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: Main Support LF DuoQ
:D Sounds good Can i add you ?
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: If you need coaching/help with anything i dont mind helping you out, as i really like ur mentality of being a tryhard focusing on improving etc, i just think ur doing it the wrong way and searching for something u will never find, like searching for a fish in the sky or a tiger in the ocean, im an adc main myself and i never needed a support main premade to improve or climb, i also managed to get to diamond only after 7months of playing ad, so i could help you out if u want i can add u from a smurf or smth, if not consider listening to my advice and improving urself.
I already been there i seek help and spoke to different people that are in the high elo that helped with me with my cons(bad habits) what i need to work on , Cs'ing , kiting, trading stance,tradeing ,also discipline what champions to stick on. I just realise i just need a support that have experience and that we can climb the ladder of the rank. It's very frustrating when you Love the Game and somebody is trolling and feeding or not understanding what your goal is . Every single year im sick and tired being silver . why not have somebody that can support you . I just got unlucky with my 10 game provisonals every season and i acknowledge on my own i'm lacking something i don't mind i wil work on it . it's the Ranked Systeem in general sometimes you win and lose hard . I just want to win and improve and i accept defeat. For you my friend you already up there in the ranks , butt for us in low elo is just the struggle and I'm one of the many players finding his/her own way , yes my methode is off butt hey! if they understand me and feel what we are going through that's what counts.
: first of all im not plat, as u can see my acc is plat 1 with 82% winrate and 30 games...think logically, im challenger. Second of all the only invites u get are A. Smurfs that want money from you B. Support mains that DO NOT play support since 3 years as if tehy did they would not be silver, there is not way in the world anyone can play a single role, for 3 years, and be silver, unless mentally ill and i doubt ur looking for that. You will never find what ur looking for as it does not exist, if you have been playing adc in 3 years, and are silver 5 i feel really bad for you.
: theres no way ur not trolling since everything u said makes no sense xd also how do u not get bothered by little things and improve at the same time? also since when does someone with game knowledge, that plays support for 3+ years will be silver?:S nothing of what u said matches with reality :S also wtf does honor 5 have to do with anything XD u just sound like someone with unrealistic standards while being a pretty awfully low elo player urself and it just looks pathetic, imo u should delete this post focus on urself and get anywhere close to decent rank before even considering to search for these traits in a support player.
hey I'm plat look at me i can shit talk low elo'. stfu and sit down , i already have some invites =).
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: NL Team - LFP
Beste TheGenesect Ben zeer geintereseerd en een grote ambitie voor de toekomst. Mij maakt het niet uit welk team ik in zit als ik ervan kan leren en Improve . 3 Jaar in Silver bijna /sup/adc , nu ben ik wat voor iets anders dan alleen voor ranked graag wil ik bij u organisatie aansluiten voor een sub of bij een sister team . Ik hoop u met deze informatie voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd. Met vriendelijke groet Rein {{champion:20}}
: Stressed for 6th ac ranked
i may be blunt or rude go to your main account and git gud helped me alot . btw mute all in bronze don't mute pings have fun summoner !
: Bronze 5 Champion select
This DANK because i was there
Bad Vayne (EUW)
: LF Support Silver - Gold
Templeman (EUW)
: Silver ADC LF Team/Sup
Hello there , trying make a own triple que for ranked add me if your interested
: S2 ADC Main LFT / Queue Partners
add me if you still looking =)
Lorillyth (EUW)
: [EUW] Casual competitive adc main LF silver/gold team!
Add me if you have a spot open for a role =) . Goeiedag nog
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: [Dutch] Looking for Silver/Gold players to play in semi-serious team
- IGN : ITG Positive One Je hebt een werkende microfoon : Check - Je staat open voor opbouwende kritiek in een leuke sfeer : Zeker staat graag open voor opbouwende kritiek en feedbacks. - Je zit in Silver of Gold - Silver 2 - Je kan tweemaal per week tijd vrijmaken om met ons samen te spelen (in toernooien en dynamic q) : 24/7 online en graag wil ik dat wel een keer meemaken met toernooien . -Voldoet aan alle eisen - Rank: Silver 2 ( Support main ) , twee role is jungle ChampionPool : Groot (verschillend) Tanks,Mage,Carry's supports Mijn statistieken : Met vriendelijk groet ITG Positive One {{champion:17}}
Lyreile (EUW)
: Looking for people to play with ^w^
kuzzy47 (EUW)
: stop banning taric
TDL Demon (EUW)
: Silver Team Looking For Players
**Age: 21 IGN: ITG Positive One Speak English: Yes , but have a accent =D Current rank: Silver 2 Primary lane and what champs: Support , All supports champion a flex pick player , 3 Mains ,Karma,Leona,Braum Secondary lane and what champs: Jungle , Shyvana ,Nunu , Evelyn How often do you play?: Everyday **
: Searching Dutch players for Dynamic Queue / Ranked Team (3v3 / 5v5) - Silver/Gold/Platinum (2016).
[Trails] Hierbij stuur ik mijn reactie als Trail - Support In-Game name: ITG Positive One Primary Role: Support Main 5 champions: Braum,Leona,Thresh,Nautilus,Karma, en nog meer (Flex picker support ) Division S6: S4 Eind division S5: S4 Op welke dagen ben je beschikbaar: all dagen momenteel ( mocht er in de toekomst wat veranderen vermeld ik uw ) Waarom wij jou moeten kiezen: Ervaring op te bouwen, Teamplayer worden , Oefenen om shotcallen , Zeer geinteresseerd met landelijke toernooi mee te doen zoals Lan's LoL Evenementen , en vooral nieuwe mensen leren kennen ^^
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philipito (EUW)
: Konvict Gaming Community LF Coaches
Hey Konvict Gaming in the House =D
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Looking for 3 to play ranked this evening
coolbe (EUW)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Why are bronze/silver players obsessed with grouping mid?
: Practicing ADC
Practice first Trist custom in 10 min 100 cs try that , keep practiceing (Practice makes perfect ) Learn from you're mistakes, (play normals,teambuilder) a lot with her , if you feel comfy try Ranked and Have fun. About Flamers (just Mute ^^ )
Xapie (EUW)
: Some to play with ^.^
Just add me im always 24/7 online -for games and bit talk ! . btw nice indeed first season plat o.o gj !
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: Ingame name: ergothvs Motivatie : ik wil graag met een team proberen goed te worden en plezier hebbe. ik heb ook al een paar keer geprobeerd een team te maken of te joinen maar dan kwam niemand onlime op de afgesproken tijden Rank:silver 3 Age:16
Alvast Zeer Zeer Welkom . Ja ik snapt het wel . Nou je ben wel op de goede Adress!! Spreek je op client ^^
: ingame name: Hug Me Senpai Motivatie: Ik ben opzoek naar een goed team om mee beter te worden en mijn kwaliteiten te vinden. Rank: Gold 4 (waarom is Gold 4 niet te gestaan gold 4/5 is zowat het zelfde) Age: 17
Gold 4/5 Kunnen een verschill maken met ons silver mmr daarom (voor ranked team) . Maar Zeer Welkom !
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: > [{quoted}](name=The Positive One,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zEs7rZga,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-11-14T04:38:36.750+0000) > > Our Rengar died to Red. > Then he died to Blue. > He also went AFK. > After moaning "Fuck you". > > > HAHAHHAHA This Whole Part is true loool Poor Kitty Rengar, poor? I wish misfortune to every single Rengar in this game, they deserve what comes to them for playing him. That champ is a 9/10 on the asshole scale.
I agree !!!!!!!!!! - Oneshot vayne like is nothing
Agidyne (EUW)
: A Poem about SoloQ.
Our Rengar died to Red. Then he died to Blue. He also went AFK. After moaning "Fuck you". HAHAHHAHA This Whole Part is true loool Poor Kitty
: Received my season rewards (AMA)
: Looking for Positive Summoners Players :
I WILL ADD EVERYBODY Found the Family looking more Family's
Weenaru (EUW)
: Whoa, you are talking about a near-extinct species here. I'd love to join you in your search for these rare creatures, but I don't have time right now, so I wish you the best of luck in your quest to find positive players!
Dear Weenaru {{champion:89}} , I know what you mean with near-extinct i feel the same way . I'am still looking for the rarest one's also and Enjoy the game with them. Hope u add and we can play together someday ^^ .
: Looking for Positive Summoners Players :
Sure Buddy !! Just add me {{champion:201}}
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