Morrhen (EUW)
: For the information, you're blatantly blind if you think nobody buys champion bundles :) That's where some minor income comes. Then skin sales as standalones.
on seeing the history of all your message you sended on forums. By this I'll ignore you. Toxic player so far as I can see towards everyone. there is only 2.5% that buys bundle, and by far no one plays it anyway if it's all time banned in ranked. End of discussion you're ignored from here on.
ChampZone (EUW)
: I am with Yasuo windwall. A spell that costs 0 blocks TONS of wasted mana with 120 seconds.
Well they can change him into many ways. -Remove wind wall for different skill. -upscale his dash to longer cd -Q to longer CD at max level -Windwall blocks only 5attacks max (1 extra block for each level so at level 5 blocks 5 attacks) -Remove him completely Especially i love the last one. :)
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=EsDi Inochi ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dvpWfKgK,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-06T20:33:16.025+0000) > > Future update: > Sett: Disable for 1 month in ranked games prevent overpowered or bugs / overpowered Why would anyone buy him, if they aren't getting any free elo out of him? You know how much money Riot wouldn't be making? Are you going to compensate them for it?
For you info, that "sett" cost 7800 blue essence, Riot doesn't make any money out of it first of all. If you buy a skin or so different story. But the release of last 2 champs in rapid release made them to strong.. After 2 weeks hard nerf and only Senna still has her spikes Riot doesn't make money out of new champions basic thing is. If banned from ranked first month no one can abuse a new champ. They either are bad or very good with it. Currently what i saw on PBE is that he has block system that can immune spells.. that for 7 second cdr. Strong though, but you ain't playing on PBE so you doesn't know. It's common thing. PBE is full of horrible people who doesn't report broken stuff on new champs so they can abuse it for first couple of weeks
: i can agree with a few but the ekko damage decrease is a no he needs his jungle clear to be slower so his passive shouldnt deal double damage to monsters Senna isnt that strong if u ask me i find her more weak then strong Aphealios needs a hardcore nerf on lots of things i can agree with ur mid lane picks and Olaf shouldnt be nerfed he is finally getting more balenced after being dogshitt for more then years for ur top laners u made wrong choices aswell irelia is more weak then strong camile is balenced and so is kled and ur adc nerf picks arent strong aswell. Adc is prettty balenced besides aphealios there are just some weaker picks like varus kalista that are too weak and 100% agree on yasuo windwall just the most unfair ability in the game
Then they need to buff items for jungle to clear camps. Basic damage from Q and E is not that strong, but with correct rune you can do high damage in scale %. It's impossible nerf that rune, that's why nerf on ability's with % Lower it's a lot better. for Olaf, abused right now in top plays for strong early jungle and snowball in late. I doubt but there are more champs who are 10 years off good buff top lane, If you use it correct again you can out damage many.. i don't say its strong every game but again easy to abuse and snowball, Think its more time to remove Tiamat for wave clear as well that settle most of these champs in fast clearing that makes them so strong in lane phase. Aphalios is balanced, hes weak early just people don't know how to play against it. You can easily outburst him. See which of 5 weapons he has to proper play. Currently everyone just run in like other remaining adc's that has just normal poke or damage. Aphalios use ability's with his auto attack hope that said some enough
: There are a few you mentioned which don't really make any sense. Nocturne was out of the game for so long, because he was lacking early pressure and spikes. Now the game is way slower paced which benefits slower junglers aswell. Especially Nocturne since once he hits lvl 6 he can take over the game. How is his damage an issue? He literally has only 1 ability to be used on range and it doesn't have such high base damage nor does it have high AD value. His entire kit is focused on rightclicking you to death once he hits his Q on you which give's him an AD bonus.
I don't think you play on level how you can actual see " top " players abuse these kind of setups. Nocturn level 5 Tiamat wave clear in 2 second, start roaming "minions wave is 25 second walking" His passive and Tiamat is what make him strong in lane phase, outscale most of the ranged champs early when level 6 hit he can basicly 1v1 anyway aside from a tank. Same as the classic Twitch jungle and lulu mid or top setup. Easy setup you can abuse, The power shield/att speed etc lulu help you clear jungle camps, you farm his lane. Basic can't out scale that since he power level above everyone else.
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dragosz0r (EUNE)
: Bug report , no chest after getting S-
you possible already gain one chest on sona, you can only gain one chest a champ
Rëvengë (EUW)
: i have honor bug issus
possible your flame levels is at the same level. If you flame and get reported you have to gain more honor like 2 (stage 3) 100 honor > 1 flame report is minus 20 honor or something like that
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