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Farce (EUNE)
: Fox>bird.
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: free 400 point's rp
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: Searching like-minded partners for ranked (Silver IV-Gold IV)
IGN: EroticUnicorn Main: mid Secondary: top Silver 2 Access to voice communication? Yes mid pool: Annie/Lux/Syndra Top Pool: just about anything really
: 5v5 ranked EUW new team
IGN: EroticUnicorn Mid: Annie/Lux/Syndra Top: Poppy/Jax/Pantheon silver 2
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disvein 1 (EUW)
: EUW LF Top,Mid,Supp For Team Silver2+
Age: 17 Nationality: Danish Division: silver 1 Role: Support Main Champion: just about any support champion, pref Nami and Soraka Do You Have a Mic And Do You prefer ts3 or skype: can use both
yy Dopa (EUW)
: ranked
straightforward arent ya mate?
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Sérebro (EUW)
: Gold player Team looking for Jungler MUST MAIN JUNGLE. Trial required.
IGN: EroticUnicorn Main Aggressive junglers: vi{{champion:254}} , Lee Sin{{champion:64}} , Volibear{{champion:106}} . Main Tanky junglers: Amumu{{champion:32}} , Nautilus{{champion:111}} . Reason for wanting to join: I been looking for a ranked team for quite some time now, and either im not high enough elo( current silver 3, stillworking on it) or the teams are full. i can be serious and i am willing to listen to people, and if there is a champion that you guys would want me to master, just tell me. extra: if you look at my match history, i havent played the champions above that much, that is because i been playing with some friends for fun. and thats it, i hipe you consider this.
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