: KingKongLoL REACTS To Champions in Season 2020 | Dev Video - League of Legends
> [{quoted}](name=Hide 0n Tree,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=9M6nyrq1,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-17T22:11:17.727+0000) > > 🔥Help me reach 10.000 Subscribers in 2020🔥 | you should use SUPER CLICKBAIT TITLES and put SOME WORDS IN CAPS! ALSO DONT FORGET the red stripes and the "WOOW!!!! CRAZY!!" in the thumbnail
: Surf and Urf icon quest.
well setts calling card can be opened 7pm gmt. so probably at that time
Hansiman (EUW)
: ❄️❄️ [Volu] Definitely don't gift a gift - gifting list! ❄️❄️
Eren0526 (EUW)
: I got banned for this
everytime you blame someone to be the cause of losing thats pretty much the reason for a ban. for example things like that Eren0526: fizz y ouare bad Eren0526: report fizz calling out for someone to get reported could be the reason aswell. Eren0526: report ashe int just report the people u feel like reporting. dont call them out
: again none of that is negative you cnat play the game properly go back to draft, all the junglers did nothing literally you only see my chat log you dont see the game, how they stood there under turret while the enemy takes the turret right under their nose, a xin jungler who stated in chat im afk and trolling but yet doesnt get banned does he??? why did i and i was winning do yourself a favour and open your eyes, if you think this community is fantastic then you need a reality check.
are you joking? literally every sentence u write is super toxic
fisgas (EUW)
: Permabaned after being hacked
> [{quoted}](name=fisgas,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=EPREIiRP,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-26T11:26:33.688+0000) Well not only that I don't even play ADCs much and I suck at most of the champions this dude played on my account, specially Irelia, I hate her so much that I never played her since the rework. not only that. flash is on D in these games. NO ONE WOULD EVER DO THAT
: you think ill type from my main lul
MrLukaUbica (EUNE)
: lmao imagine being such a snowflake that you have your christmas ruined by someone saying EZ. i hope your post was sarcastic
if its that hard to NOT be toxic and say ez you deserve it
MrLukaUbica (EUNE)
: This
the chance that an enemy player feeds is higher. quick maffs THIS
: And on that side, I keep trolling to make the enemy team easier to finish.
yeah thats the reason there are no games that last longer and are exciting! games where your adrenalin is going inasne cause you WANT THAT DAMN WIN
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: This happens because matchmaking is shit and usually the games are lost after 3-4 kills on the enemy team xd
it doesnt happen a lot but i win games where i am 0/9. It happens. AND MAN IS IT EXCITING
: Hey FlameClub, Did you already work out a solution? If not, try using incognito mode to visit the Player Support website and tells me if that improves anything.
i had this issue too. what worked for me is 1. google for the official riot website and login there. 2. go to the support site again 3. press login on the top right
: I cant remember the last time I played a game where it was a close match. That feeling of being on the edge of winning or losing. When it all comes down to that last team fight. Now days the games are either a complete arse raping due to the usual afk/flaming/feeding/toxicity or the complete opposite because it is the other sides turn. No balance in games. Sad to see this great game go to waste over the years. Almost want them to do what Blizzard have done and release the Classic!
thats mostly cause people tend to surrender super early or just deny to play cause they think its lost already
: I decide to draw snow man Yi It's my second drawing in my entire life (first was in the miss fortune drawing event back in the 10th anniversary) so I hope you like it! Name of the art: AP Snow man Yi makes soup https://imgur.com/t9Gvd9i
: This will be season of trolls
and on the other side i am .... standing 0/8 and still saying "Dont ff guys we got this we can still win"
: Master Yi Nerf in ARAM
FlameClub (EUNE)
: Snow Man Yi taking blue buff! https://www.dropbox.com/s/abyn4iv71o84ki5/snowman.png?dl=0
WHY DOES THE TREE HAVE ARMS? (ivern is that u?)
: well its not actully free u should get some point by answering some quiz and play some games and i saw there are lot more people do that and they give u the gift card in ure email address some sites like point prize or gamehag i saw it in those 2 i think we can trust those sites
there is NO free rp until riot officially told u so
Booty (EUNE)
: this really motivated me to grab a pen and paper and do some work. I haven't drawn in a veery long time, but I'm pretty proud of it! happy holidays from [winter wonder Soraka](https://i.imgur.com/5kX6nOU.jpg) <3
: https://imgur.com/NqLbop5 Love and behold: Ragdoll Poppy wishing you ~~Merry Christmas~~!{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Marissa (EUW)
: [Volu] Definitely don't draw the skin you want!
Prepare for the [Candy King!](https://i.imgur.com/3LMofm2.png) {{champion:427}}
Marissa (EUW)
: [Volu] Definitely don't gift a gift!
i chose [Cha0splayer MBM](https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=cha0splayer+mbm) ! - He's been an amazing years now. It all started about 2014-2015 where we met trough a game of league. we started to play everyday since we met and became really good friends. The years went by and nothing much changed. We played trough all kind of games together. We even met in real life a few times (and going on a festival in january with him and a few gaming buddys). He's just a great gaming buddy and i just want him to be happy! :D - since hes one of the "brutal" guys a {{champion:122}} or {{champion:82}} skin would fit him! or any kind of icon that shows "I WILL CRUSH U". something like [This](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/74/Come_At_Me_Crab_profileicon.png/revision/latest?cb=20170517184236), [This](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/c/ca/Darius_Portrait_profileicon.png/revision/latest?cb=20180620204324) or [That](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/5/55/Blood_Moon_Aatrox_profileicon.png/revision/latest?cb=20190109010935) Thanks for this event and happy holidays everyone! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: League of filthy premade booster and is all allowed.
any examples? since you dont have the guts to use your account to post here we cant look your games up for examples
: League of premade trash in ranked games.
will you do the same thread every month?
Chizn (EUW)
: Account Perma Banned
bro you are shit talking your team mates so much. STOP IT
: > [{quoted}](name=EpicDieterBohlen,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6boogm12,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-17T14:33:43.086+0000) > > thats not even what i said lol. > i just said that the case should be open for a week then he will be judged. > right now no one gets judged immediately. thats bullshit. in most cases you need a few games to get punished. > > > so lets say you flame super hard 5 times in a month. > do you want a a automatic system that might do mistakes to punish you OR do you prefer to wait one week more and let humans read trough the whole case and judge from there? There is something you don't understand. I'll make it clear. Too much cases. Too few humans. Not working. Clear now?
i think you really underrestimate how much people were doing tribunal
: >The tribunal worked just fine ummm... no 1. the tribunal was so slow in delivering punishments that you could literally get punished for a game you inted in 6 months previously 2. the false positives to deserved ratio flipped when they switched to the ifs 3. there was no way to check if the people judging were being honest or trolling to get the ip boost faster
nah you just got the ip booster if you judged like the majority. It would be just for honor level 5 anyway. back in the day only people that are interested in that kind of thing actually did tribunal
: > [{quoted}](name=EpicDieterBohlen,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6boogm12,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-12-17T14:16:22.257+0000) > > but i think that could be changed easily. like leave cases open for just a week So... instead of being judged immediatly (like now) or a few months later (like before) you suggest it not to be judge at all? That's big brain time.
thats not even what i said lol. i just said that the case should be open for a week then he will be judged. right now no one gets judged immediately. thats bullshit. in most cases you need a few games to get punished. so lets say you flame super hard 5 times in a month. do you want a a automatic system that might do mistakes to punish you OR do you prefer to wait one week more and let humans read trough the whole case and judge from there?
: Cause it didnt work well and was way too slow. There were a lot of cases in which extreme flamers continued to flame for 2-3 months and after that time they got their punishment which is way too long.
but i think that could be changed easily. like leave cases open for just a week
: Why are ADCs so bad now?
most of the time they get shit on but at least they are more important because the drake changes
: asking to FF the game and do a vote is apperently "toxic"
It's simple. If you just start a surrender vote and play on after the vote im totally fine. if you cry the whole game and spam the chat like a crybaby you not also play far worse and distract people with the constant crying in chat. This alone might single handedly lose the game. I hate these kind of people and they should grow up.
: Why is there no Tribunal?
it was really a cool thing and i used to do it everyday. I really dont know why they got rid of it
Rinart73 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Uraraka,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=s6fsXHTx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-16T05:52:28.878+0000) > > p.s: unless afk players are punished like toxic players are they will continue to do this and ruin games. Except that toxic players are not punished at all, no matter how often and how many people report them.
They are! Just scroll trough the behaviour topic.
: Still can get them from boxes and rerolls though iirc.
can confirm! got the riven prestige skin from a box like 2 weeks ago
: if i get one shot by a lee sin thats 2 levels below me and im half health thats a noob stomper are you %%%%%%ed or somthing if you play for 10 years and are washed up does that make you a noob im not a vet like 10 years more like 5 but i think that mabey his is overtuned and broken period they should make his q do less dmg and w give you less of a shield and less lifesteal and the ult be nerfed by like 25% dmg or 20% just so hes more fair im just saying if this was like a solo lane champ people would just hate on it like they do with irelia and yas and call them broken and noob champs so the point im trying to make is that hes a too overtuned and that his w life steal is too much also his e cripple is too big of a slow paired with leathilty items than he can 1shot you with 1 q
i mean if you are 2 levels ahead you should win. Else you just played pretty poor or he played very well.
Wazzi (EUNE)
: ✅What Jackpot to buy for prestigious points?
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: the game hasn't change ,if you succed to get perma ban in past ,you will get there again and again,as long this game never evolvee since then ,nowadays is even worse. Toxicity, grief/troll>>>much more than previous seasons (because isn't banned),bad plays +50%, gold tiers(s9=bronze) <<< regarding gold [s1,s2,s3,s4,s5] ,champions balance <<< worse and worse , champions feels less and less funny to play ,even shaco been 12414 up because Riot didn't liked that shaco mains have fun. Every champion is turning to be less and less funny to play ,every season changes which makes this game worse and worse , starting with new map relief changes ,where it just feels totally random and sometimes very stupid for vision control, to the top and bot sides ,where 3 bushes ,makes almost even worse gameplay , i mean just bronze could use them , cause there people are bad with vision control... Support items, my opinnion got worse , and i understand those are op as free upgrade , but you woulded benefit more gold/cdr and game control using just 500 gold item upgrade.. Anyway ,not make me talk about new champions in comparision to outdated champions ,is like you would compare a legendary skin now with a legendary skin 5 years ago ,difference and gap is too huge for Riot even to understand it.
its the same everytime. Every season is the worst and in season 1 people said league is a dead game. stubborn people never change
: Nulyfing Orb lauches when only AD is given?
> [{quoted}](name=PowislanPrince,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=YZ7UQtzn,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-03T20:01:58.053+0000) > EDIT: OMG, it was the Corruption Potion that burns the enemy with magic dmg... gotta watch that... > I will leave the thread, maybe someone will find it informative. either that or you took scorch in your runes :D cant see them
RegankClPnH (EUNE)
: Riot is just worst
: i dont like flaming and misstreating low levels but RIOT forces me to do so
or you just stop being a %%%% and be nice to people instead
: no or yes?
third party programms always CAN get u banned. no one can really tell u how high of a risk it is.
: hmm why not !
bro imagine letting all prisoners out of prison because its christmas. LIKE WTF
: league of legends ban system in a nutshell/real life
more like > [{quoted}](name=Noobelsbert,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vefT44Ju,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-15T12:01:23.140+0000) > > A guy raping a women on the street. > > Witness1 **raping the rapist** > > result: Witness1 AND the guy getting chat restriction for flame
Mr 0fficer (EUNE)
: Im still good.
bro if your team dies because they dont see enemies coming its passively kinda your fault
vMrPoppy (EUW)
: I just got 10 game chat restriction from false reporting me
dude with these chatlogs you can be happy to not have a 30 day ban
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Voice chat
it has pros and cons. but i prefer to not have a voice chat in league
Apexlord360 (EUNE)
: Tradeing system
in fact a good idea, the problem is just that it can be abused INSANELY. There will be other sites that will sell skinshards for $$$ which they have farmed with their bots. Just like WoW with the goldsellers or the CSGO gamble sites. All these kind of fishy things
: who said we want the whole arm? we want a way to get the new master work chest fool :V we want a way to get it for free :) and the current chest is rubbish if i got a legendary skin it will cost me so much Orange like 1800 and if i want to sell it the price will be like 500 orange or lower so where is the fair in this? tell me ma boy :)))))
like honestly. i play since 2010 now and back in the day the ONLY way to get skins was to buy them. just see the hextech chest as free skins. Dont expect anything but be happy about anything you get
: I find that being positive in this game is same like being positive on HIV test... you are dying anyways xD
well tbh i dont really care that much how my teammates interact with me. The problem is just if someone flames the other guys are just like 90% chatting 10% playing. and someone tends to go afk, just cause that one guy started flaming.
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