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Same. Wonder why the service status doesn't show anything about the client issue.
Asiro (EUW)
: looking for some help
since u haven't mentioned which lane u main, i suppose ur one of those people who just go with the flow, usually filling for others cuz u can do decently* in general. and ofc i reckon u don't have a main champion pool. if it's like that then ur very similar to me and another friend of mine; i think that we're just "casual" players. if u want to change that and actually climb, which is smthing i'm not doing now; firstly u need to get 2 main roles and a more strict champion pool(not to the point of becoming an 1 trickpony woulb be better). it really doesn't matter which champions u pick(though it is better to follow the soloq meta), u just have to master them through countless of normals b4 bringing them in soloq. tbh i dislike playing so strictly(i just can't play one champion for too long), but from what i've seen from streamers, the easiest way to be challenger of high diamond is to focus on 1, 2 role max. if u really can't get ur role just dodge, since u don't lose mmr just lp(so said clg link), so u don't get matched with retards from a game to another but just lose a bunch of points. right now the best in each roles imo are: top: rumble, kennen, gnar, hecarim, irelia, sion jungle: all tanks thx to cinderhulk+ vi and rek'sai (which u can build cinderhulk on) mid: zed, lb as assassins, and ahri vladimir as mages(though if u know how to avoid ganks or u get in a good match up u can get immobile mages like swain, ziggs and cassio...and actually u can choose urgot too) adc: sivir(pretty decent in every meta), then jinx, graves and corki(though the last too aren't too good if ur against heavy tanks) supp: really doesn't matter since half of the supps are pretty viable, just have to hit them cc and roam well. the best way to improve and to grow is just to keep playing, obv ur skills right now are not even close to that of a high elo player(high diamond, master challenger) so it doesn't matter entering in a losing streak in this elo, it just means ur not good enough to differenciate urself(by carrying) from people of ur elo. however u can help ur growth by often watching streams, and videos of high elo players, in particular those who give good advices(this is from personal experience: i'm gold 2 right now thx to the exp and knowledge i got from watching streams, while my friends who started playing at the same time as me, have difficulties getting out of silver.) oh one last thing, being gentle and nice is good to make friends, but to climb, u need to be selfish and have to put urself in a position that u can carry with; so u gotta try to take most of the kills and have confidence ur gonna carry with them, that's how ur gonna put more distance between u and ur current elo and get closer to the next tier.
: Silver 2 Jungler LF skilled duo
hi, i'm currently gold 4. + Able to carry games / yes, though i tend to get cocky when i get ahead in lane + No toxic/flaming player / i never flame in general, but i do talk back to people randomly flaming even though their own performance is bad + Good performance / overall i don't lose lane, unless the matchup is pretty new to me(still trying to learn, and need more experience) + Good mechanics / not really able to insec or riven aa cancel, but in general good knowledge of my main champs, and able to not flash in enemy towers ;) + Currently placed Silver 2 or higher / gold4 i mainly play toplane, and bruiser champs, trying to get used to the assassin style of midlane, and positioning needed to adc. so mainly solo lanes, with good basic knowledge of botlane(though lacking experience in duo lane). ign euw: drunkenmasterFTW


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