwozE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-03-27T16:23:51.485+0000) > > I don't know if you're being serious or not? xd No really I think they give you up to 50 Rp if you send them a drawing
RutgerP (EUW)
: How League is no longer a real "GAME" nor a "SPORT" nor "FUN". Or should not be considered as one.
Sir, you are an idiot. 1/2. Thunderlord´s is not OP anymore. It´s only strong on some champions, just like every other mastery if you play it right. And yes, Assassins are able to one-shot ADCs, because that´s what assassins are for. 3. Oh poor you you have IP left and nothing to buy with it? Then one question: Why the fuck does that matter? Do you really need all skins so badly, even on champs you never play? Get a hold of yourself. And btw, you get boxes from playing well. Not noticed yet? Then you´ve just not been playing well ;) 4. I actually agree. *puke* We do need more bans with all the champs we have. Alright, good though that you stopped playing, now we won´t have to endure your crying.
Phyrz (EUW)
: "Broken" ADC's for Ranked/Climbing ?
Miss Fortune can pretty much always win lane. If you hit your Qs well lane´s won, you don´t even need a support. Then get a double every time you ult. But if you let someone come too close, you´re dead.
Kendox (EUNE)
: Kayle broken champ (or guinsoo)
Lich Bane is crazier. E - auto - Q - auto - W - auto - R - auto - Q - auto - "PENTAKILL"
: Honor Badges
I know that you can get several ones, not sure if you´re able to select one though. Also, I´m quite sure that you can lose badges if you are banned or if you don´t get honored for a while.
: "Smufs"
Maybe they...were just good? E: Oh wait it´s EUNE, yeah they´re probably all EUW smurfs.
Flashingman (EUNE)
: New AP items
"give them better stats" - Yeah sure give Rabadons 150 AP and then we´ll see if you´ll still be wanting more AP on those items. Be happy that AP items are cheap, you´re getting your build quicker than AD champs.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Will trade soul for RP
Send them art and you´ll get RP :D
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: Toxic Friends
Yah I´m a toxic friend. I admit it, I´m toxic as hell. But I´m not one of those "I should be Diamond" guys. I know that I belong in Silver/Bronze and that my plays usually suck. That just means that I get even more angry if people actually play worse than me. I just don´t get it, like, how can you be so bad?
HAKAmaika (EUNE)
: Can you bring back U.R.F?!?!?
URF is coming back!! It´s been announced! And more than just once a year!
: [Suggestion] Let Zilean place bomb on himself with alt-Q
It would be too easy to hit it. That´s the point of skillshots. Or should we now enable that for all skillshots?
gorogi2000 (EUNE)
: champions that need nerf
You do know that they balance champs for the Challenger tier/LCS? That means that up there, every champion should have around the same levels of power. Of course that means that in Bronze and Silver, where people just aren´t as good, low-mechanic champs are stronger simply because more people are able to play them well.
J3Rik0 (EUNE)
: When will Riot's developers learn to write a proper algorithm?
If you pick jgl as primary it´s your own fault.
: New Champ Select: Pop-up on Ban.
Just bumping this since I feel this is really needed and a tiny change that would perfectly into our next Patchnotes :D
: People banning champs you want to play. Remove it please.
If it was Jax I totally agree with that player.
Cyrinic (EUW)
: Tristana's W meets Veigar's E
Seriously, stop arguing. LoL does not follow the simple physics your mind can process. So dear Tristana player, no.
: Lunar Shop
I am surprised to see that apparently I have it too, on my smurf (EUW). Haven´t gotten it on my main yet...
: How do placements work?
It´s just normal this year. Everyone´s dropping because of the "Dynamic Queue Rating" or something like that. Apparently everyone is dropping several divisions.
: Getting secondary role in new champ select to often.
Many people choose jungle as primary right now, therefore it´s hard to get.
: Sometimes I really wonder
: My Message About Building Friendship in League Of legends
You said "Amumu song" - I thought of something better, more like this:
kaketsuu (EUNE)
: can you fuckin nerf the op thunderlord allready?
1. Calm down kiddo. 2. OOOH it did already get nerfed.
4xmoon (EUW)
: New Sejuani build Season 6
It´s kinda sad how you say "Thunderlords OP" right after it got nerfed and is not that strong on tanks anymore.
: Loose != Lose
One of the biggest problems is probably that a huge chunk of the community aren´t native English speakers. Like me. Some of those words are just hard to get right, even after learning English for a long time.
: Which champion should I replace the old Shen with?
{{champion:48}} still is quite strong, if you feel like you´d enjoy him, go ahead ;)
: New Shens Abilities and Skin problem
Shen was boring, end of the discussion.
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: Help me come up with a new summoner name
BouncyPredator Kha'nt you down.
: NEED HELP. New champion selection created a huge problem. I cant play this...
You really should start learning new champs. I can somewhat decently play 2 or more champs on each role. Therefore I never will have that problem.
: New Ranked Season (and ranked is down?)
Be happy that you didn´t get to play today, it was horrible.
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