CJXander (EUNE)
: Hey, nice stuff in there, but unfortunately, Riot doesn't support modding the client in ANY way. I'd be really careful if i was you, don't get yourself banned or something like that.
> [{quoted}](name=CJXander,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=ume1wEcA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-14T23:13:26.354+0000) > > Hey, nice stuff in there, but unfortunately, Riot doesn't support modding the client in ANY way. I'd be really careful if i was you, don't get yourself banned or something like that. Ahh, i'm not intending to mod any models - The background is jst for fun. I'll be 3D printing him so he fits in with these guys: https://na.merch.riotgames.com/en/collectibles/figures.html Would be intersting to see the chibs ingame though hah hah.
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: And that's how Yorick nerfed himself.
> [{quoted}](name=realGuybrush,realm=EUNE,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=JVRVsGLB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-07T08:33:28.326+0000) > > And that's how Yorick nerfed himself. Hah hah! He'll find another one im sure :D
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cioker (EUNE)
: Reward
Make sure you are signed in! I did this. -_- Learned the hard way.
: Ehm... i dont know why... so I just send it anyway, maybe not that funny, still I wanted to do it x)
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Extra Ban For The First Pick Person
10 Bans is enough! It used to only be 3, be glad its 10! Yeah its frustrating going first pic, ask for swaps and pick smart.
Laburista (EUNE)
: Kennen is the only Electric based Champion? Here is an idea
{{champion:106}} and Thunderlord {{champion:516}} ...Oh and {{champion:2}}
Ðáddy (EUNE)
: Vayne skin
Good luck!!
Araturo (EUW)
: Can we talk about Sona?
I mained Sona (300k+) for a long time - Her kit does have a healthy bunch of utility and poke, but she has her faults. --PROs-- If she focuses maxing her heal, mana is done and the heal at early game is barely worth it. Her Q has an auto homing Poke, with decent range and nearly no counter-play if you aren't expecting it, couple that with her speed and shes excellent at disengage. --CONs-- Using 1 ability puts the others on a small cooldown. She cant spam or combo quickly, making her susceptible to burst, and if she goes AP, even more so. Her mana costs early game are pretty high, she can't throw those Q's out unless shes guaranteeing herself a hit which puts her forward. She is like a PvE boss. Learn her patterns and exploit it.
: Anyone thinks the new loading screen sucks?
I think there is a ton more information we could get on that other side. For instance, what role they usually play, recent winrate over 10 games, other champs they play.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Any recent bugs to abuse?
: How to carry in gold as a toplaner
{{champion:83}} + {{item:3078}} + Gathering Storm + Demolish = {{champion:112}} {{champion:11}}
Amoustafa (EUW)
: Draven proves you can't break an egg with your palm
The Tyler1 reference is dynamite. Excellent work - keep it up man.{{champion:83}}
xLunizx (EUW)
: Stuck in Champselect
Happened to me too - I was in qualifiers for S1, instant loss. :(
: You can live in LoL universe anywhere together with a champion,with the abilities of a champion.
: What does counter Lux and Vel'Kroz in Bot lane?
Take {{champion:3}} Support with {{summoner:3}} ...and level up until you get minorly beefy. Then you can all in the support who has no health sustain Exhausting the ADC will make them pretty useless in that fight too. I agree with a former comment hear saying, ADC choice is important if you _know_ they are taking a burst support. Galios CC and MR scaling will allow you to wreck late game too. Good luck!
: Dark Souls with a League Champion. Who would you pick?
Yall wrong... There is only 1 shepherd of the damned... {{champion:83}}
Bareshin (EUW)
: please IP ban me
Back on point guys; **Potatoe **- Gaming addiction can be a severe problem that will impact your life. It's very easy to become engrossed in a game and lose everything around you. You've hit your first step, which is to admit there _is_ a problem and you want to get by it. There are a few ways to stop, going cold Turkey will never work - Bans, will never fully stop you, it will just want you to play more and hate yourself because you can't. Ask yourself what you achieve from dedicating so many hours of your life to such a thing? What impact does it actually have on your life? Does it make you socially interact with others? Does it make you money? Does it say, fulfil a need to be competitive? When you find where that **need** to play comes from, you can fill it with something more productive while not replacing your love of the game altogether. What right do I have to say any of this?: I was addicted to playing the Halo series. I tallied up my hours. I had over **3 Collective Years** of nonstop play. It consumes you and you miss out on your youth. You miss out on those days with your real world friends who eventually all disappear. It sounds like you have a life outside of the game. The game helps you escape reality you need strong people around you to reassure you. Maybe you could message me and add me to Discord if you have it? I'm happy to help brother. If you google my username you will find me no problem. Much love. {{summoner:13}}
Fajerk (EUW)
: Situational Itemization is absolutely reasonable thing in League of Legends. Main mean of adaptation in game are going to be your item choices. There are items specifically build as "situational", for example {{item:3140}} or{{item:3123}}. Adapting your build to given situation may be crucial win condition, and since it is something that anyone can do, during the game, it is absolutely considered a "reasonable counterplay". In given example, if you play against Malzahar or Skarner, buying QSS will heavily counter them since it removes their ultimate. It is situational, and in most cases it will be considered "sub-optimal" build, however in such case it is totally worth it. Expecting that you gonna be able to beat one of best 1v1 champions in game without adjusting your item to specifically counter them does not seem reasonable. If champion is designed to be good in 1v1 scenario, then surprising it will be good in 1v1 scenario. You could adjust team play around it, calling in jungler/midlaner to gank her early, and counter her by hard engages in mid game & late game. However this would require teamwork and correct team composition, so I'm not gonna propose this as solution to regular game. However what you can do is counter Fiora's ability to beat you in 1v1 scenario/push the lane. You need to have greater push than her, which is essentially given to almost every champion since Fiora can only AA and use tiamat. Second you need to be able to stand her in 1v1. To do that you need armor, basic attack damage reduction and healing reduction. Ninja tabi is arguably a must have, additionally you can buy healing reduction item based on champion you play. {{item:3076}} is preferred since it also gives armor, and returns damage to Fiora. Fiora deals only dmg by AA /Q counts as one. Additional options would be executioner calling/morello for AD/AP champs. However many could still buy bramble vest, even if it is sub-optimal it is situationally good choice. Beside of correct items, you can also do following things: * push Fiora in, duo to lack of wave-clear she will have a hard time * use brush to alternate vitals - vitals alternate between top or right & bot or left, when Fiora loses vision on you the vital will disappear, this allows you to deny favourable vitals from her *disengage if Fiora uses ultimate and you cannot beat her in such scenario. Alternatively you can walk next to a wall to deny vital proc and completion of the ultimate. * get a teammate to help you, Fiora excels in 1v1 scenario but does not have tools to fight multiple enemies at once. * wait until Fiora uses parry. Since majority of Fiora players that you meet will be bad, you can often wait until they randomly use W in attempt to block incoming attacks. Once it is down you can safely use CC/burst combo against her. Alternatively you can try to use CC skillshots targeted to miss her to trigger her response. Additionally it is wise to sidestep her W damage/proc since it applies slow/stun. Essentially Fiora is laughable champion since if she does not get ahead she has absolutely no value, her teamfight presence is non-existent. And considering she cannot do anything beside of AAing you, countering her with essentially 2 items (tabi+healing reduction) is pretty small price for removing an enemy from your game. Sure later on she might be able to quickly kill any target, but it is pretty limited and requires her target to stay near, which is not recommended and not sensible course of action. And again in more co-ordinated play, split-pushers like Fiora can be dealt with by heavy engage comp that runs it down mid while they try to split-push, forcing them to group and making them useless garbage that they are now. Sure fancy split champs look cool and everything, but skill and execution required are unnecessary too high.
> * push Fiora in, duo to lack of wave-clear she will have a hard time > *disengage if Fiora uses ultimate and you cannot beat her in such scenario. Alternatively you can walk next to a wall to deny vital proc and completion of the ultimate. 1st point is fine up until she gets {{item:3077}} first back. 2nd point, pray your champ is fast enough or has a gap closer to escape
: Does Fiora Have Reasonable Counterplay?
{{item:3076}} First back {{item:3047}} Second back Only way - then its about getting to a team fight, or gank. With fiora she's one of the champs that you are forced to build armour to be able to stand a chance. Otherwise, if you are {{champion:98}} you can try make her burn a summoner level 2, then gank and re-gank her after she {{summoner:12}} She's just full of damage, heals, mobility.
siltn (EUNE)
: i reinstalled twice and i know mac is trash
you've probably already submitted a ticket. I'd see see if there are any hidden files that stay after you've uninstalled it, like app data. Another thing could be that (on pc) antivirus software can wreak havoc with compatibility. As much as everyone loves to say it, the reality is that Macs are **not** immune to viruses.
siltn (EUNE)
: league of legends doesnt work on mack anymore
It's a sign he needs to get a real computer. Lol Probably a bug, send a ticket if a reinstall doesn't work.
korotoawo (EUNE)
: Will i get graves for free?
No, you will get a cigar. Then Graves will come for that and then you can capture him and keep him.
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: I Don't understand why after having an 'INT Feeder' lose you a game also leads to a loss of LP
Unfortunately you have to lose that LP. however i do believe the AFK/Feeders who do this and are proven guilty should forfeit a portion of their LP to those who play the game the way its meant to be. I feel your pain brother. You get one ban, make it Yasuo regardless if he is on your team or - Because it never goes well. Thats how i see it. Bring the flaming Yasuos on!{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: Junglers...
lol! Perfect
: Do you know any fun fact about any LoL's champions names?
If you say Garens name 3 times, he appears and smites you down with DEMACIA!
: They are so genius! Can you think of anything Twitch-related? Took a liking to him recently
Ole Twitcheroo Helo and Twitch
: My shop....
Whos Garen? I only know Jayce ->{{champion:83}}
kar1k (EUW)
: What was that? #RITOPLZ
Seems balanced. Pretty much how my turret feels every game! :)
Treycos (EUW)
: What happens when the matchamking mess up
: if u would describe league in one word what would it be?
: Doesnt duoing mess with the team MMR? Doesnt it mess with the balances of the team? I know for certain that this was the case couple of years ago and riot changed it, but wasnt that reversed?
no because if their smurf account is same as the lower elo, then they are a good plat/diamond player with a lower MMR. And i feel thats what alot of people are doing, so thats now what im doing.
Uvec (EUNE)
: I did it, I have finally beaten the game.
The single greatest achievement in LOL has been accomplished. Bravo! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: If you get matched against plats it means your MMR is exceptionally high, i'd be happy
That's the thing, it's not high. They are Season 6 Plats, and the system doesn't seem to take previous ranks into account.
: > [{quoted}](name=Enzer0,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=E3EtFhNY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-02T19:41:22.774+0000) > > As a Yorick main, this makes me sad :( Who is yorick ? Did i miss any champion release lately?
Fathands (EUW)
: That feeling when Baron gets a skin.
As a Yorick main, this makes me sad :(
: What is your opinion on Ranked Matchmaking Algorithm and MMR?
Riot told me there can be bad match ups, so get a duo to give you advantage. So i got a smurf.
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Gosha (EUW)
: Can't get Honor capsules?
Wait, your supposed to get honour capsules when you go up? Im honour 4 yet still nothing
Ebonmavv (EUW)
: Looking for practice partner
I find it really atrocious that no one has replied yet! Hey man, Add me "Enzer0" and i'd love to play mate.
GantzW (EUW)
: Masters Degree dissertation research
Corruption in Esports!? Never, now ill give you $4 to not tell anyone about this :)
Mada (EUW)
: I can already see Garen standing under Kata's balcony yelling DEMACIA!!
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GankosaurusRekt,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=O4EgtX4g,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2017-08-20T09:05:14.336+0000) > > Why? please explain to me why this is report-able, Why do you find people saying easy so offensive that it deserves punishment. Is it really a big deal? Its pathetic that you think it is reportable in my opinion. Because, if you consider this a competitive game, "easy" at the end of the game is unsportsmanlike conduct that has no place in any competitive game.
Upvoted. Agreed. The type of person who uses 'EZ' just should not be allowed to play any game with anyone.
xFrosten (EUW)
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
I instantly report it. In the comments leave a "ez" to let them know
Phrase (EUW)
: Okay riot now explain this.
From what i gather, this is how I think it works. Things that contribute towards your rank. _-- Controlled Variables_ Most CS in game Wards Placed Wards Destroyed Kills Assists Deaths _-- Non-Controlled Variables (The real confusing bit)_ You are put against against every other player who has played that champion. So if it's a hard carry champ, and you do well, you are put against how well people are preforming on that champion overall and in that role. Example: You play Shen top as a generally defensive lane and you cant carry with him in that role as you play for team peel etc.You achieve a few of the variables and because you preform under average **for that role** you probably will never be awarded an 'S'. However, You take Shen as support, again achieve a few of the controlled variables and play him well in that role, where you are not required to get as many kills or get cs, and you will have better chances of getting the 'S'. In truth, if your champ isn't usually played support. The easy way to get an 'S' is take them as support - but you have to play that role as a support, buying supp items, de-warding etc; As this is how their system recognizes you are really the teams support. Hope this helps.
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