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: hey me and my friend is intrested. im a gold 5 topmain and he is a diamond 5 adc. why dont you just transfer your accounts to west instead?
Grixis (EUNE)
: Looking for Swedish Players to smurf w/
hey me and my friend is intrested. im a gold 5 topmain and he is a diamond 5 adc. why dont you just transfer your accounts to west instead?
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: Supp main plat4 smurfing in B4 LF smurfs to play with !
This guy is a liar. His normal account is silver 4 but he doesn't play on it cuz he have wait timers. So he play on his brothers account and he is toxic af so don't play with him. I have already played with him.
: Don't add this guy. He is damn toxic.
: SUPP/TOP Main (silver4 main) smurfing in b4 LF adc !
Don't add this guy. He is damn toxic.
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Fimpee (EUW)
: Looking for DuoQ ''Sweden''
: Silver 2 support main
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: Hey jesper,i am former silver 4 now B3 main supp and im struggeling to climb the ladder with useless adc's ,if you want ill be your adc just add me ^^ {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
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: Aussie in Sweden
: The twitter link is correct, we have just gone through a re-brand and you can see more info if you click on the pinned tweet on the Sensei twitter
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MrFaker (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=swelify,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=EIg001z1,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-05-12T12:15:22.212+0000) > > do you have a coach? Almost
What do you mean by almost? Cuz I just wanted to tell you that I have been a coach for 2 years now. I work as an analyst for a diamond team. I have coached gold/plat ppl. You maybe want me as one.
MrFaker (EUW)
: Bronze/Silver Team [REQ]
do you have a coach?
Mystiç (EUW)
: Tjena, anatar att du är svensk. Men undrar hur erat team är. ge mig lite info om er! Letar efter ett bra team/spelare som jag kan lita på vad dem gör.
Tjena. Ja jag är svensk. Vi är ett Bronze/silver team som försöker att bli bättre tillsammans. Vi har de flesta rollerna men om du vill vara med kan du adda mig ingame. Jag är själva coachen för laget och har mycket experience för jag är analyst till ett diamond lag samtidigt. Vi har schema och spelar med fullt lag helatiden. Adda mig om du vill prova vara med.
oranium (EUW)
: I want find a team who want a top main
: silver 5 right now i didt play ranked that much ekko main top poppy ryze kayle i am getting trundle soon
we dont care about rank but I will if you add me ingame we can see if you can play some games with my team. Im coach for the team btw
: Hey man my team is looking for a toplaner. If you would like to only go toplane we would like to invite you to the team. Add me ingame Rank: How many champions you have:
pls fill in those Rank: How many champions you have:
: LF silver team
Hey man my team is looking for a toplaner. If you would like to only go toplane we would like to invite you to the team. Add me ingame Rank: How many champions you have:
: NEED A TEAM!!!!!!(Main Adc and Mid)EUW
Da Guvnor (EUW)
: silver 4 mid/jungler looking for team
: Age: 15 Country: England The role you want to play, (only one)!: Jungle Rank: Bronze I How many champions you have: 32 (I've invested a lot of IP into high cost champs and runes, hope this is up for negotiation) Anything else you like to say: I'm a Bronze I jungle Vi main. I really enjoy playing ranked and wanted to start something new. I'm a positive person and I'm open to all kinds of feedback from the coach and other players. I'm eager to learn more about the game and really want to improve. Hope to get a shout soon! (PS. about the champion count, I haven't got 50 champions yet but I have a list of junglers I'm good at, so I hope this requirement is up for negotiation. I'll buy more champions as soon as I get money for RP and IP).
Its ok, the most important thing is to have champions for your own lane.
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: I wouldn't say that
: Lol theres not just one way to build a champion, build it however you want as long as you can get kills, get objectives and win games with them
: Looks can be deceiving just play with with or against and you will see how good i am XD. And the reason why I want to make a team is because i keep getting games with feeders on my team and im sik of it and ultimately I keep getting demoted
When I looked at your match history you don't even build your champions right
: Great but you will have to be able to play ranked sometimes and I can teach you since im pretty good at league and we will pratice with some other champs
you say you can teach. you are bronze 5....xD
: can you? and how?
Yes, I know a lot about the game but my mechanical skills suck which is why im only silver. I have experience when I was a coach for a platinum team. I will watch your replays and tell you what to improve on. add me ingame: swelify
Hey man. I am an analyst for a diamond team that should qualifer for challanger series. I can analyze your games and try to help improve your skills
: > [{quoted}](name=swelify,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=iWxNiFAu,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-18T18:19:00.533+0000) > > Hello there summoner, > > I'm planning to create a ranked team consisting of Silver and low Gold players who have a positive and serious attitude and are willing to take on this project for the long term. I wish the main goal to be evolving around key concepts such as teamwork (communication, synergy, smart pings, constructive criticism), strategy (synergy between champions, team composition with clearly defined strengths and weaknesses, understanding power peaks). I wish to find fellow summoners who wish to take their individual skills and mechanics of this game to a higher level by adding a new component to the game and truly go into champion select with a strategic plan and playing towards a strategy that abuses the individual teamplayer’s strengths through strong synergy and communication. The ultimate goal is of course to win the game, but the main focus is on practicing, and improving your skills as a player. > > If you’re a like-minded player with a positive approach to this game, then I invite you to join this team. > Please read the following carefully if interested. > > What are the requirements? > -You must be ranked under gold 3 in season 6 > -You must own at least 50 champions > -You need to have a positive attitude and be open to constructive criticism > -You need to speak English at a confident level for communication purposes > -You need to have a microphone for voice chat. > > I WONT ACCEPT ANY FRIEND REQUESTS. I WILL LOOK ON THE COMMENTS AND CHOOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE WRITTEN A COMMENT LIKE YOU SHOULD DOWN BELOW. > > The team is going to consist of 5 players and 3-4 subs. > > How do I apply? > -You can apply by responding to this thread with the following information: > > Age: > Country: > Main Role: > Rank: > How many champions you have: > Anything else you like to say: > > Hope to see you on the rift as my future teammate! Hi, where do you find those tournaments? On wich site? Cause i would like to join some to. But i don't know where to find them :/ I would like to join you, but i don't have the requirements. Gl with your team :){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Kyirai (EUW)
: When I see Gold players feeling like Diamond {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
why are you supporting him so much...?
Valarin (EUW)
: **Age:** 20 **Country:** the Netherlands **Main Role:** Support **Rank:** Silver 2 **How many champions you have:**~ 59 :c I have been playing League since the end of S5, that's why I don't have that many champions yet. **Anything else you like to say: ** I got some questions if you don't mind :) - On which days do you want to train and for how long? (Or has it yet to be decided?) - What do you exactly mean with speaking English confidently? My english is at a decent level, but not fluent. - Do you expect the support to be the main shotcaller? Thanks!
I like to answer questions ^^ - I haven't set any dates yet because I haven't got a team yet. So I will wait with that. - Just so we can understand what others are saying - Maybe, I will decide when I have as many ppl as I need and we will talk about it then. Hope this helped ^^
Midox (EUW)
: Need carry from bronze 4 to silver 5
If you can't carry yourself out of bronze you maybe don't deserve silver.
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Mackeral (EUW)
: Good Morning Fine Folks
where are you from and how old?
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: Gold V plat last season main jung looking for team
: New team for Silver and low gold players
Wow. I like that so many ppl want to join. I will deal with it tomorrow just so you know
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