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abixbg (EUNE)
: Should we report players for "gg ez" spam?
Unless there is Ezreal in either team.. yeah report it :D
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I see a difference between having meaningful toplane and delivering Juggernaut meta that ment everyone tanky everyhwere... maybe thats just me tho ;)
: i might get downvotes to oblivion but this is only my opinion on the matter... the current patch is fun to watch? kinda... i mean... you are not stuck with around 15 champions over a whole season with the rotation of 2-4 that might happen with a patch or two... so you get lots of diversity, and new stuff... ive seen champions on LCS with this patch that i havent seen... since i started playing and watching the game (around end of s3)... so yeah, i find it funny how every team in every continent comes up with crazy ideas and comps...some work, others fail completely... and that makes the game for me kinda entertaining... now if we talk about playing it... its a whole new ball game... the game feels so unbalanced with the recent changes, i dont even feel like playing it anymore... maybe a few ARAMs every now and then, and maybe 1-2 games with friends, but thats it... so yeah the latest patch(s) feels painfull to play, because its a matchmaking coin flip... you might be lucky with the coin flip and win a few games, or you might be unlucky and go on a losing streak like never seen before. Right now LoL stands for League of Luck...
I agree... the game is fun to watch for sure... but playing it feels reaally off IMO... It was fun for day or two and that´s it...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I am not sure about the details but wasn´t juggernaut okay apart from the obvious over tune?
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: WTF Has This Game Become?
I whole heartedly agree with you, ive played this game since S1... what you are doing with the game now is unprecedented... its not just change this is absolutely different game and it honestly BLOWS... people responsible for this should be fired on spot for incompetency
: > [{quoted}](name=FF Asrieljp,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jhM5mjqj,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-13T10:54:10.066+0000) > > No, in all seriousness... what the hell is going on... anyone watched LCK? yeah thats how the game looks now... so adcs? gone... renekton botlane, darius, yasuo whatever... i mean change is good but what the hell is this? Well one thing is for sure it aint league... > Change is good but what is going on now is something WAAAAAAAAAAY beyond... I like this meta, and i like that the marksman that, hmm, idk, Dominated in the last 8 seasons this game, were finally not picked. Btw there is no where that says that marksman suppose to have the most dmg, nor be played in every game, especially in bot lane
its just core part of this game IMHO... mages on middlane, bruisers/tanks on toplane, bruisers/tanks/some other things like graves kindred jungle, Marksman/sometimes there were mages/assasins on ADC role and supports/mages as supports... now top is same, mid is best to be palyed with support, jungle as some ADC, botlane as mage and bruiser?... this is just not LEAGUE OF LEGENDS...
: > [{quoted}](name=FF Asrieljp,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jhM5mjqj,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2018-06-13T17:56:02.381+0000) > > have you watched LCK any time last 3 days? Have you played any rankeds plat and above? :D and btw they just steamroll her No. I'm not a meta slave i don't have to know what the koreans playing because it doesn't matter for soloQ. ADC are very much alive and viable. Just because koreans play differently ADCs aren't getting magically weaker.
you dont need to be a meta slave to know whats going on... and yes it very much impacts soloQ... ADCs are pretty much dead atleast in high plat/dia... and i dont like the idea of meta either but meta just basically and practically means that you are mostly going to be lossing/behind when playing off meta champions vs people at same skill level as you...
: WTF is this nonsensetalk of ADC role dying? Tell that to EZ mid, Lucian, vanye, Quinn top, Vanye jungle etc the list goes on. And every competent team still needs an ADC unless you win <30 min. Full bruiser team makes sense if noone ever groups. A decently fed kog will kite two bruiser to infinity and beyond. Or a Vayne jesus imagine vs full meele team.
have you watched LCK any time last 3 days? Have you played any rankeds plat and above? :D and btw they just steamroll her
: Btw it is funny how now adc players rage when bruisers came to bot. When we at mid pointed that out, that mages need buffs especially to lane against tanks and bruisers, adc players were always downvoting, bcs they were afraid to give more power to mages. So now enjoy. And btw there were ADC lucian, kog, ezreal and probably more since i watched only half of games. Too less ? Well and what. They were 2 mages (Malzahar and velkoz) on mid in the MIDSEASON finals and again adc players were just laughing at me, when I pointed out, that mages don't have place in game. (After adc nerfs they have, since finnaly you can't just flash on mage with fed adc and shut mage down by just clicking on him.)
im actually midlane main player and i agree with what you said but i feel obliged to point the current state that is holy hell really bad
: Fiesta Meta!
yep the nature of the games is just as you described... dunno i feel like the game I used to play is long gone... all that i liked about it and so on
One point that crossed my mind aswell is that every player builds his character and his identity through countles of games to have it stripped in one patch...
: i love how you can put years into a role like adc and over night riot decides to destroy it, shame they don't do that to bruisers, assassins , tanks or supports, na it's 2 for 2 on adc's being deleted from the game, thanks for putting me off league till you decide to put my role back in the game {{item:3146}} {{champion:110}}
i feel you, also thew constant meta shifts are crazy... i used to main Azir, loved him... RIP
: i understand your point but the game used to have some system now this system is absolutely gone and these srats shown at LCK are the best you can do... karthus duoing jungle with nunu and same with taric yi? midlane pretty much gone and botlane with no ADC... i miss mainly the game because this is something way off
in my opinion... i think that more balancing and less crazy stuff going on would be healthier...
King Lego (EUNE)
: Well riot did say that they will try to make the game to not require an ADC in one of their videos on youtube. But still, i'm as confused as you are...but i'm not sure if this is something negative or positive. hahahahaha XD Even my own instinct is telling me not to play League, and been playing Fortnite Save the World for hours.
I just feel like their approach to absolutely break the meta and rework the game every season and midseason is not healthy
: I wonder why i'm the only one that like this because, amazingly, it reminds me what the game was during the "good old days". I mean, on these boards we used to read everyday someone whining about the game today because "man, how good the game was back then!"...but now? None. But the point maybe is, what these players are mourning are not exactly the days when the meta did not exists, but rather the days of the broken OP stuff from S3 or the like...which is a completely different thing that i DEFINETELY don't miss...! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
i understand your point but the game used to have some system now this system is absolutely gone and these srats shown at LCK are the best you can do... karthus duoing jungle with nunu and same with taric yi? midlane pretty much gone and botlane with no ADC... i miss mainly the game because this is something way off
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
it was an ESL tournament and it hasnt been all that long ago, i was just curious how long does it usually take
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: Delay/lag
Same issue here me and my teammate (were together on discord) and we experienced the same kind of in-game lag, discord perfect, internet connection perfect aswell just in game we experienced delays/weird lagged animations and the usual laggy issues...
: Usually behaviour like this is cause by shitty internet. Ddosing and drophacking is not exactly easy to do as well as extremely obvious and easy to trace, meaning the chances of getting instantly banned are way higher than if u use other exploits like dodging scripts. Plus, riot's infrastructure has been upgraded to the point where ddosing is just way too much of a hassle.
well i get your point but it happened with me nex ttime my teammate and then my opponent and idk it seems kinda off to have 3 people with same issue
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