: we are addicted
I don't play anymore you can check it :D
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Kurtops (EUW)
: What type of matchmaking is this..?
because riot like people lose and make you feel bad :D
Dexoii (EUW)
: This will help people focus on only playing specific champions so it become easier to learn them.
I think is better idea to only allow you play with champs that you tactfully have lv5:D to prevent first picks :D
KushLørd (EUNE)
: Didn't get my noxus icon
start to read alerts of games is not hard
HeyWTF456 (EUW)
: Noxus icon pending
can you read ?????
: Holy sh!t, stop banning Swain!
well he use ulty and take you 50% hp (tank) and heal him like idiot ofc you will not ban him XD
: Holy sh!t, stop banning Swain!
Nop, all knows new champ or rework is OP so you need to ban him{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Campaing Mode
You are crazy XD that is really hard to do
: Gonna be hard, especially cause he writes the support now that the account is banned and not back then when it got hacked.
I think he is lying or is just idiot to don't claim the account before "like a few months back " wth is wrong with you to claim it after months{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} ?????
: Blue essence is bad for new players
I never get more than 100 BE .......
: Blue essence is bad for new players
Well i do my mats before to buy a champ of 6300ip i need 3 o 4 days now to buy a champ of 3150 blue essence need 2 weeks so i don't see the improvement.
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: [8.2]Ban bug?
Man that is the day that the ban start :D so stop be idiot and wait for be toxic :)
Mackinrow (EUW)
: Magical Footwear
LOL how they will know XD, also is your fault not the system
Cryoshadow (EUNE)
: Client breaks when trying to select skin
You can read in the advertisements that skins are creating problems so i recommend you to don't use it or change it
: Bard can't find his chimes?
If you use support build/ and a bit tank in late game you will be OP with all the dmg that you will do and tank
: Why enemy jungler ganked n times and your jungler never ganked? There is an explanation.
When i play jungle i gank after min 4 because in that moment you have more chance to gank than before
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I use virgin media and I don't have lag but I know they are doing something with the net and in some areas the lag is increasing or dc :D{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
thinushan (EUW)
: league client freeze in ranked
you disconect or just fronzeen?
: Who is the weirdest champion?
ahah the creator of riot XD {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Loonsteer (EUW)
: your servers are lagging
I don't have lag and I live in London{{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Who is the weirdest champion?
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