MrDσpe (EUNE)
: Low FPS on High-End Graphics Card
Updating your graphics card drivers should fix the issue. Although I have no clue where you can update them for MSI graphics cards.
: RP
If you bought RP and you didn't get the RP on your account but it took money off your balance, then you should definitely contact Riot about this. Which you can do here --> If you are just having issues purchasing RP then I would double check that you put all your details in correctly (make sure you have enough on your balance to make the RP purchase you want to make) :p If the issue still persists then I would contact Riot about it. Hope this helps. ^^
Serlirea (EUW)
: Servers and "Input Lag" Question
Hey, when you play on Eu West server, you will only get your data from that Eu West server, which is located somewhere in London (where the Riots HQ is). But what you might be experiencing is ping spikes, they might be so fast that you don't even notice the change in your ping (MS) at the top right corner of your screen when in a game of league. But I would head to Riot about this, as they usually help you to fix these types of issues with no problem (unless it can be something related to your ISP). This can also include some private information about your network that you wouldn't want public to see, as they could take an advantage of it and cause some issues for you, but it will help Riot to figure out what's causing the issue that you are experiencing. You can submit a ticket to Riot here:
Hhkaroliina (EUNE)
: How to disable pop ups?
"And is there a way to disable the blue pop ups that tell you how to play aram/ use ctrl +5 for cosmetics." - For this I believe you can disable somewhere in the settings in the game, i'm not entirely sure exactly where, but I suggest check out the "interface" section. As for the smite pop up you get in draft picks, I don't think you can really disable that.
: Hello all my accounts get locked ? help
Only Riot can help you here. You can send them a ticket about your issue here:
: Reinstalling League
If your game seems to run fine without any issues then no. ^^ But they could become a problem at some point in the future after new patches come out.
Kledpool (EUW)
: Black Screen after launching game
Hey, the first thing I would try is to do a full repair on the client. If that doesn't work, I would run a Hextech Repair Tool scan (with admin privileges) and send the logs to Riot with a ticket explaining my issue. (You can get the Hextech Repair Tool below) Edit: switching to borderless can fix the issue.
: Just update my video driver. Thanks for the help, apparently it works.
Glad to hear that it works now. :)
: Can't view my ranked stats
I wouldn't bother with it until the next season, it might just be disabled until season 9. ^^
: Rank ladder on profile, forever stuck in loading?
Try to do a full repair for the client, if that doesn't work, download and install the Hextech Repair Tool which you can find the link for below. Once you got it all set up, open the program with admin permissions and run the scan. Once the scan is finished it will create a file on your desktop, create a ticket for riot support explaining your issue (tell them you tried repairing your client and it didn't work) attach the file that I mentioned before to that ticket and they will help you out. :) Riot support has live chats which would be faster for you, their live chats are available during working days only. Hope this helps out. Edit: this could be a bug or Riot just disabling this feature while preparing for the next season, just noticed someone else have the exact same issue.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Well, if you would be able to understand them, you would have been in high elo already. Replays are mostly useful when it comes to laning, macro decisions and teamfights. If you want to improve your laning, there are better ways how to do it than watching your own low rank gameplay. Guides and educational streams would be much more better use of time. When it comes to macro and tf, macro is pretty overrated in low elo, you don't really need it and you are likely better without it (it's impossible to make correct decisions in that regard if your team runs it down mid without knowledge of "minimap" and F1 - F5 keys). And teamfights will be happening constantly, there will be shit ton of pointless fights and going trough them will be waste of time. If you are in higher elo where one would assume that people heard words like "minimap, macro, objectives, setup" then you could actually review such stuff. As for lane, that would be the point at which you should start focusing on your own errors in lane and look to polish stuff. The reason why I mentioned coaching in the matter is, if you have somebody to review specific games with, there is a place for discussion which does not exist when you are alone. It allows for creative conversation that can address important points that matter in the context. --- To further elaborate. Let's begin with assumptions. If you want to watch your own replays and you are basically in low rank, I would assume that you care about how you play. I would also assume that if you care about your play, you already looked for some educational content. And I would also assume that you want to make use of your time. As it stands, in low elo you are probably gonna learn more by playing that watching your own play. You see if you care about your play and unless you play in coma, you realize at the moment of %%%% up, that you in fact %%%%ed up. And you will likely also realize that you should not repeat it. That is main thing that you would watch replay for, but at this level your mistakes are so obvious that you don't need to watch replay to notice them. What you will really need to improve will be things like champion matchups, landing skillshots, CSing, trading, combos. You are going to learn these things by practising them, thus playing. You don't need to care about "correct" trades at that level, you don't need to care about correct macro decisions, you don't need lane manipulation, you don't need teamfight setup. If your base mechanics get good, there is no way you will not climb. And when you do that and get to high elo, then you can start caring about those other things. The main issue of low elo is simply that correct decisions are not the best decisions. Execution is usually lacklustre, and running into bad fight as a team will likely work better than trying to tell your team to not do it. --- One exception would be, if you mostly just OTP one champion and you want to study specific matchups. In that case watching replay could be useful for you even in low elo, again assuming that you actually care about your play.
I've never watched my own replays to learn from my mistakes, as I have never really been bothered to do that. I have watched loads of educational videos when I'm away from league (as I want to spend most of my free time on playing the game itself rather than watching something related to it, such as the educational videos for it or other game play videos). I also didn't think about noticing the mistakes during the game when I was writing the previous comment. Overall, I ain't really trying to get better, yes I watch educational videos, but actually remembering them and applying those to my competitive play is hard. I'm too casual for this game to actually improve my mechanical skill and knowledge to the game. I also once had a masters coach my support role which really helped me both knowledge and mechanical skill wise, so you're right about coaching helping a lot more when watching replays of your own games than you viewing them yourself and trying to identify any key points. Also I guess i'm one of those cry babies who are in low elo and think they deserve better, i'm at least being realistic and saying that I won't be able to climb any higher than Diamond 5-4 with the current knowledge and mechanical skill that I have. I have experienced what Diamond 5 looks like on my friends account and I can confidently say that I belong there and could go even higher from there on when I can be bothered to take the time and effort to improve at this game (same goes with me actually climbing the ladder).
: Client + game lag
Hey, I would recommend checking if your graphics card drivers are up to date, you can check that from the links below. - If you have an Intel graphics card. - If you have a Nvidia graphics card. - If you have an AMD graphics card. If you are still having issues after doing this, you should download and install Hextech Repair Tool which you can get from the link below. Once you have the program installed, open it as an admin and run the scan. Once it is finished you should find a file it creates on your desktop, create a ticket explaining the issue you are having and attach that file in that ticket and send it to Riot for them to investigate (mention the things you already tried in order to fix the problem, such as checking if your graphics card drivers are up to date). Hope this helps :)
: A "thank you" to Riot Support
I gotta agree with you, other games that I have played don't have as good support team as Riot does ^^
: My Client keeps Disconnecting randomly
Same, yesterday in one of my games it just froze and then threw me out of the game, I reconnected and then I didn't have any further problems luckily.
G2 Mati (EUNE)
: quick question
Yes it is because of that, I believe you have to be at least honor level 2 or 3 to get any rewards, oh and not to get any punishments throughout the whole season (I think the whole season), such as chat restrictions or temporary bans.
Fajerk (EUW)
: On your own? Probably not worth it, unless you are at least around plat-dia rank. But if you have someone to coach you while doing it, then do it for sure.
What if you could understand and identify your own mistakes?
Galtron (EUW)
: WIll there be urf ? or arurf
There's likely going to be URF at some point during xmas. On PBE there is an icon that is titled "Snowdown URF 2018". (I got this info from surrender at 20)
HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Nice of you to do a giveaway like that ^^ I sent a friend request and I'd take 3 epic skins, Pulsefire Shen AstroNautilus Mecha Malphite Thank you for doing the giveaway! :)
Nerf Wolves (EUNE)
: Thank you for the reply. I know that deep inside but i can't accept that my 6 year old account got banned. I don't understand their policy and i personally think it's a pile of bull crap. I mean if a player proved he is toxic-free after getting honor 5 on the new account, why can't he have his main account back and act like nothing happened?
Well, I guess they just don't want that :/ I've got some things as well that I really hate about this game that they have done to it, such as how their leaver buster, banning, and chat restriction system works, its dumb and in some cases unfair. But I guess we just gotta deal with it or walk away if we don't like it if they aren't going to do anything about it. But I guess if enough people cared about it they would change it for the sake of their games popularity or something.
: We want URF!! (poll)
On surrender at 20 on the patch 2.24 update they show a new icon that is URF related, if you hover over the icon at the bottom left you can see that its titled "snowdown urf 2018" so my guess is that snowdown ARURF will come live at some point during xmas. ^^
: Extremely problematic Client issues
Have you by any chance synced your clock? That can be the cause to delays, such as the "someone joining your lobby and it not popping (up that they are in the lobby) until you swap a role" problem.
: Problems with client/game
Try reinstalling league, if that doesn't work, download HRT (hextech repair tool) run a scan and send the logs to Riot support team, see if they can help you. I suggest you send the logs during workdays, they usually have live chat available during that time.
musixxal (EUW)
: i dont have my rewards but friends do?
You should start to worry when season 9 starts. You should receive them before season 9 starts, but if you didn't for whatever reason, you should contact Riot support team.
Zefirez (EUW)
: Eclipse Leona Loading Border
I'm sure that you have to buy a huge bundle that costs like 2-3K RP (which makes it even worse than having to pay a little extra for just the border and the skin), in order to get the skin with the border. You just get some extra ward skins and icons, so it pretty much forces you to buy the huge expensive bundle.
: Been there, done that. You just sacrifice a couple of Poros to our lord and saviour {{champion:17}} , and all will be forgiven.
: the ban system doesnt make sense
Isn't the banning system, chat restrictions, and leaver buster penalties worked by bots?
Nerf Wolves (EUNE)
: For the very few that will see this.
I highly doubt they would unban your perma banned account, even if you really prove them that you ain't toxic and I don't think its worth your time to prove them wrong (if you want to walk away from this game anyway) if you're not certain that they are going to remove the ban.
n0valyf3 (EUNE)
: Why?
I've had exactly the same problem, yesterday for some reason my game connected 3 minutes late into the game and because of that I got a 5 game leaver buster penalty.
: i didn't receive my silver border:(!
Did you by any chance get a chat restriction or a temporary ban this season? If you did, then that's why you didn't get your border.
lollepop8 (EUNE)
: Help plz
I've had the same problem recently, I got a 5 game leaver buster penalty just because of that. Also its probably just to do with your internet connection or Riots server.
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: Stuck in game after game finished.
Got the same issue on EUW
tihs (EUW)
: are you sure that wasn't 4 fragments?
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Smerk (EUW)
: Support live chat? Such thing existed? Never heard of it
Yep, it did a while back (I mean like 2-4 months ago) and its actually really useful if you need some quick help. Rather than waiting for responses on the tickets.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: The live chat was an experiment (that's why it wasn't announced in a big way). If Riot removed it now they are either evaluating it or they removed it for good for a reason.
No, I saw a post that Riot made on someones post asking that where and why did the live chat go. The same rioter also mentioned that if enough people want, they will bring this back.
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: thanks for the advice buddy, i have been told that a lot XD since i really struggled for a couple of months being main support! But i have found already 2 friends of mine that are great adcs, and since we crush the early game together (usually playing rakan + xayah), we are climbing at a pace that i never imagine i would by playing support haha. So my advice to people is to just duo with someone you can trust, because even when u have a mediocre or bad game for whatever reason, your buddy can step up and carry for you. But yeah, in the current meta it is true that your jungle needs to be at least decent if you wanna have a chance at winnin. Like yesterday we did lose because we had a jarvan that literally powerfarmed and did NOTHING at all, while we got camped hardcore for the first 10 minutes and i ended up feeding like a dumb bronze 5 XD. I guess what im trying to say is that: it is hard (if u have a braindead jungler) to win games, even when u win your lane ^^
I forgot to mention that you can duo if you wanted to play support :D But yeah, that is another good option, but doesn't always work out like you said that you can have other bad team mates. That's exactly why I avoid playing bot, especially when i'm playing alone :D
Rioter Comments
: my advice would be duo with someone who is good lmao bc i was strugglign hardcore as a main support and i am now on promos aater wining like 8 on a row bc i found a good adc that compliments my playstyle (:
It will take you the whole year, to escape elo hell by just playing support. Trust me, I love to main support. But playing that role anything below Plat would not work out very well, (maybe in Gold it might work). If you actually want to climb and take this serious, switch roles, preferably mid or jungle, and play good early/mid game champs like katarina mid, veigar mid etc (the 2 champions I use to climb, and I gotta say, very effective to get out of silver, haven't tried bronze yet :D) and something like jax or vi jungle (don't play much jungle, but is another effective way to get your team a lead for early game). Once you've tried it, you'll like it... hopefully, I can kind of guarantee it to you xd
: > [{quoted}](name=Herr Hübsch,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=U6sEbAkF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-09T18:22:27.746+0000) > > wrong boards.. noone would play league if he got a gf I play lol wth my wife, what were you saying?
Hard to find the perfect one, isn't it? :)
: ***
I agree, on the old client when it updated, it got stuck at a certain percentage, and I always just closed it and reopened the client, because I just thought that it crashed. However, you just need to wait sadly. I'm pretty sure this mainly happens when you haven't patched your client for a long time (even if it's a week or two).
: You don't get the point. nobody should gain/lose LP in a game when someone decides that he doesnt want to play anymore. The game should just end so that nobody loses time. The person that DC'ed should be punished not the team he is in.
Well that would be a waste of time, mainly you're just unlucky if you get afkers, flamers, or feeders in your team. But I can agree with the fact that if you do get any of does in your team you should lose only a half of the LP that you would normally lose if you had a non-toxic team or salty, just generally lost because enemy team is better or made a mistake etc...
PoxHydra (EUW)
: I used the Hextech Repair tool as well, didn't work :(
The hextech repair tool is meant for finding problems and then sending the zip file to Riot, in order to solve the problems. The hextech repair tool doesn't actually solve the problems itself :p
: Dear Xtheannax, Thats not what i meant, what i meant is i already have a lot of guys as friends, but no girls! Thats why im trying to find some likeminded girls aswell :) Thanks for your comment ;)
You should look up GameBuddy. It's an app where you can find new people who play league, you should check it out. It might not be the best place to find girls like you asked for, as it already looks a bit like 'tinder' just the fact that when you try to find someone, you either swipe left or right. So basically you can't choose whether you are male or female, you can only say that in your bio/description. Other than that, I think it's a cool app, and it's on both IOS and android.
Rioter Comments
: Can i get reported for refusing to gank someone??
If you are not ganking in normals like at all ( just afk farming in jungle ) you will not get banned or reported for this. This is because nobody can be reported for not ganking someone and second of all, its normals, so nobody should really care. Only thing that affects is the fun of the game :p
prololmatek (EUNE)
: How do I stop being tilted?
1.) Ignore or mute people who are flaming you. When I see 1 guy just randomly saying "omg you no help you suck ass" something like that, I just hit the mute button right away! Just do the same, it saves you the hassle. 2.) Don't take the games too serious. Even if its a ranked game, after you get tilted try to calm down, drink water and take deep breaths. Usually deep breath taking during the game helps me when I make a stupid mistake and get a bit annoyed. :D 3.) Pretend that you are streaming. I don't know if this helps, but it sure helps me, kind of. I'm sure you don't want to be caught live raging and smashing your keyboard. 4.) If you keep doing a same mistake, do something to avoid it. This usually leads to tilt pretty easy if you keep doing the same mistake over and over again, so try to avoid that. :p
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