: How is this a rage ? More time could go into balancing the game , rather than creating skins
game balancing and skins are 2 different and independent departments. It has no sense to assume that they lose time when making new skins.
: You totally missed the point . Milking players for money > improoving experience You are not forced to buy a skin , but the pijama series is a slap in the face to the players who expect originality. And , instead of working on balancing the game , they wasted time on recicling skins , which look basically the same as the star guardian ones.
Sure they "wasted time". Everyone at Rito was making the skins suuure.
: Riot lately
If u dont like the skins, dont buy them, thats what almost everyone does. The game is free and yet they are a multi-milion dollar company, sure they have to make money somehow. I dont like the pajama skins so I dont buy them. But i dont post a long rage cause of them. Grow up.

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