: Definitely an interesting concept, the God of War title fits better with someone that can handle multiple types of weapons. I'm not an expert and I certainly don't know how to balance things without being biased. But the W might be a bit busted. Compared to Noc W or Siv E they only get a personal small power boost, so if the shield proccs maybe another normal shield is added or a cooldown decrease. And the sword and shield Q sounds really confusing, a visualization would help but that's not something many people can make. Otherwise really cool
For the Q function I thought It would be the same thing as Galio's dash. Let me explain: Pantheon takes a halt reading his shield and dashes, the dash has unvariable distance and speed of Galio's during the dash he can reactivate the Q at any point to stop immediately while executing a stun with his shied, kinda like he bops people in the head or smashes their faces with the shield, otherwise if the activation is not triggered the end of the dash resuslts in a relatively fast thrust with the sword deal damage in a line, that wouldn't be of any prentiout range i'd say the lenght of 2 teemos maybe 3
: Seems fun but don't get how his passive works.. You can just change ur auto and q every 12 minion kills but you are unable to move for an entire second? Seems kinda scary cause a good laner can just count the cs and see that Pantheon can change his weapon and then try and engage when he changes his weapon.. Maybe make it interuptable or something so that changing wont be such a big deal and you can take the risk..
Not move, like you're locked in summoning your weapon animation, of course you can move and flash kinda like when yorick summons his ghouls.
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: Shen discussion: My Idea for his kit rework
I wrote "or whatever" on purpose... and btw he is a Ninja... do you really think he doesnt hide any kunai around his butt*hole? :D
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