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Draxsuo (EUW)
: How did i lost my honnor?
The thing is that you cannot make any type of conflict in the chat at all. Any conflict you make in the chat toxic or not you are prone to be reported and punished. My main account got permabanned because i had a toxic history from before and since i made a conflict i got permabanned. It was not really something in particular what i said just that you made a conflict with your teammates. I'l give you a quote from a Rioter after i made a ticket. Read it carefully. Riot DeadEyeColt "There isn't a specific word or sentence that you used which displayed toxicity as the system takes into account everything that is said in the chat. I'll refer back to what I said in my last reply - retaliation, in any shape or form, is not acceptable. That is not the purpose of the chat feature as I already explained. And the reason why you receive a permanent suspension is because you have received several punishments prior to this and further action was needed to take place. If you have no concerns that are not related to this matter, please consider this matter closed. Thank you for your understanding."


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