Lux Lux (EUW)
: **Don't flame/rage and you won't get in trouble, it's as easy and simple as that.** If they flame you, troll you or insult you, you report them. It's not likely you'll see that same person again in your games, so why bother flaming him? There's even a mute button for you to enjoy ^^ But never, ever EVER flame back: --- 1. Both of you get tilted, thus you increase your chance of loosing. 2. You can just mute him and enjoy the rest of the game as if he's not flaming you. 3. Both of you get a reason to be banned, and since you should about yourself, you shouldn't flame. And you won't get banned. 4. You waste time flaming him back and chatting when you could be focusing on CS, roam, trade, poke, kill, assist, looking at minimap, ward, push lane, freeze lane, thinking about what to buy next, thinking about power spikes. 5. There's A LOT of toxicity in this community, would you like to be a part of that too? 6. Do you like getting flamed at? No? Then don't flame. If someone flames you, either you calm him/her down gently, or you mute him/her. --- Why make life so hard when it's as easy as clicking the Mute button, reporting and then forgetting about that game? PS: If you really want to win (example, in Ranked), you should find a way to maintain peace. Try by admitting your mistakes in chat and saying you can't change it now and your team should focus on what's happening **now**. Calm your raging teammates by giving them some compliment when they play well, even if it's not that important (example: "Wow! Nice hook Thresh!" or "Thanks for saving my life" or "thanks for at least trying to save my life even though you died with me in the process"). Use some nice grammar and spelling and people will respect you for that (think about how easy it was to read this comment! :D) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
trust me i'm improving :'( but those people keep dragging me down , we're not all the same , i cant hold my nerfs but also i'm gentle , well i get the point anyway and thanks alot for the advice it makes me really happy to chat with people like you , it gives me hope that this community will get better , thanks alot :')
Endellion (EUW)
: Okay, I'll try to answer each point or question you make. > we still see alot of people who troll and make you lose {snip} Yes, it happens to all of us. Riot can't control that fully even by banning everyone who has a bad game. Yeah, that's not going to happen. > they call their friends in riot and booom you're banned **NO**. Even **if** people do have friends in Riot them banning people because their friend told them to would get them kicked out of a job if it's noticed. They would not risk their job just because one of their friends is salty. > but them no i've never seen i reported get banned or s.thing How do you know this? Have you checked each account you reported daily to see if they get banned? Getting people banned is a lengthy process, they may get banned in the future but it's probably not going to be the moment you reported them. > i still cant understand those people The vast majority of the community don't either. It's like the people that want Tyler1 unbanned. > i'm banned now yes i flamed yes i raged but what about them is there anyone who can check ? is there anyone who see who's right and whos wrong ? At least you're not protesting your innocence. I think. For toxic behaviour in game the chat logs are put through an automated system, it does sound "bad" but on rigorous checking by Riot staff it's found to be more accurate then if it was checked by humans. If you really want to dispute any case you'll need to talk to Riot Support:
: Siriously these is not have things works, 99,99% of the player does not have any personal Connections whit RIOT. Those who do know RIOT Eployees can probably not use these Connection to get away whit flameing and trolling. Just imagine how players would react if RIOT assisted trolling? So you dont belive in anything else then can you belive in that RIOT wants to make profit? Promoting flameing and trolling would make them earn less Money.
mate i flamed worst than this time , i did , but this time i havent said s.thing horrible to get a bann for , i repeat i flamed wooooorst than this time and now i wont be able to play for 14 days it's my main and only account , and i get banned cause he trolled and i said stay bronze noob ? everyone says that everyone , i hate this i really hate those people you tryhard to win to have a good game to have fun but they f*** you up , why , cause they love trolling check my last game with fiora and you can tell what ekko and yi are doing just take 2 minutes and check and i'm the one who get banned , and it wasnt a bad game for them , they just troll.
: Should have had 2 chat restrictions before that happened. Doesnt really matter what they did tho its about your behaviour.
if i behave well they flame n dont get banned if flame i get banned , if i behave well they troll me , if i behave well i loose XD if i behave well the rage me XDDD pls do me a favor and check my account FLOoKII and thanks.
: the same happened to me today. but in a different case! actualy one my friend flamed but his words was less provocative than me so i got ban. There some reasons why u got ban and ur friend not! Maybe he has never restricted before. U may yes Or atleast he dindt flamed to much as u! But yes its like the mini-game who catches the mouse 1
i got my discussion and why i got banned for XDDDDD and i typed words more awfull than those from today's bann that's why i'm here
: May have been a first time for him, you however had many chances before you had your perma ban.
not perma , 14 days and check my account and my matches , i think that i dont have any reason to flame unless flame me .
Leptyx (EUW)
: ***
: eyes* or can you actually listen to this stuff via the pc? :>
i'm not good in english :) but you can understand what i'm trying to say.
Infernape (EUW)
: Well you'd both be wrong. Someone flaming you isn't an excuse for you to flame back.
yes we are , but i get banned and he keep playing :) is that fair ?
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