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: Toggle Champion Stats
Bump no way? if i remember right, this was a option back in season 5, im so confused i cant find anything about it
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Tarolock (EUW)
: why dont you learn to play against them? or why dont you play them? most of the times when im facing "op" champs i die a few times just to see how that player plays that champ then i can play around them without problems, or play that champ and learn their weaknesses so next time you know how to play against them
its not me having problem against those champs, but its just sad when allies fail against those and you face a 8-0 toplane vlad after 15 min as a support for example
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: I used diamond as an example, but I meant, match the whole team against the elo of the highest elo member. Man this is confusing, but do you get what I mean xD?
still dynamic queue sucks
: vayne deals like 2000 damage in under 2 seconds lategame. so yeah, this dude basically sat in the brush and masturbated while ekko was fighting. or he was seriously zoned or focussed down every time. your underperforming carries don't have anything to do with ekko. tank ekko got multiple nerfs already.
my problem here is: skarner was the front line, not ekko, he did all the fighting, while ekko poke us down. still, skarner was easier to kill than ekko, and was also less tanky, but ekko did....wait for it.... 600% more damage than skarner, while being tankier, so fuck it i guess if it at least was just the damage, but noooo, ekko needs a 2 second stun + 2 extra slows, + a heavy healing juke as well, WTF.
: The whole dynamic queue thing
also, its no fun when you queue up with 4 premades and they never communicate with you, EXCEPT they have to blame someone for their mistakes LOL
: that happens when your toplaner is the only one who actually fights and trades while the carries sit in the brush and masturbate.
: The whole dynamic queue thing
that is not the problem, diamonds cant queue up with silvers, not even golds, not even plat 2 below the problem with dynamic queue is: to make it very, very compact for you: "You can carry ONE retard, but you can not carry THREE" :)
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Dage (EUW)
: Hows Shen doing?
saw gods with him top lane, but also useless players, hard to master i think but easy to play
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: Champion Idea
we have already kindred doe
Jluil (EUNE)
: Ranking system is mathematically broken and unfair
i generally dont like the 5 tier ranking system, example you just climbed to plat 2 like in my case, then you won one, lost two and you get demoted to plat 3 again, which makes you tilt a bit, especially if you had teammates that caused you to drop, then you basically need 4 WINS IN ROW to get to plat 2 again, this is complete bullshit in my opinion, you have to carry every single game to climb like wtf... this system is perfect for smurfs to be honest, but for us casual players never been in diamond for example, it is just tryhard, tryhard until you die... #dynamic queue <3
Namirr (EUNE)
: Taliyah W
this bug always existed, thats why i dont play taliyah because you cant combo while you use your W, you always had to wait until the second W animation is over
: problems whit Decision-making
-always think this way: give up 5 cs instead of dying and losing 20 cs + experience + 300 gold for enemy -also, win lane =/= win game, dont risk anything in the lane since it does not win you the game after all -always buy some wards, not only for you but your team as well, to prevent someone from dying -be careful calling for drakes/barons, always check the minimap and who is alive -dont engage if someone is split pushing in late -rather protect your carries instead of focusing theirs except you are assasine -overall, keep 4 people as long as possible alive, when the first one falls, the chance of winning the teamfight drops hard -know what you are playing, if you are adc, dont be the front line, keep your distance, let your team poke/kill minions -dont afk farm -dont die! -if you died once to your opponent, dont force another fight and learn how to cs under tower -keep calm and dont be toxic, dont write to much in the chat, it will distract you and destroy your concentration -call ss and in some cases, follow your opponent -remember about decisions: the majority wins mostly, try to abuse 4v3 fights, or 3v2 or w/e -be at the right place in the right time, e.g. dont be top as a jungler when infernal drake is up etc
: {{champion:51}} +{{champion:25}} . Pray to god that you won't get stunned even 1 time by morgana. If you do RIP. cait instantly puts a trap on you and you're fucked.
agree with this one, once i played Sona and i INSTANTLY died by this combo ,they were camping in the bush, got hit by Bind, then trap headshot + ignite, i was dead.... lvl 1 but i have to admit there is something i hate even more, its karma support with cait
: Post-Game-Ranking rant.
i checked something: olaf was Gold 3, maybe current league also boosting the ranking? i was highest in team with Plat 3 ...
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: So why are lower elo players climbing, while last season veterans can't climb?
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oFabian (EUW)
: What's wrong with dynamic queue?
> [{quoted}](name=oFabian,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=yiWJ6Et5,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-14T17:49:19.213+0000) > > hi im new to this game and i&amp;#039;m wondering why everyone hates dynamic queue so much, could someone explain pls? > i mean there is still the solo queue right? so ur not forced to play dynamic + there&amp;#039;s less toxicity on getting ur role as far as i know soloQ is already gone, with soloQ there was a maximum chance of getting 2 man premades in the game, but hey, i still remember how people complained about "those 2 premades" xd
: Spoken by a Nasus on: {{champion:75}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:412}} Destroyed by: {{champion:57}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:432}} MF also went for the Korean build: {{item:3142}} + {{item:3071}} No wonder he's saying MF is OP =P
first of all its not only this game, i observed several games where this game changing ultimate...changed the game! secondly, if you investigated so far, you pretty sure saw that awesome yasuo stats :D and im still complaining about that MF ulti instead of whining about troll teammates... so tell me how to counter that ult even if you stay for max. 1 second within, you already lose half hp....
: No... the thing about his current ult is that it's too vital to his kit to even consider removing, it's his only way to get people to go into the outer limit once they go inside and his only way to do anything outside of his outer limit. Removing that would kill him as anyone could just go inside his inner limit and be immune to his damage or utility rendering him useless. His ult ties his entire kit together, doing anything with it would make his kit fall apart and become useless.
maybe move his ulti into his E? taliyah also has a 5 man knock up in a basic abilty that does great dmg
Doomley (EUW)
: >if she has a great peeling frontline, especially hard cc This is called team work. Team work doesn't make a champion op. Twitch is much stronger than mf if he has a peeling front line. Basically all of mf's power is in her laning and ult. If you get champions that can make picks (lissandra, malphite, zac, hecarim etc.), she can't use ult in most situations and will most likely die because she has no escapes. She doesnt even have the same kind of steroids that many other adc's have. and her w hasn't applied grievous wounds for a long time :)
try to make a play when she has a great support, i know alone is any adc meaningless, but especially MF profits best from a good team, its try to peel your adc from enemy assasines but take 2k damage bullet time in 2 seconds....really?
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Volonk (EUW)
: Still stuck in custom game reconnect cycle, tried everything and still not fixed, please help me
impossible that reinstalling and login into other accounts didnt helped, whats next try different pc?
Koracks (EUNE)
: Strongest 6300 Champion?
most viable solo carries are vi, diana and zac in that bunch
: Platinium ADC LF a team or duo
we can duo if you want main supp plat 2
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TTekkers (EUW)
: It would make him very very binary - he is either kiting you with his stars thwacking you, or you are too mobile for him. At least his ulti currently gives him some counterplay to champs that want to dive him and a nice big lump of burst damage.
good thoughts, still loving the idea :s
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: Key fragments drop more frequently... THE MORE PEOPLE YOURE PREMADING WITH! Why does no one read the damn Hextech page?
the problem is i play 90% with 4 que premades... not working for me just sayin
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: ->Thresh ->Relic Shield
you made my day xD by the way, when are they going to fix his relic interraction?
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Umniwaa (EUW)
: High Skill Cap Champions or Hard to master
Azir,Ryze,Yasuo, all of em hard to master, though interesting kit
: tilting skins?
not only those skins, but especially when your BAD opponent spams the mastery emote because his jungler camped him and they "won" 3v2
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: Before typing "I have no jungler" please, ask yourself this question
looks like i finally found a quite interesting topic :) To start off with, what is a jungler and his job? why not 2 top? or 2 mid? well obviously you would have to split the cs gold/experience in lane, and thats not very effective at all ( lol 2 adc, 2 support and a mid funny meta xD ) -> either way, jungling gives also gold and experience, we know that, but thats of course no reason to afk jungle all day (feral flare is long gone guys...YI!) ,while their lee sin, shaco, kha zix etc. are 10-0 after 15 min by ganking all day long. But!!! REMEMBER: it is NOT your junglers fault that the enemy jungler ganked YOU successfully! it is all your fault! YOU have to decide between losing 10 cs, or dying and then losing 20 cs while dead + 300 gold to enemy....worth? of course dying once or twice...thats cool, it happens... but if you die 10 times after 15 min, dont even dare to blame your jungler... this being said, laners that lose 1v1 being 0-5 behind and blaming gives me cancer sometimes....literally... of course it also depends on the jungler you have, and the jungler the opponent has. there are early junglers, like those mentioned above, and late-game junglers like amumu, warwick, malphite, rammus etc.... gotta catch em all! xD tell me, you died 3 times before 5 minutes, and you are blaming your warwick for not ganking/counter ganking....bitch u stupid... maybe he was planning to give you a gank, but you always pushed your lane to far, or you died before he arrived.... do you really expect him to sit in the bush for 15 minutes and waiting for the opportunity to give you a secured kill? hell no.... stop being hilarious, a jungler knows when he can gank you successfully and when not, he rather ganking a Twisted fate without flash than a vlad with troll-pool + ghost....remember that by the way: you have to distinguish the times the jungler ganked you with the assists/kills he has....maybe its true that you havent been ganked for 20 minutes, but when your jungler is 3-0-9 at that time, hell... dont tell him useless and dont scream : no jungler into all chat, ill shoot you... now to the jungler: your job is to CONTROL the map, what does this mean? well while your laners have to stick to their lanes to not miss any cs or the tower getting destroyed, you can buy a handful of wards throughout the game and place it wisely, like perma-pink the little point-bushes in the river -> you have to be anywhere sometimes, what does this mean? well reading minds is a thing as a jungler, especially for counter junglers like lee sin, you have to know where approximately the enemy jungler could be right now, or where he will going to gank asap, e.g. your nasus farming creeps under his tower, but botlane pushed far to the enemy tower, where is the enemy jungler going to gank soon?....million dollar question... furthermore, one important mission of junglers are of course to secure dragons and barons, as well as killing scuttles for free vision whenever available to prevent your....tards...from dying again... to securing dragon: if you dont know how to smite, well then your team has of course something to blame on you, lost dragons by sniping ezreals/jinx ults is your fault obviously....also, when the first dragon is infernal, support i call out to you, perma ward it! i know it is the junglers task, but dont let the enemy jungler solo that dragon, because it will put you all behind so fast... also, objectives. we already mentioned dragon, but now to the towers, people underestimate destroyed towers, first of all without destryoing towers, you cant get to the you even tutorial? xD sometimes i think people should play tutorial before playing ranked, even in platin haha... -> it obviously gives a little bit global gold, but secondairly, you receive free vision all over the map, because your minions can push way further, because there is no enemy tower to execute them ;) while they also reveal the map for you as well... mvp minions! -> thirdly, your laner can start roaming when the enemy tower got destroyed, while their laner has to stick to his tower, otherwise losing second tier turret after 10 min rengar also, red buff and blue buff belong to the JUNGLERS, as well as the JUNGLE CAMPS! something people always forget about... think about it, junglers are 80% the tanks, you as ap carry or ad carry are NOTHING without them peeling for you, remember that! them being able to tank, they also need gold and stuff... obviously a lee sin does not need a blue buff, he should give it to his mid laner, thats true, as well as red buff to the adc later on, i absolutely agree with that! but often i hear my mid-laner crying: "no blue since begin", well first of all, if you keep dying every 2 min, he wont give you blue. also, if you dont ask him or dont come to blue while HE is there maybe waiting for you, why should he waste his time for you to come? well not to mention,if you want a fiddle, or a wukong to gank YOU, then he will obviously need the first, second and maybe third blue buff! they also need mana, even though completing the jungle item should be enough in most cases... to mention here: i love to jungle with rumble, yeah sometimes people blame me that he is useless in jungle, but thats not very true! a good jungler can jungle almost any champ, especially in low elo....also...that...op ulti.... -> to the point, i only take the first two buffs with rumble, because he ain`t buff-reliant, i give the second blue to mid, and second red to top/bot, because im a nice guy :D, every jungler is happy about a winning lane, because thats one "problem" less for him to take care of... ->problem.... thats also funny when all 3 lanes are pinging for help after you just cleared your first buff, FACEPALM! dude.... a jungler cant be anywhere, nor he can teleport in instance.... if you wanna climb the latter, then improve YOURSELF and WIN YOUR OWN GODDAMN LANE :) this being said, nobody should afk farm at all, of course jungler should be "present" as well when enemy shaco is facerolling all lanes...but top lane: pls... pick teleport! dont make the game a 4v5, because people in low elo dont know how to handle split push...always think: my teammates are tutorial level, i have to carry them! so i pick teleport as a top laner and perform a quadra botlane ! :) now to the most common problem in "elohell": camping, as already mentioned by somebody above ( or underneath ) , camping is a GREAT strategy in solo queue. but why? well of course laners always love to overextend and exposing their self as :GANKABLE ->most people dont even know that if they play safe, the enemy jungler becomming almost useless! a jungler is only then useful, when he ganks successfully, because of course sometimes it is just impossible for you to resume cs and you NEED a gank, e.g. you just lost first blood as...tryda top lane to renekton, you came back to lane and he is lvl 5, you are shitty lvl you are so done xD i agree here, the jungler should ultimately focus on your lane to help out in this situation, but it is of course risky...because renekton is now able to double kill you two if you aint korean.... now a pro tip: especially in top lane: -> being 30 cs behind after 20 minutes is WAY BETTER for you and your team than being 5 kills behind, understood? 30 CS.... well thats about 500-700 gold, but 5 kills.... almost 1500 (without assists!) what im trying to say is, you being a bit useless is because you miss some cs while enemy is freezing, is better for your team than their enemy laner being a beast and facerolling your entire DONT DIE! dying is the worst part in this game, not only you giving away at least 300 gold to your opponents incluseive assists (by the way, where does this gold come from? i dont lose anything when im dying xDDDD) but: you are also completely useless for 10-50 seconds while dead, you are NOT leveling up, you are NOT earning gold, you are NOT pushing, you are NOT a help at all, just lying on the ground...and maybe smiling if you play teemo x) that being said, people also underestimate assists, because well, your mid laner just inhibitor-dived their mid laner, well he got that 300 gold, but 5 people were shooting at him, one of em killed him (300 gold) + 4 assists (i think 4x150 Gold), thats 900 gold 300->900 gold? your mid: WORTH! facepalm... to sum it up, this is a team-game. you 5 are sitting on the same boat for 20-50 minutes, that means you 5 have to share all ressources you can grab, e.g: you as a jungler ganked mid successfully (yay) and took 2-3 creeps to help out push to the tower so enemy mid is missing gold and cs, well your mid "PING!PING!PING!PING!PING!PING! (6 times -.-) you away and saying "fuck you dont take my cs"....well....your jungler is soooo sorry for being YOUR teammate and it wont happen again, ok? scrub. solo-ing wont win you games, its all about grouping and splitting wisely in the end, so dont get caught in 40 min, because enemys will do baron and gg.... forced 4v5
Encrux (EUW)
: Hey Assuming you never go AFK during your matches, you (statistically speaking) gain LP from AFKs. Why? Because the enemy team has 5 potential AFKs and your team has 4 of them. Based on probability, the enemy team has more AFKs than you'll have in your team. Of course, this doesn't make up for the frustration you get from having an AFK, but my tip is always try to look at the positive aspects and don't take things too seriously ^_^
then i have bad luck that those are always on my team... and premades.... i dont even wanna start with that one...their preamdes vs ours...
duckarp (EUNE)
: You play for so long and you still don't understand how the system works. How is that possible?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
i do understand the system, and therefor i hate it so much... you lose games because of others, and then you tilt because mmr sucks
: Gold 1 Draven Main Looking for a Main Aggressive support EUW
maybe youd like my leona plays, check my winrate with her
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Śhrimp (EUNE)
: That's wrong. My friend got two free wins in promos for Plat.
thats a lie.... from gold 1 to plat 5 and above its no free win anymore, i failed my plat promo 4 times!!!!! elohell :D and not granted a free win once...
: you should start working on your farm ... 130 farm in 32 minute is actually bronze level ... id say if you had more farm you would get S easy
well does jungler really need farm? especially someone like rumble, who is all about teamfights and early ganks and not afk farm in jungle... so riot want people to afk farm? the only reason why shaco had higher cs than me was he splitpush all day... my cs should be good as jungler actually
: Is Amumu late or early?
i suggest you taking red smite, then nobody can 1v1 you in early, no yi, no udyr, no kha zix, no kindred his late...well...
: Which jungler to main?
i suggest you this jungler i was also surprised by his CRAZY damage on his Q, he is a great cheese and nobody expect him in the jungle, nor his crazy damage output his clear times are pretty fast after you completed your jungle item, and his sustain is also among the best with his 6 seconds on his shield his ultimate is just perfect to split their team or just vanish their health bars ^.^
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