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: looking for a xayah main
: Silver 1 support looking for duoQ partner
Same elo, and u have game knowledge ? im in added you. Just accept and we'll talk there
: [EUW]Jungle main looking for some friends!
I've sent you a friend request, just accept and talk over there
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: Looking for decent duo part to solo queue w/, I'm Bronze 2
Bronze 2 top lane darius main here intrested add me PainOnTheWay
: bronze 1 here almost silver i'm main mid i play jungle alot can duo
: ***
nothing wrong with prefering something
: This is not a dating site.
I'm looking for a duo q partner mate not for a date so don't know what u are crying about ;D
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: <<<EUWEST>>>need top or mid laner for DUO Q
I'm a top lane main play {{champion:48}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:80}} High bronze looking for people to climb with Gonna add u PainOnTheWay
Sevart (EUW)
: Jungler/Top looking for teammate for duoq
Askir (EUW)
: LF chill teamranked
I'll add u i am low elo tho
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: Silver jungle main looking for Top main to duoq
Can i add you i am looking for a duo partner
: I find your lack of equality disturbing...
: Added you{{champion:17}}
: Need a fully men teams not pussies Silver 5 + or bronzes
added Like the plan Cause i am sick of playing with %%%%% teams :D
: Looking for people to join me for some fun normals/ranked/watch hentai/read the bible
Like the personallity yougot there reminds me of myself added you in game PainOnTheWay ;D maybe see you soon in game
: Main Sup name: xCOMMANDAx , Bronze 3, looking for a serious team
I am bronze 3 and i main top lane i also like playing adc add me if intersted IGN: PainOnTheWay
: Looking for good players to play with -_-
I would like to play with u but i am bronze 3 i play good tho i just get people that surrender and don't play well. You can add me i have skype teamspeak and discord
: Added in game! =D {{champion:17}}
VinnyK84 (EUW)
: I'm Bronze 2 as well right now, Support main, wouldn't mind queueing with you if that's okay. :) Will send a friend request in-game.
Kroepoek (EUW)
: Looking for some Bronzies to play with
Im gonna add you top lane main bronze 3 almost bronze 2 i don't want bad players no more and flames i am a {{champion:48}} OneTrick
: So far i added everyone and im lookin forward to play with you all :3 decided to make a Discord chat called: Demon Zero If you have any questions feel free to ask me ^.^
looking forward to it to just msg me in game if the discord is there i can't wait ;D
: Hi, I'm also looking for the same! I'm an ADC main but I can also play mid/top. I would love to join your team. Add me IGN: Oshirou
hello there looks like you and me could be a good bot lane ;D
Noahsark (EUW)
: Looking For More To Join The Youtube Team
i am stuck in bronze 2 would love to join the teamspeak and the games
DNS Dapo (EUW)
: Yeah of course
added i really want people to climb with and talk to in the summer
DNS Dapo (EUW)
: Hey, I would love to join your team Add me ingame IGN: DNS Dapo
can i add you to ?
: Bronze ranked team
Hi there i am looking for the same thing you can add me if u want EUW : PainOnTheWay If u have teamspeak or discord that would be awesome
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LordSocom (EUW)
: Any idea why your squad let you down?O_o
cause i am a bit of a %%%% :/
: Alright you can tryout in the team soon, are you main support? or do you like playing support?
I used to main support but then i went to the top lane and started over there but i am still a good support and can defenitly protect the adc
: LF Bronze/Silver ELO Support for our team.
I would like to Join i am Bronze 2 But i thinki can climb better with a team
: LF someone to play ranked with us (Bronze -> Siver)
Hello i am looking for people to play with as well. i am a trundle One trick so if Ur intrested add me : Euw PainOnTheWay
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